15 Embroidery Blouse Design Ideas for Sarees You Should Try


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Embroidery Blouse Designs

15 Embroidery Blouse Design Ideas for Sarees You Should Try

Whether it's a silk saree or a lehenga, one thing remains constant - blouses. We're all looking for fresh trends and the latest blouse designs online to stand out from others. As we explore saree blouse designs on the internet, we’re bombarded with a variety of blouse designs including different neck styles, patterns and materials. However, finding and stitching the right blouse design for your saree can be quite a task.

While saree blouse trends have changed over the years, one style that stood the test of time is the embroidery blouse design. In recent years, embroidery blouse designs have become an increasingly popular choice by women for special occasions. The intricately detailed work and instant uplifts they give to a saree make any woman fall in love with embroidered blouses.

Today, we’ll explore the different types of embroidery blouse designs that, when paired with sarees would take your attire to the next level. 

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1. Kundan Embroidery Blouse Design 

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The Kundan embroidery blouse design will add regal elegance to your saree outfit. An intricate embroidery blouse design that is interwoven with precious embellishments, creating eye-catching artisanal designs. A Kundan embroidery blouse design with sparkling stones and detailed embroideries is an excellent option for silk sarees. 

2. Kashmiri Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, Kashmiri embroidery blouse designs are adorned with delicate threadwork, intricate motifs and vibrant colours. The Kashmiri embroidery blouse design is a true symbol of stunning beauty and artistry work. They add glittering effects to Banarasi and Mysore silk sarees

3. Aari Embroidery Blouse Design

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Aari embroidery blouse designs are popular among brides these days. Aari embroidery blouse work uses a special pointed hook needle known as an aari or tambour. It allows the artisans to create a myriad of patterns and designs on the blouse fabric featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary motifs. They are versatile choices for Bridal silk sarees like Kanjivaram and Mysore silk sarees.

4. Zardosi Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Zardozi embroidery blouse design uses heavy gold and silver threads. Zardosi embroidery incorporates pearls, gemstones, and studs creating impeccable embroidery designs for saree blouses. Zardosi embroidery blouses include hand-woven mandalas and rangoli artwork. Because of this unique embroidery technique, Zardozi embroidery blouses weigh more than other embroidery blouse designs.

5. Embossed Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Embossed embroidery blouses stand out for their use of minimal beads and stones. Featuring tight weaves, it depicts interesting patterns of animals and birds. The embossed embroidery technique gives the blouse a rich texture and adds to the grandeur look of the saree. For those seeking a combination of tradition and modernity, the embossed embroidery blouse design is an excellent choice.

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6. Lace Embroidery Blouse Design 

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A lace embroidery blouse design combines the delicate charm of lace with intricate embroidery artistry. This blouse design features lace panels woven with bright and colourful embroidery threads creating striking sequins. Floral and leaf patterns are beautifully embedded into the airy textured lace fabric adding to its elegance. A lace embroidery blouse design and a net or tissue saree – straight out of a fairytale look!

7. Bead Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Bead embroidery involves using a variety of beads, ranging from seed beads to coral and pearl beads. In a bead embroidery blouse design, artisans carefully sew these beads onto the fabric to create beautiful patterns and designs. Bead embroidery blouses often feature motifs, floral patterns, and abstract designs. Bead embroidery blouse design adds glamour to saree fabrics like organza and linen sarees

8. Floral Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Floral embroidery blouse designs are elegant with floral embellishments woven into the sleeves, necklines, and body of the blouse. The floral bhutis embroidered on the blouse design reflect real blossom vibrancy. The floral embroidery blouse design encapsulates nature's beauty in intricate stitches, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.  

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9. Loophole Embroidery Blouse Design  

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In a loophole-cut embroidery blouse, artisans remove a portion of fabric from the back to create loopholes. The edges are then embellished with embroidery stitches like satin stitch, buttonhole stitch, and other decorative stitches. Due to their intricate and elegant appearance, loophole embroidery blouse designs are often used for weddings, parties, and festive occasions.

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10. Machine Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Machine embroidery blouse designs involve using computerised sewing machines to create intricate and precise patterns on blouse fabric. Machine embroidery offers a wide range of design possibilities, from floral motifs to elaborate patterns and detailed border works. Machine embroidery blouse designs can be well suited for daily wear and cotton sarees.

11. Contrast Embroidery Blouse Design 

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This contrast embroidery blouse design is a great choice to pair up with silk sarees if you like to play with colours. Threads, embellishments and beads of vibrant colours are used in contrast to the blouse colour. Blouse designs with contrasting colour mixtures add charm and visual appeal to your silk sarees

12. Heavy Embroidery Blouse Design 

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Heavy embroidery blouse design is inclusive of all the embellishments in a blouse work. It includes various types of threads, beads, sequins and stones. They can elevate the overall look of a saree or lehenga, making it appear regal and elegant. Heavy embroidery blouse designs are a preferred choice for wedding and festive sarees.

13. Gotta Patti Embroidery Blouse Design 

Source: Pinterest

The Gotta Patti embroidery blouse design originated in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is one of the most stitched wedding blouse designs. A saree blouse with the Gotta Patti embroidery is embellished with small pieces of zari ribbon cut into desired shapes and sewn into the fabric. Zari ribbons add a shimmery and glaring look to your saree blouses.

14. Maggam Embroidery Blouse Design

Source: Pinterest

Maggam embroidery is a traditional Indian embroidery technique originating from Andhra Pradesh. This is an intricate and detailed blouse design involving heavy labour. Using the eponymous hooked needles, Maggam embroidery blouse designs are decorated with stunning stones, jhumka, and silky threads. Elevate your bridal look with the best Maggam embroidery blouse designs.

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15. Mirror Work Embroidery Blouse Design

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Mirror or shisha work of embroidery blouse designs use small reflective mirrors of different shapes including round, polygon and hexagon. These shapes are intricately sewn into the blouse fabric along with colourful chumki work and sequins. They are best to add a classy and grandeur to your saree look.

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Now that you know more about embroidery blouse designs for sarees, you can choose the one that complements your saree look. Embroidery saree blouse designs are a must-have in every woman's blouse collection. Make a statement with these embroidery blouse designs at your upcoming weddings and receptions to attend.

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