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Women across the globe are attracted by Kalamkari sarees due to their exceptional artistry, rich historical significance, and striking Kalamkari saree designs in an array of lively colour patterns. Wearing these sarees transforms you into an amazing work of art. Whether you seek regal blue, classic red, elegant grey, or eye-catching light yellow kalamkari sarees online, Tulsi Silks is your ultimate destination to rely on. Have a quick glimpse at our collection right now:

History of Kalamkari Sarees: Exploring the Finesse of Hand Painting 

History, tradition, and heritage define each country's identity. In India, every state exhibits its individuality through the richness of customs displayed in clothing, festivals, and culinary delights. Notably, the Kalamkari saree stands out as a common thread that runs through all regions. 

The word "Kalamkari" originates from two unique Persian words, where "Kalam" means pen and "Kari" means craftsmanship. The creation of Kalamkari art demands a painstaking and time-intensive procedure. The process encompasses 23 individual steps, including dyeing, bleaching, block printing, hand painting, and meticulous cleaning. 

Traditional artistry is brilliantly showcased in our Kalamkari sarees available at the best prices in Chennai's finest clothing store - TULSI SILKS. Our Kalamkari saree collection is adorned with rich, vivid designs that are meticulously hand-painted. 

Kalamkari Print Sarees: Perfect for All Occasions 

Kalamkari sarees at Tulsi Silks are a symbol of the rich heritage of India's artistic tradition. Perfect for any occasion, our sarees exude charm and elegance, ensuring you shine wherever you go. 

Each saree is a masterpiece, displaying century-old artistry that has endured through time. Adone with intricate hand-painted designs, our sarees tell the story of our nation's cultural heritage. 

Explore our Kalamkari saree collection to witness the fusion of modern fashion and tradition, offering you a breathtaking array of designs featuring captivating motifs like flowers and other enchanting characters, ensuring every woman feels truly special.

Different Types of Fabrics Used for our Kalamkari Sarees 

Kalamkari art usually adorns cotton fabric, although silk material has also made its way into the craft in recent days. The fabric undergoes a series of treatments and washes before intricate Kalamkari saree designs are meticulously hand-painted onto it. Among the other options, we at Tulsi Silks craft Kalamkari sarees from prominent fabrics - Kanjivaram Silk, Tussar, Georgette, and Crepe:

Kalamkari Tussar Silk Sarees 

Tussar silk sarees are highly sought-after worldwide, especially those with Kalamkari art handcrafted in a traditional manner. The combination of the gentle feel of Tussar silk and the artistic excellence of Kalamkari makes these Tussar Kalamkari sarees an excellent option for attending evening parties, formal events, and ceremonial occasions.

Kalamkari Crepe Sarees 

Crepe silk fabric, known for its lightweight and sheer quality, offers you a comfortable and elegant drape, particularly in sarees. The intricate Kalamkari patterns on crepe sarees enhance the elegance of these exquisite Crepe Kalamkari sarees, handcrafted by our talented artisans. 

Kalamkari Kanjivaram Sarees 

Kanjivaram silk sarees rank among the most coveted sarees worldwide. Our incorporation of Kalamkari designs featuring hand-painted motifs on Kanjivaram sarees offers you a distinct style that is both convenient and comfortable to wear.

Georgette Kalamkari Sarees

Georgette sarees are naturally considered super lightweight, comfortable, and flowy to wear, which adds to their personality. Currently, there's a high demand for Georgette Kalamkari sarees. Among the various Kalamkari saree designs, the floral patterns stand out on Georgette sarees.

Discover the Best Kalamkari Saree Colour Combinations at Tulsi Silks 

Beautiful Blue Kalamkari Sarees 

Women adore the elegance and cultural richness our blue Kalamkari sarees from Tulsi Silks bring, feeling connected to Indian tradition when draped in them. The mix of rich blue hues with eye-catching designs evokes a sense of grace, making our hand painted Kalamkari sarees an ideal option.

Classic Black Kalamkari Sarees 

Black Kalamkari sarees from the house of Tulsi Silks blend tradition and elegance, featuring intricate hand-painted designs inspired by nature. Our artistry behind our 100% authentic and original Kalamkari sarees involves skilled craftsmen using natural dyes on fabrics, resulting in unique pieces.

Mesmerising Light yellow Kalamkari sarees 

Admired for their enduring beauty, our light yellow Kalamkari sarees crafted at Tulsi Silks are treasured by modern women for their magnificent allure. Our pure Kalamkari sarees resonate with cultural richness, with the light yellow colour evoking feelings of joy and vibrancy.

Ravishing Red Kalamkari Sarees 

The fusion of rich colour and intricate artistry defines our red Kalamkari sarees, mirroring passion and vitality. Women are captivated by their vibrant allure, feeling deeply connected to their roots when adorned with our dazzling designer Kalamkari sarees.

Best Tips on How to Style Your Kalamkari Sarees 

Solid-Coloured Blouse Pairing 

When styling your Kalamkari sarees, opting for a solid-coloured blouse creates a balanced and elegant look.

Highlight with Gold Jewellery 

Elevate the inherent richness of our latest Kalamkari sarees by accessorising with gold jewellery sets, adding a touch of glamour.

Versatile Draping Styles 

Experiment with various draping techniques to accentuate the intricate designs and patterns of your Kalamkari cotton sarees, adding flair to your ensemble.

Elevate Your Look with High Heels

Amp up your style to the next level by pairing your designer Kalamkari sarees with high heels, exuding sophistication and grace.

Fusion with Kalamkari blouses 

Combine Indian tradition with a modern flair by incorporating Kalamkari blouses, creating unique and personalised saree looks.

Bringing together the finest and premium Kalamkari saree collections, Tulsi Silks aims to streamline your shopping journey, delivering excellent customer satisfaction and a seamless buying experience. Explore the beautiful world of sarees and shop your ideal Kalamkari saree online on Tulsi Silks today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Kalamkari Sarees 

1. What are Kalamkari sarees?

Kalamkari sarees, dating back to medieval India, boast hand-painted designs with natural dyes and bamboo. Sarees in Kalamkari designs normally feature motifs from Hindu epics and other attractive designs.

2. Is a Kalamkari saree a handloom?

Yes. Kalamkari sarees from Tulsi Silks are an artisanal handloom creation meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans through conventional hand-block printing techniques.

3. How do you maintain the quality of Kalamkari sarees?

To maintain the Kalamkari saree's quality, you should opt for dry cleaning. However, if handwashing is necessary, make use of cold water and dry it in the shade. Store the saree in a cool, dry place to preserve its longevity.

4. Which fabrics go well with the Kalamkari sarees?

Kalamkari sarees at Tulsi Silk are normally made from natural fabrics that are woven on a handloom by our expert artisans, who use the best and most traditional techniques to create intricate patterns and designs.

5. What is the exact price range of the Kalamkari saree at Tulsi Silks?

The price range of our Kalamkari sarees can vary depending on factors such as the fabrics used and the intricacy of the design.

6. What products are available on

Tulsi Silks is your ultimate destination for the most exquisite saree collection, including Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Chanderi sarees, Cotton sarees, Linen sarees, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kalamkari Sarees