15 Latest Types of Designer Sarees and New Designer Collections


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Types of Designer Sarees

15 Latest Types of Designer Sarees and New Designer Collections

Types of Designer Sarees

1. Kanjivaram or Kancheepuram Designer Saree

The best traditional type of designer saree are Kanjivaram sarees revered for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Originating from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, these sarees are celebrated for their luxurious silk fabric woven from pure mulberry silk threads. Kanjivaram sarees come in vast colour combinations with vibrant, bold contrast borders to subtle, pastel shades. Kanjivaram sarees exude a sheen of opulence with intricate zari work and traditional motifs, perfect for special occasions and weddings. 

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2. Mysore Designer Silk Saree

Crafted from the finest silk threads, Mysore silk sarees are an enduring type of designer saree, hailing from the city of Mysore in Karnataka. These sarees boast a luxurious feel and sheen look, because of the rich silk threads. Mysore silk sarees are extremely lightweight and come in vibrant colours with traditional motifs and designs. They are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans with intricate and elaborate zari work, making them the best designer sarees for any occasion.

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3. Banarasi Silk Designer Saree

The elegance and grandeur of Banarasi silk sarees are unparalleled, making them one of the best types of designer sarees in the world. Banarasi sarees have a rich weaving history and cultural heritage of the city of Varanasi. The hallmark of Banarasi sarees lies in their zari work, featuring intricate designs of flowers, foliage and geometric patterns. Banarasi silk sarees in deep maroons, vibrant reds and elegant golds are a popular choice of designer sarees for weddings. 

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4. Chanderi Designer Saree

Chanderi sarees are traditional Indian sarees renowned for their sheer texture, lightness and fine craftsmanship. Crafted from a blend of silk and cotton with intricate metallic threadwork, Chanderi sarees are available in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. One of the distinctive characteristics of Chanderi sarees is their distinct embellishments of butis, peacocks and flowers. If you're looking for a comfortable type of designer saree for the hot weather, Chanderi sarees are an adorable option. 

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5. Sambalpuri Designer Saree

Sambalpuri designer sarees are exquisite handwoven saree creations from the state of Odisha. These sarees are made from a unique tie & dye weaving technique known as ikat. The threads are tied to create desired motifs on the saree in a blurred, watercolour-like effect that is both striking and artistic. This exquisite type of designer saree features designs inspired by mythological stories and nature. Adorning Sambalpuri sarees can be a captivating choice for your celebrations.

6. Patola Designer Saree

Patola sarees have a distinct weave known as the double ikat weaving pattern, where the saree prints are imprinted from both sides. They come in striking vibrant colours with traditional motifs and geometric patterns using natural and organic pigments. The use of vivid colours and intricate patterns makes Patola sarees a visual feast and a perfect type of designer sarees for grand occasions, festivals and celebrations.

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7. Paithani Designer Saree

Paithani sarees derive their name from the cultural town of Maharashtra, paithan. These sarees are crafted from superior silk fabric known for its softness, sheen and luxurious texture. Although Paithani sarees feature other motifs and designs, the most iconic is the recurring peacock motif, symbolising grace and beauty. Each Paithani saree is a traditional masterpiece and an exquisite type of designer saree of handloom, to grace your occasions. 

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8. Gadwal Designer Saree

Gadwal sarees are handwoven sarees with a combination of silk and cotton fabrics, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are a unique type of designer saree, produced using an interlocking weaving technique. The body of the Gadwal saree is woven in cotton, while the border and pallu are intricately woven in silk. The embellishments are made with opulent zari work in gold or silver metallic threads, giving the saree a timeless charm to be worn for special occasions.

9. Kasavu Designer Saree

Kasavu sarees symbolise the beauty of simplicity and grace, celebrated for their elegant half-white pure fabric, it captures the essence of Kerala's rich heritage and tradition. Kasavu sarees are truly distinguished by their stunning golden zari border, contradicting the plain colour of the saree body. Malayalis consider Kasavu sarees as an integral part of the traditions, wearing them during weddings. The purity and grace of Kasavu sarees with traditional motifs can be the best designer saree type for festivals and weddings.  

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10. Bhagalpuri Designer Saree

Also known as Tussar silk sarees, Bhagalpuri sarees originate from the town of Bhagalpur in Bihar. They are a unique and popular type of designer saree, with rich fabric woven in earthy colours. Bhagalpuri sarees feature hand-painted traditional motifs of natural elements in colours ranging from creams and beiges to deep browns and blues, suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The use of Tussar silk makes these sarees lightweight and comfortable to wear in warm and humid climates.

11. Pochampally Designer Saree

The traditional handloom sarees of Telangana, Pochampally silk sarees are also known as Ikat sarees. Celebrated for their mesmerising patterns, intricate craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage, Pochampally sarees are made from pure silk threads. It boasts a luxurious texture and sheen look with contemporary designs. Pochampally sarees are a fusion of the different types of designer sarees, suitable for those who seek modernity in traditional wear.

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12. Bandhani Designer Saree

Originating from the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Bandhani sarees are celebrated for their intricate tie-dye techniques with captivating patterns. Known for their vibrant colour combinations, such as deep reds, bright yellows, rich blues, and various shades of green, Bandhani sarees are an exquisite saree variety. Bandhani sarees feature dots or circles in different sizes and various geometric patterns. Wearing a Bandhani type of designer saree is like embodying a unique piece of art.

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13. Kota Designer Saree

A Kota saree, often referred to as Kota Doria, is a lightweight and finely woven traditional Indian saree originating from the town of Kota in Rajasthan. Kota Doria saree fabrics are delicate, airy in texture and intricately handwoven with patterns of square checks and floral designs, imparting grace and elegance. These fancy Kota sarees are cherished type of designer sarees for their comfort, sheer elegance and timeless appeal making them a popular choice for various occasions.

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14. Georgette Designer Saree

Georgette sarees are celebrated as the best type of designer sarees, exuding an irresistible charm and elegance making them a favoured choice for women seeking style and comfort. The cornerstone of Georgette sarees is the lightweight, sheer and finely woven fabric that drapes beautifully. Georgette sarees often feature artistic embellishments including delicate embroidery, sequins and ornate zari borders. They can be adorned for various occasions, from formal events to celebrations for a sophisticated regal look. 

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15. Nauvari Designer Saree

Nauvari or Lugade sarees are a traditional and distinct style of saree hailing from the state of Maharashtra. These sarees are longer than the typical six-yard sarees, providing extra fabric for unique draping. Nauvari sarees are crafted from various fabrics including cotton, silk, and synthetic materials. These sarees come in a wide range of contrasting colours with elaborate designs on the pallu and border. Nauvari sarees hold deep cultural significance and can be worn for weddings and celebrations.

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In this journey through the vibrant world of designer sarees, we've explored the rich tapestry of Indian culture and tradition through these exquisite garments. From the regal elegance of Kanjivaram silk sarees to the artistic brilliance of Bandhani and the timeless grace of Nauvari, each type of designer saree tells a unique story. So, drape these beautiful designer sarees and radiate enduring elegance. 

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