Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Genuine Kanjeevaram Sarees brought to you by Tulsi Silks. Saree weaved by highly professional and skilled weavers who can be compared with the descendants of Markanda, the master weaver of Gods. Only Tulsi Silks can make you feel like Goddess with its variety of Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees, a speciality from south India. The colour, patterns, quality and the craftsmanship is unbeatable when it is from Tulsi Silks.

Pure flawless mulberry silk is employed to spin the fabric loved by Lord Vishnu. Tulsi Silks moulds the Silk from South and the Zari from Gujarat to silhouette the premium range of Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees. We, at Tulsi Silks, bring along with us 18years of sophistication, wisdom, professionalism and savoir-faire in fabricating Kanjeevaram Sarees. Our seasoned weavers use the technique of weaving the Pallu first, in a different shade, separately and then couple it with the body of the Saree. They also practice the authentic weaving methods of weaving the border and the body separately and then interlocking them. The intricately designed wide borders in Tulsi Silks Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees are as unique and authentic as the artistry in making them.

The colours used in our Kanjeevaram Sarees are captivating, astounding, and sensuous and you will keep each one of them close to your heart. The patterns used in Tulsi Silks Kanjeevaram Sarees are exquisite and carry an aesthetic look, definitely, will put you in conflict. With the promise of going by the time and latest fashion, Tulsi Silks has incorporated the trend of composing pictures of God and Goddess and ancient paintings in the Pallu. In addition, the Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees have checks, stripes, floral designs, birds, and animals.

Tulsi Silk Sarees are appealing and attractive and are woven for you to be worn at weddings and family functions. You will cherish the moments where you wore our Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees and people will be envious when they will watch your grace draped in a Tulsi Silks Kanjeevaram Saree.

Without much throwing away the time just log on to our online shopping store, and grab the best in your cart and relax. It is then our duty, at Tulsi Silks, to reach you with your priced asset which is going to stay with you forever. Expect more from us when you surf our online store because Tulsi Silks believes in delivery more, more ethnic, more colour, more design and more quality. When it is Tulsi Silks Kanjivaram Saree it has to be the Elite.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are pure mulberry silk thread woven tissue from lotus fibre. Both the body and border are woven separately and interlocked in korvai technique. The traditional name for Kanjeevaram silk is vairaoosi (diamond needle). This weave has diamond shapes in the border and needle like stripes in the body which gives a lustrous look. The vairaoosi traditionally came in arakku colors (bright colours).These sarees are embellished with fine gold zari . Kanchipuram silk sarees is famous for Temple borders, checks (kattamvari), stripes (veldhari), natural features of leaves, motifs of birds and animals.

Tulsi Silks brings a wide range of unique kanjeevaram silk sarees online.

Our Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are a 6 yard traditionally saree that represents the art of temple stories.

Silk saree is the symbol of tradition and Indian culture. It flaunts our traditional values and adds more colours in the festive season. The demand for Kanjeevaram silk sarees is still strong; women now seek them in contemporary colours and designs to suit their modern trend. As a result, temple and paisley motifs have given way to hummingbirds and geometric patterns. Colours have also gone softer, with more and more weavers favouring pastels and pinks over customary deep reds and yellows. Our sarees are an amazing blend of trend and tradition that recognizes and celebrates the value and beauty of handloom.

We, at Tulsi Silks also offer blouse fabrics with a Kanjeevaram silk saree that will make it stand out among a sea of silks that are paired with traditional matching blouses. Our collection of silk sarees online also has a wide range of kanjivaram silk sareesBanarasi Silk SareesSilk Cotton Sarees ,kanjivaram dupattas and kanjivaram blouses.

Our idea of next step towards the multiplicity of Kanjeevaram silk would be to make a transition into dupattas (which we also provide), stoles and contemporary ready-to-wear outfits.

Kanjivaram fabric in a variety of forms to create stunning interpretations that will impress the modern woman no end.


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