Best Sarees For Summer Wedding This Year


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Best Sarees for Summer Wedding

Best Sarees For Summer Wedding This Year

Summer is the season for weddings which means it's all about cheerful colours, floral prints, and lightweight fabrics that help you beat the heat and still look fabulous. Weddings call for the finest attire but nothing beats sarees. They are versatile and elegant and can be styled to suit your taste and personality. In this blog, we will see the best summer sarees for weddings this summer. 

You might be thinking that there would be limited options to choose a saree that will keep you both stylish and comfortable. We say No! Explore the best 10 sarees for summer weddings: 

Best Sarees For Summer Weddings

1. Bold Banarasi Georgette sarees

Banarasi Georgette sarees are a beautiful blend of lightweight Georgette fabric and luxurious Banarasi weave. Banarasi Georgette sarees are one of the top choices for summer wedding sarees. The Banarasi Georgette sarees come with a light zari, making them easy to carry.

For summer weddings keep the accessories simple with minimal jewellery and makeup for a fresh and natural look. Alternatively, you can pair accessories with statement jewellery and bold makeup for a glamorous look if that is what you prefer. 

2. Opulent Organza sarees 

Organza sarees give off ethereal vibes with their beautiful drapes. Organza is a lightweight, sheer fabric which makes organza sarees perfect for summer weddings.

Organza sarees are known for their beautiful colours from soft pastels to vibrant shades. These sarees are perfect for creating a glamorous and chic look that will make you stand out at any summer wedding. In organza, you can try different types like woven organza, printed organza, and embroidered organza

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3. Lightweight & Shiny Satin sarees 

Lightweight shiny satin sarees are the best saree you can choose for a summer wedding. Satin is a light and airy fabric that allows the skin to breathe, making them ideal for summer weddings and parties. The shiny texture of the satin material adds glamour and elegance to the wearer.

Satin sarees come in a variety of colours and designs, making it easy to find one that suits your taste and style. Popularly, they come in pastel and bright colours, and even metallic hues. Also known as party wear sarees they have stones or sequins embellished that add to the extra glam of summer weddings.

4. Beautiful Banarasi Tissue sarees 

Banarasi tissue sarees will be the light of summer weddings with their lustrous shine and evergreen enigma. The lightweight nature of tissue sarees combined with the glory of banarasi makes these sarees stand out in any crowd. They come in beautiful gold and silver zari and you can opt for any jewellery to complete the summer wedding look.

5. Ravishing Netted Ruffle sarees

Netted ruffle sarees are a trend among millennials and are worn for various occasions like wedding ceremonies, parties and casual events. These sarees are made of lightweight netted fabric that is easy to drape and offers a breezy and comfortable feel making them apt for a summer wedding. The ruffle design on the saree creates a flawless look when paired with appropriate jewellery.

6. Splendid Silk Cotton sarees

We cannot talk about summer sarees without including silk cotton sarees. They stand a class apart in both comfort and style. Silk cotton sarees can be worn for summer weddings with dainty gold jewellery and an ethnic clutch. Silk cotton sarees are one of the best sarees for summer weddings

7. Lovely Linen sarees

Linen sarees in summer feel heavenly, they are elegant, simple and classy. The subtle shine in linen sarees creates an enigmatic look and is a great choice for summer weddings for those who want to keep it simple yet posh. Linen is the best saree fabric for a summer wedding. You can experiment with different types of linen sarees from Printed Linen, Handwoven Linen and Linen Embroidery

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8. Feel-good Floral Print sarees

Everybody loves floral print sarees from delicate florals with incredible detailing to the large ones that catch any eye. Floral print sarees in lightweight fabrics are your best friend for summer weddings. They make any setting lively with their colours and patterns. You can wear colourful jewellery from pearls and kundans to stones and enamel to create an outstanding look. Floral sarees should be on your list of summer wedding sarees.

9. Graceful Georgette sarees

Georgette is an evergreen fabric that almost suits every occasion. Georgette sarees are loved by many women for their perfect drapes and the never-ceasing glam they add. Georgette is a great saree fabric for summer weddings and can accommodate embellishments, hence you can try a variety of georgette sarees from embroidered georgette to zari work georgette sarees. 

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10. Panache Pastel Shade Sarees

Pastel shade sarees are an ideal choice for summer weddings, as they offer a light and airy feel perfect for the summer season. These sarees come in soft and subtle colours like pink, peach, lilac, and mint, which makes them apt for a summer wedding look. You can opt for pastel-shade sarees in lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, chiffon, organza, net and crepe.


Hope you found this summer wedding saree list useful. You can experiment with the different styles for this summer wedding season and make your events colourful and memorable. Buy wedding sarees from our elaborate collection at Tulsi Silks. Shop from our website or visit our offline shop.

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