Silk Saree Shops and Top Famous Places to Buy Silk Sarees for Weddings


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Best places to buy silk sarees in Chennai

Silk Saree Shops and Top Famous Places to Buy Silk Sarees for Weddings in Chennai

The beauty of Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are a tradition that Indian women can't let go of. They are known for their beauty and elegance. Silk sarees have a long history in Indian culture and have been worn by women for centuries. Various regions in India have their traditional silk saree that holds so much history. For example, the history of the Kanjivaram silk saree is rooted in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship, bright colours and heavy zari work. Banarasi silk sarees, on the other hand, are made in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and are known for their delicate silk and gold thread work.

Silk sarees hold an important place in Indian tradition and culture. There isn't an Indian wedding that happens without silk sarees.

Best places to buy silk sarees in Chennai

1. Tulsi Silks

Tulsi Silks is Chennai’s most trusted and authentic store for buying silk sarees for weddings and other occasions. After setting foot in the textile industry in the early 90s, we have only grown despite the competition faced by the then-retail giants. We are known for our eclectic collection of traditional silk sarees like Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Chaniya, Gadwal, Patola, Kota, Ikkat, Kani, Uppada, Mysore, Chanderi, Soft Silk, and Silk Cotton we also have contemporary sarees that can be worn every day. Having our community of weavers every silk saree we weave is unique. You can even get silk sarees that are custom designed for you. Tulsi Silks is reviving our traditional weaves one saree at a time. 

Tulsi Silks has its dedicated store in Mylapore, a place again known for tradition, coffee and Carnatic music. You can shop all our collections from our website but we suggest you visit our store to get the best shopping experience. You can follow Tulsi Silks’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and stay updated with the latest silk sarees. Also, we have a cool Pinterest page that sure is a style inspiration. Pricing starts at INR 2000 onwards.

2. Kanakavalli

Kanakavalli is another popular shop in Chennai which specialises in Kanjivaram silk sarees. Founded in 2014, it has extensively produced Kanjivaram sarees known for their rich textile heritage. In addition to Kanjivaram silk sarees, the store also offers silk sarees, fabrics, dupattas and dress materials. Kanakavalli has its flagship store located in Chetpet and another for silk sarees in Adyar. They also have an online website where you can shop their collections. Pricing starts at INR 10000 onwards.

3. Palam Silks

Palam Silks is the by-product of the textile giants Kumaran and Nalli and is a sought-after destination for silk sarees in Chennai. Established in 2003, Palam Silks is widely known for its variety of traditional silk sarees collection. They also have fashionable sarees that one can shop for casual wear sarees. Palam Silks have 3 silk saree shops located in T. Nagar, Mylapore, and Anna Nagar. Pricing starts at INR 2000 onwards.

4. Nalli Silks

Nalli Silks is one of the oldest shops in Chennai that is dedicated to silk sarees. Their first store was launched in 1928 and now has branches across Chennai. Nalli Silks is trusted by customers and has a collection of a variety of silk sarees. They are known for quality and have thus gained their name as one of the best places to shop for silk sarees in Chennai. They have their famous store located in T. Nagar, a place that’s known for shopping in Chennai. Pricing starts at INR 1000 onwards.

5. Sundari Silks

Sundari Silks is another popular place to shop for silk sarees in Chennai. They have a plethora of silk sarees and other Indian ethnic wear. Sundari Silks is a good place to buy bridal sarees and they are located in T. Nagar. Pricing starts at INR 1500 onwards.

6. Pothys

Pothys is a chain of textile showrooms with branches across the southern part of India and is a classic saree destination in Chennai that is well-known by the people of the city. Although it started as a saree store today they sell all types of clothing. They offer a wide range of silk sarees and Indian ethnic wear. You can find any type of sarees from casual wear to bridal wear. They have stores located in T. Nagar. Pricing starts at INR 1000 onwards.

7. Rmkv

RmKV is another popular place in Chennai to shop for silk sarees. With its numerous branches, RmKV is one of the biggest silk saree chains in the city. They have a good collection of silk, cotton, and handwoven sarees and are known for their wedding collections. RmKV has three branches located in T. Nagar, Vadapalani, and Velachery. Pricing starts at INR 2000 onwards. 

8. Kanchi Weavers

Kanchi Weavers is not a big fish like the others on this list but they are one of the places you can shop for silk sarees. They specialise in Kanjivaram silk sarees with extensive zari work and Kanchi cotton sarees. They have sarees in a multitude of colours and designs. Kanchi Weavers is located in Mylapore. Pricing starts at INR 1500 onwards. 

Shop silk sarees for weddings in Chennai 

A wedding or an event around the corner? Shop for silk sarees from Tulsi Silks either from our website or just head to our store and fall in love with sarees all over again!

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