15 Sarees for Christian Weddings Breaking the Traditional Style


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Sarees for Christian Wedding

15 Sarees for Christian Weddings Breaking the Traditional Style

We all can agree that the colour white is what comes to one's mind when we hear the word "Christian Wedding". If you disagree and say cake is what comes to your mind we understand that you are a real foodie, but the cake is also mostly white so we guess we can move ahead with that. White in the Christian wedding tradition is considered a symbol of purity and innocence and just like weddings in any culture or religion, the attire of the bride is a crucial aspect of the celebration. While tradition holds its significance, modern brides are breaking away from the conventional choices and embracing a fusion of styles. 

In this blog, we explore 15 exquisite sarees that beautifully blend tradition with contemporary elegance, making them perfect for a Christian wedding. Let's dive into the world of stunning sarees for Christian weddings in captivating styles donned by real brides!

1. Off-White Kanjivaram Silk Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Tulsi

The off-white Kanjivaram silk saree is a timeless choice, symbolising purity and grace. Its rich texture and subtle gold zari work make it a perfect blend of tradition and sophistication. This saree exudes a serene charm, making it an ideal pick for a wedding saree for a Christian bride seeking a touch of heritage in her wedding ensemble.

Pair this saree with traditional gold jewellery and a delicate veil for an ethereal look that seamlessly fits into the solemnity of a Christian wedding.

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2. Pure White Georgette Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Nothing says purity like a pristine white georgette saree. Lightweight and flowing, this saree exudes simplicity and elegance. The minimalistic design allows the bride to shine while radiating an angelic aura, making it a perfect choice for a Christian wedding saree.

Accentuate the simplicity with minimalistic silver jewellery and a floral tiara to achieve a look that is both modern and timeless.

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3. Warm Gold Sarees for a Christian Wedding 

Source: Pinterest

The warm gold saree beautifully complements the radiance of a Christian bride. The subtle play of the golden hue adds a touch of glamour, making it a modern choice without compromising on tradition.

Enhance the glamour by pairing this saree with statement gold or beaded jewellery and a sleek hairstyle, creating a look that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary style.

4. Heavy Embellished Gold Christian Wedding Sarees

Source: Pinterest

For the bride who loves to make a bold statement, the heavily embellished gold saree is the epitome of regal opulence. The intricate gold work adds a touch of luxury, making it a perfect choice for a grand Christian wedding saree.

Go all out with elaborate gold jewellery, a maang tikka, and a bold red lip for a look that exudes confidence and charisma.

5. Beautiful Christian Wedding Sarees with a Veil

Source: Pinterest

Adding a veil to your wedding ensemble is a timeless choice that adds an element of mystery and allure. Pairing it with a beautiful Christian wedding saree enhances the overall grace and charm, creating a look that is both traditional and enchanting.

Keep the accessories delicate to let the veil take centre stage. Opt for a subtle tiara and dainty earrings to achieve a captivating and romantic look.

6. Silver Embossed Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Step into the spotlight with a silver embossed saree that reflects grace and sophistication. The intricate Christian wedding saree with silver detailing on a white or pastel base adds a touch of glamour, making it an ideal choice for a Christian wedding where understated elegance takes centre stage.

Pair this saree with silver or diamond jewellery for a polished and refined look. A sleek updo and a pair of stiletto heels will complete the ensemble with modern flair.

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7. Embellished Net Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Net sarees with delicate embellishments offer a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The sheer fabric adds an ethereal quality, creating a dreamy silhouette that makes for a perfect saree for a Christian wedding bride seeking a contemporary yet classic look.

Choose subtle accessories such as a delicate necklace and crystal-studded earrings to complement the intricate details of the saree. A soft, romantic hairstyle will complete the look with finesse.

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8. Pastel Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Pastel sarees bring a breath of fresh air to traditional Christian weddings. These soft hues, whether in pinks, blues, or greens, create a serene and calming effect. Perfect for the bride who wants to embrace modern trends while staying true to tradition.

Opt for pastel floral accessories to complement the soft tones of the saree. A flower-adorned bun or loose curls will add a touch of romance to the overall look.

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9. Rose Gold Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Rose gold sarees exude a romantic and contemporary charm. The warm undertones of rose gold add a subtle richness to the ensemble, making it a stunning choice for a saree for a Christian bride looking to make a modern yet elegant statement.

Pair this saree with rose gold jewellery and a subtle makeup palette to enhance the romantic vibes. A cleanly swept hairstyle will add an extra touch of glamour.

10. Shimmery White Chip Work Saree for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

A shimmery white saree with delicate chip work offers a subtle yet eye-catching sparkle. The play of light on the saree adds a touch of glamour without overpowering the overall look, making it a perfect saree for a Christian wedding.

Opt for minimalistic accessories to let the saree shine. A classic pearl or stone necklace and stud earrings will add a touch of grace to the ensemble.

11. White Imprinted Sarees for Christian Wedding with Full Sleeve

Source: Pinterest

A white saree with intricate imprints and full sleeves brings a touch of 80s vintage elegance to the Christian wedding attire. The full sleeves add a modest yet fashionable element, making it a perfect choice for the bride who appreciates timeless charm.

Pair this saree with vintage-inspired accessories such as chandelier earrings and a layered chain. A classic updo will enhance the overall vintage appeal.

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12. Lace Bordered Christian Wedding Saree with Semi-Transparent Blouse

Source: Pinterest

A lace-bordered saree with a semi-transparent blouse is a modern take on traditional Christian wedding attire. The sheer elements add a hint of sensuality without compromising the grace that a wedding ensemble demands.

Opt for contemporary accessories such as a sleek waist belt and modern earrings to balance the traditional and modern elements. A loose wavy hairstyle or a bun with a side part will complement the semi-transparent blouse with effortless grace.

13. Peach Embroidered Sarees for Christian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Peach-embroidered sarees for a Christian wedding add a subtle warmth to the Christian wedding palette. The delicate embroidery adds a touch of femininity, making it an ideal choice for brides who want to infuse softness into their wedding look.

Choose floral accessories in shades that complement the peach tone. A floral tiara or a delicate bracelet will add a feminine touch to the overall ensemble.

14. Srilankan Style Wedding Sarees for Christian Bride

Source: Pinterest

Srilankan-style Christian wedding sarees bring an exotic flair to wedding fashion. The intricate patterns and unique draping styles make these sarees a bold and beautiful choice for the adventurous bride. So if you’re someone who loves exploring cultures then this is a style you should consider.

Embrace the cultural fusion by pairing these sarees with bold, statement jewellery and incorporating traditional Srilankan accessories. 

15. Kerala Style Christian Wedding Sarees

Source: Pinterest

Kerala-style wedding sarees, with their distinctive white and gold borders, embody the traditional elegance of South India. The simplicity of these sarees is complemented by the richness of the gold, making them a perfect choice for a Christian wedding saree that reflects a love for South Indian aesthetics.

Pair these sarees with traditional gold temple jewellery and jasmine flowers in the hair for a look that resonates with Southern charm. A classic bun or a braid will complete the traditional Kerala style.

In breaking away from traditional styles, Christian brides have the opportunity to embrace a spectrum of colours, fabrics, and designs that reflect their individuality. These 15 Christian wedding sarees offer a glimpse into the diverse world of Christian wedding fashion, where tradition and modernity dance together in perfect harmony.

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