Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles - 15 Different Ways to Wear them


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Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Draping Style

Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles - 15 Different Ways to Wear Dupatta

A dupatta is a versatile accessory that adds grace and elegance to any traditional Indian outfit. From casual kurtis to extravagant bridal lehengas, a dupatta is a must-have accessory. With so many types of lehenga dupattas and draping styles, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this blog, we will see different ways to drape lehenga dupattas.

Different ways to drape and style a dupatta

Some wonder how draping a dupatta can change the entire look of the dress/attire, but it does. A dupatta is the simplest accessory that can change your complete look if not even make the attire brand new so that people would think it’s a different dress.  

There are different styles of wearing a lehenga dupatta. Let’s quickly get into the topic and find out how to wear or drape your lehenga dupatta and rock your lehenga differently each time.

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Single Dupatta Drapes

1. Classic lehenga dupatta drape

The classic lehenga dupatta drape is the most common way of styling a lehenga dupatta. It is simple, classic and shows off your beautiful dress. It is as easy as draping the dupatta over one shoulder and letting it fall down the front. This dupatta draping style is perfect for a formal or traditional occasion.


2. Half saree dupatta drape

Half-saree dupatta drape is the traditional draping style that can be seen popularly worn across India. Drape the dupatta like how you drape a saree over one shoulder and let it fall at the back, then drape the dupatta through your hips and tuck it into the waistband of your lehenga. This style is perfect for a more traditional occasion and adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.


3. Dupatta pinned on the head and draped covering the chest

This style of draping the lehenga dupatta is a North Indian tradition and is generally worn by brides. The single lehenga dupatta is pinned on the head and one side of the dupatta is brought to the front from one shoulder, draped over the chest, and pinned onto the other shoulder, giving a traditional bridal look.


4. Dupatta pinned on the head and let loose

This conventional style is lehenga dupatta style is an easy and simple way to style a dupatta. The dupatta is pinned neatly to the hair and the dupatta is let loose, some prefer leaving one side in the front and the other at the back and others just let it flow at the back. Mostly styling the dupatta this way is preferred by the brides.


5. Pin on the head and bring it over the elbows

One of the most loved styles in the single dupatta drapes is pinning the lehenga dupatta on the head and bringing it in front over your elbows. Draping the dupatta this way gives a contemporary look and is definitely the one you should try for sangeets and weddings.


6. Over the shoulders and through the elbows

This dupatta draping style gives off royal Mughal vibes and is also one of the easiest ways to drape your lehenga dupatta. You need to wear the dupatta over your shoulders from the back to front and carry the loose end with your elbows. You can pin the dupatta in the middle of the blouse at the back if you want to keep it secure in place.


7. Pleated on one shoulder and pin it at the waist from the back

A style that never goes out of style is pleating the lehenga dupatta and pinning it on one shoulder and taking the dupatta from the back and pinning it at the waist giving a nice drape fall at the back.


8. Wear the dupatta around the neck

The basic way of wearing any dupatta is wearing it around the neck. Simply wear the lehenga dupatta around the neck and pin it on the shoulders. You can either pleat the dupatta and pin it on one side and the other side pin just the border of the dupatta or you can pleat on both sides and gather the dupatta in a way covering the chest.


9. Draping it the cape style 

Wearing the lehenga dupatta in the cape style gives a chic fashion look. It is one of the new styles of draping a dupatta and is a fad in recent times. You just need to wear the dupatta over your shoulders and pin it on both sides. 


10. Dupatta draped and belted at the waist

Adding a belt to any style of dupatta drape uplifts the whole look. Tucking a dupatta at the waist defines your waistline and also holds your dupatta in place. You can either go for the pleated dupatta style or let it loose according to your comfort. Don’t forget to make sure that the belt matches your outfit.


Double Dupatta Drapes

Sometimes more than one dupatta is needed to complete your lehenga outfit and adding another dupatta hurts no one. Adding another dupatta to a bridal lehenga is one of the most loved ways of styling a dupatta by Indian brides. We saw different single dupatta draping styles, let’s see how you can style a double dupatta drape.

1. One over the head left loose and the other pleated on one shoulder

One style that has been in the trend of draping double lehenga dupattas by Indian brides is the Sabyasachi style. In this style, one dupatta is worn over the head and falls loose and the other dupatta is pleated and draped like a saree in the front and is brought from the back over the elbows. This classic double dupatta drape never goes out of style. 


2. One pinned on the bun and the draped in half saree style

This dupatta drape is almost similar to the above style where one dupatta is worn over the head or pinned on the low bun and the other dupatta is simply draped in the half saree style that we saw in the single half saree dupatta drape.



3. One pinned on the head and brought forward, and the other draped in U-shape

We love this style because it is too good. You need to pin one lehenga dupatta on the head and cover the chest by bringing it to the front and the other dupatta should be draped in a U-shape pinned at the shoulders. 


4. One on the head and the other pinned over the shoulder and tied to the wrist

This is another dupatta style that adds a chic factor to your bridal lehenga look. It is easy to drape and carry. You have to simply wear one dupatta over your head secured tight and the other dupatta should be draped and pinned on one side and the other side brought from the back and tied to the wrist.


5. One over the head and the other flowing diagonally in the front

This double dupatta drape is unique, allowing you to add contrast to your lehenga. Usually, the lehenga dupatta worn on the head is made of net and is light and the other dupatta is pleated and pinned diagonally. You can go for this double dupatta drape without a doubt if the dupatta you drape has heavy embellishments. 


No matter the occasion these 15 dupatta draping styles are all that you need to elevate your lehenga look! Have fun trying out these dupatta drapes. 

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