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Experience the epitome of artistic brilliance with Tulsi Silks’ Linen Embroidery Sarees. Discover our collection of embroidered linen sarees meticulously crafted with exquisite embroidery and intricate detailing. These sarees combine timeless elegance with intricate embroidery that tells the story of passion and precision.

History of Linen Sarees

Technically Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of the flax plant. It is one of the oldest vegetable plants cultivated in human history. Mesopotamia and Egypt were the first places to grow linen around 10,000 years ago. Moreover, traces of linen have been found in caves in Georgia that are as old as 36,000 years.

It is also noteworthy that linen was the primary choice of royalty in ancient Egypt. As a symbol of purity and light, it was not only used for clothing but also for mummification.

Pure Linen Embroidery Sarees

Linen is a lightweight fabric prominently used in the fashion industry because of its versatility. Known for its extremely sturdy, durable and highly absorbent, linen sarees dominate Indian women’s ethnic wardrobe. Women of any age prefer to wear pure linen embroidery sarees, as they are a great choice for every occasion.

Linen Embroidery Sarees Collection

Explore the collection of linen embroidery sarees online at Tulsi Silks. Here are some popular fabrics used with linen sarees:

1. Linen Cotton Embroidery Sarees

The perfect blend of linen and cotton sarees offers a perfect balance of breathability, comfort, and style. These sarees are designed to provide a cooling and airy feel, making them an ideal choice for hot summer months or for those who prefer a lightweight fabric.

2. Linen Silk Embroidery Sarees

A blend of linen and silk offers a luxurious sheen and feel to our sarees. Known for being lightweight and soft, these sarees add richness to the fabric. These sarees are suitable for high-end embroidery work including zari and sequin embellishments

3. Linen Viscose Embroidery Sarees

Linen viscose embroidery sarees are a unique blend of breathability, comfort, and style. Made from a combination of linen and viscose fibres, these sarees offer a lightweight and airy fabric that drapes elegantly on the body.

4. Handloom Linen Embroidered Sarees

The handloom linen embroidery saree is an example of the artistry and skill of traditional Indian craftsmanship. These handloom sarees feature intricate embroidery on lightweight linen fabric, giving them a unique and elegant look. 

5. Linen-Polyester Embroidery Sarees

The sarees with a blend of linen and polyester are designed to reduce wrinkling and increase durability. These sarees are suitable for everyday wear with little embroidery designs.

Different Types of Colours Used for Linen Embroidered Sarees

Linen embroidery sarees are known for their elegance and versatility, often showcasing a wide range of colours that enhance their aesthetic appeal. Here we have listed some of the best colours used to design linen sarees:

1. Black Linen Embroidery Sarees

The beautiful black linen embroidered sarees are perfect for a summer night out while you look elegant and stay cool.

2. Blue Linen Embroidery Sarees

Blue is a versatile colour that ranges from light, pastel shades to deep, navy hues. It symbolises calmness and stability, suitable for various formal occasions.

3. Peach Linen Embroidery Sarees

Peach is a soft, warm colour that blends the freshness of orange and the subtlety of pink. It symbolizes gentleness and warmth. These sarees are popular to wear for daytime events and summer occasions. 

4. Pink Linen Embroidery Sarees

Pink is a feminine and charming colour available in various shades soft pastels to vibrant hues. It is versatile for casual and festive wear.

5. Purple Linen Embroidery Sarees

Purple is a rich colour that symbolises luxury and creativity. Light purple and lavender shades are perfect for daytime events, often paired with a white or pastel embroidery blouse.

6. White Linen Embroidery Sarees

White linen sarees are often embellished with colourful, pastel, or metallic embroidery to create a striking contrast. These sarees are suitable for summer wear and formal occasions.

Things To Consider While Buying Linen Embroidery Sarees Online

Following are the 5 most important things you must check before buying linen embroidery sarees:

1. Linen is a natural fabric known for its breathability and lightweight texture. Ensure that the linen used in the saree is of high quality and suitable for your needs.

2. The embroidery work is a crucial aspect of linen embroidery sarees. Check the type of embroidery used, such as hand embroidery or machine embroidery, and ensure that it is of high quality and well-executed.

3. Choose a design and pattern that suits your style and preferences. Consider the occasion and the colours you want to wear.

4. Linen embroidery sarees come in a variety of colours. Ensure that the colour you choose is suitable for the occasion and your taste.

5. Linen is based on the warp, not the weft. So you must understand the difference before buying linen sarees online.

Buy Linen Embroidery Sarees Online from Tulsi Silks

Buy linen embroidery sarees online from Tulsi Silks, the best place to buy linen sarees in Chennai. we offer an extensive collection of linen sarees online that are handcrafted and unique. Wearing linen sarees will make you the epitome of grace and style. Choose from a range of lightweight embroidered linen sarees that suit your budget and preferences.

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