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What is Bandhani Saree? 

Bandhani sarees are a traditional Indian saree type known for their unique tie-dye pattern creating striking designs. Bandhani sarees are crafted from silk, cotton and chiffon fabrics, where a small portion of the fabric is tied using iron nails to create tiny knots. These knots are then dyed separately in vibrant colours, resulting in elaborate and intricate Bandhani patterns on the saree fabric. 

The intricate craftsmanship and beautiful embellishments of Bandhani sarees make them a popular choice for a wide range of festivals and celebrations across India.

History of Bandhani Art

Also known as Bandhej or tie-dye, Bandhani art boasts a history spanning over 5,000 years in the Indian subcontinent. This traditional textile has a deep cultural significance in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab regions. There is evidence of the Bandhani art technique found in the Indus Valley civilisation dating back to 3300 BCE. 

Over time, Bandhani sarees have gained popularity with contemporary designs, patterns and embellishments, adding to their traditional charm. Despite its ancient roots, Bandhani sarees for weddings are now a popular choice for Hindu and Muslim brides. 

Gujarati Bandhani Saree Art and Patterns

Bandhani sarees consist of small circular patterns, or "dots," created by tying fabric into knots using iron nails. The process of making Bandhani sarees is labour-intensive as each knot is dyed separately.

Traditional Bandhani sarees use natural colours like yellow, blue, green, and black, with various dot sizes, such as Ek Bundi, Chaubundi, or Saat Bundi, denoting the number of dots in the saree. The dots can have dark centres (Boond) or be tear-shaped (Kodi). 

Bandhani sarees are also categorised by intricate designs like florals, animal footprints, circles, zig-zag waves and half-moon shapes, contributing to different types of bandhani sarees. 

Latest Bandhani Saree Collection at Tulsi Silks

Here are some of the most popular types of Bandhani silk sarees:

1. Gaji Bandhani Saree

Gaji Bandhani sarees are made from high-quality lustrous silk fabric that offers both durability and luxury. With intricate gold or silver zari borders and embroidery designs, they are perfect for weddings and grand occasions.

2. Bandhani Silk Saree

Bandhani silk sarees have a smooth texture and sheen look. They are popular for their vibrant, eye-catching colours and artistry bandhani designs that lend an aura of grace and charm.

3. Pure Bandhani Cotton Saree

Pure cotton Bandhani sarees are known for their natural cotton fabric. Bandhani cotton sarees feature elegant bandhani designs in subtle saree shades. They offer both comfort and style, best suitable for everyday and professional wear.  

4. Bandhani Tussar Saree

Bandhani Tussar sarees are lightweight, highly durable and have a slightly coarse texture. These sarees boast embellishments of sequin and stones, elegantly adorning the pallu. This saree is a perfect choice to celebrate festivals like Diwali, Navratri and Holi for its vibrant and festive look.

5. Bandhani Patola Saree

Bandhani Patola sarees are a fusion of double ikat weaving with intricate Bandhani designs. Bandhani Patola sarees come in vibrant rich colours with delicate patterns and elegant motifs, best suited for special occasions, festivals and celebrations. 

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Bandhani Silk Sarees For Wedding 

1. Bandhani Georgette Saree

2. Bandhani Chiffon Saree

3. Gharchola Bandhani Saree

4. Bandhani Tussar Sarees

5. Leheriya Bandhani Saree

6. Bandhani Crepe Saree

7. Shikari Bandhani Saree

8. Bandhani Patola Saree

9. Chandrakhani Bandhani Saree

10. Ekdali Bandhani Saree

11. Panetar Bandhani Saree

12. Bandhani Cotton Saree

13. Pure Bandhani Silk Saree

14. Gaji Bandhani Saree

15. Jaipur Bandhani Saree

How to Wash Bandhani Sarees?

Bandhani sarees are intricate and delicate textiles that require special care to maintain their beauty and longevity. 

  • Fill a clean bucket with cold water.
  • Add a mild detergent and submerge the saree for about 5-10 minutes to remove any dirt or stains.
  • Avoid scrubbing, or twisting the fabric, as it can damage the delicate Bandhani patterns.
  • Gently swish the saree in clean water until the water runs clear, indicating that all soap is removed.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water by pressing the saree. Unroll the saree on a clean surface to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • When storing Bandhani sarees, fold them neatly and place a piece of tissue paper between the folds to prevent colour bleeding.
  • Store the sarees in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid hanging Bandhani sarees for extended periods. Only iron the Bandhani sarees on low heat with a cotton cloth in between, to preserve the prints.

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