The 10 Best Reception Bridal Saree Looks for Brides To Look Gorgeous


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Reception Saree Looks

The 10 Best Reception Bridal Saree Looks for Brides To Look Gorgeous

If there's a day for every bride and groom as important as their wedding day then it must be the reception, truly a gathering of celebration of two souls joining hands together for the rest of their lives. Every bride envisions herself in a reception saree that not only reflects her unique style but also captivates the hearts of everyone present. Now, how important is the dress she chooses? You know. If the dress is a saree then she would never not want a saree that's nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous.

In this blog, we unravel the enchanting world of reception bridal saree looks, exploring the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, we bring you the top 10 reception saree looks that will leave you breathless and fascinated to choose your reception saree look. Whether you're admiring these bridal ensembles or simply appreciating the artistry, join us on a journey through the most stunning reception saree looks promising exquisite elegance on your special day.  

The Best Bridal Reception Saree Look for Brides:

1. Pink and Gold Kanjivaram Reception Bridal Saree

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Picture yourself in a Pink and Gold Kanjivaram reception bridal saree – a classic choice that never goes out of style. The richness of Kanjivaram silk, combined with the vibrant pink hue and intricate gold zari work, creates a look that's both traditional and trendy. This saree speaks volumes about timeless elegance, making it an ideal choice for a reception that demands sophistication.

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2. Red Banarasi Reception Bridal Saree Look

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Looking for a reception saree look that will capture every eye? Then red, the colour of love and passion should be your choice and especially a Red Banarasi reception bridal saree captures that essence perfectly. This Red Banarasi silk saree is a timeless choice, symbolising tradition and grandeur. The luxurious Banarasi silk fabric, adorned with intricate zari weaving, adds opulence to your reception look. Pair it with statement jewellery, and you're all set to steal the show on your special day.

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3. White Brocade Reception Look for Bride in Saree

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For a serene and classic reception saree look for a bride who wants to radiate purity and grace, a White Brocade reception bridal saree is an impeccable choice. The subtle sheen of brocade fabric combined with intricate patterns adds a touch of modernity to the traditional white colour. This look is perfect for brides who want to stand out with a unique and elegant reception ensemble.

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4. Designer Reception Saree Look for Bride

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Step into the limelight with a designer reception saree that showcases creativity and innovation. Designers today are crafting sarees that blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics, giving brides a wide range of options. Opt for bold or pastel colours, unconventional fabrics, and unique embellishments to make a statement on your reception day. Designer sarees are today’s go-to choice for reception saree looks for brides.

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5. Unique Silver Reception Bridal Saree Look

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Ditching the conventional gold, embrace the allure of a unique silver reception bridal saree. The silver hue adds a touch of modernity while still retaining the traditional charm. Pair it with contrasting jewellery for a striking look that effortlessly blends tradition and trendiness.

6. Bengali Style Reception Bridal Saree

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Take inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Bengal with a Bengali-style reception bridal saree. Typically characterised by bright red and white colours, Bengali sarees often feature intricate borders and pallus. This look is a celebration of tradition and is perfect for brides who want to embrace their cultural roots. Even if you’re not a Bengali, there’s nothing wrong with embracing other cultures, especially if you are fond of the Bengali culture. 

7. Designer Reception Bridal Saree Look with Dupatta

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Enhance your reception saree look with a designer saree accompanied by a beautifully embellished dupatta. The dupatta adds an extra layer of elegance and sophistication. Choose monotone colours or intricate embroidery to make a bold style statement. This look is perfect for brides who want to add a touch of Bollywood drama to their reception look.

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8. The Glitzy Reception Saree Look for Bride

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If glamour is your middle name, opt for the glitzy reception saree look. Sequins, beads, and embroidery – let your saree shine with all things glitzy. This look is ideal for a reception that's all about grand celebrations and making a dazzling entrance. Who wouldn’t love to be all glittery on their big day? So if you are still doubting if it would be too much for a reception saree look, then this is your sign to go for it!

9. Kerala Style Reception Saree Look

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For a touch of South Indian tradition, consider the Kerala-style reception saree look. Typically characterised by off-white or cream sarees with golden borders, this look is elegant and understated. If you feel it’s too monotonous then opt for a reception saree with a hint of green or red to your ensemble for a pop of colour that complements the overall aesthetic.

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10. Red Silk Saree with Heavy Embellished Blouse Reception Look

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Turn heads with a red silk saree paired with a heavily embellished blouse design for a reception saree look that's both traditional and trendy. The heavy embroidery on the blouse adds a touch of glamour, while the silk saree drapes gracefully, creating a look that's both regal and contemporary and making it a classic choice for receptions.


These are some of the reception saree looks for brides in which one can never go wrong as they’ll suit everybody. But if you’re still worried, read about how to choose a saree for your body type which will ease things for you. We hope this blog has given you a visual representation of how you can style your reception look in a saree. 

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