Tips To Choose The Best Saree For Your Body Type


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Tips to choose a saree according to body type

Tips To Choose The Best Saree For Your Body Type

Choosing a saree according to your body type

Sarees have been a woman’s best friend for generations and still hold a special place in our lives. It is not surprising to know that despite the evolution of fashion over time, sarees have stood the test of time and are unquestionably the clothing that will be an intimate part of the Indian tradition for years to come. 

It is interesting to see the evolution of sarees both in terms of style and design. From the traditional handwoven silk sarees to the one-minute party sarees, so much has changed except the love for them. With so wide varieties and options in sarees, women can experiment with different types of sarees for different occasions

Choosing the right saree according to your body shape and type is important because it can help accentuate your best features and create a flattering silhouette. Additionally, choosing a saree that complements your skin tone can also significantly affect how you look and feel in the saree.

What are the different body shapes?

The body shape refers to the structure and features of a person’s body. The weight has got nothing to do with the body shape. Every individual has a unique body shape but commonly we can categorise body shapes into 5 types:

1. Pear / Triangle 

You have a pear-shaped body if you have a wider waist and a small bust.

2. Apple / Inverted Triangle

You have an apple-shaped body if your lower body is narrower than your upper body.

3. Rectangle

You have a rectangle-shaped body if your bust, waist, and hips are of the same or nearly the same size. 

4. Hourglass

You have an hourglass-shaped body if your bust and hips are of the same size and have a smaller well defined waist.

5. Round

You have a round-shaped body if you have a bigger bust and a fuller midsection with little narrow hips.

Tips to choose the right saree for your body type

Choosing the right saree according to your body type does half the work in making you look beautiful. Below are some tips to choose the right saree for your body type effortlessly.

1. Pear / Triangle 

If you are someone with a pear-shaped body and have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body, choose sarees that can balance out the proportions. Sarees with heavy zari borders on the pallu can add volume to the upper body and balance it with the lower portions. Choose embellished blouse designs and layered blouses to make your upper torso appear bigger. Read more about the different saree blouse designs.

Saree fabrics like georgette and chiffon are the best choice for you. Avoid organza, tissue silk and tussar sarees as they are stiff fabrics. Also, avoid mermaid drape sarees, which make your lower body seem bigger. Drape the saree with wide pleats to give a flattering look.

2. Apple / Inverted Triangle

If you have an inverted triangle-shaped body with broad shoulders, a bigger bust and smaller hips then you should choose sarees that define your lower body. Pattu or silk sarees like kanjivaram, gadwal, tussar silk, silk cotton and printed raw silk and woven raw silk are your best choice. To create a flattering silhouette wear belts to give a defined waist look that will uplift your entire look.

Avoid net sarees that don’t drape well around your upper body and make it look even bigger. Draping the saree in classic Gujarati style is a good way to balance the upper and lower body. Learn how to drape a pattu or silk saree.

3. Rectangle

Rectangle body shapes have a structure without well-defined curves. If you have a rectangle-shaped body then you have a bust, waist and hips around the same size. Therefore, choose sarees that add volume to your structure. Sarees like cotton, linen, and organza give a well-defined structure and can enhance both your upper and lower body proportions. Traditional kanjivaram sarees with big borders and tussar georgette are also a good choice.

Avoid body-hugging fabrics like chiffon and georgette that make your body look flat. Always pleat the pallu to create a volumised upper body look and choose blouses with a v-neck or sweetheart-shaped neck design. A blouse with full sleeves will enhance your complete look.

4. Hourglass

People with hourglass-shaped bodies have busts and hips of the same size with a well-defined waist. If you have an hourglass body shape then you have a curvy body and sarees are your best attire. Hourglass body shapes are the best body shape for sarees.

Lightweight sarees like chiffon, georgette, satin and crepe complement your body shape and accentuate your curves. Avoid sarees with heavy embellishments and embroidery as they make your body bulkier and not so attractive. A Mermaid drape is the perfect choice for your body shape. 

5. Round

If you have a round-shaped body with a bigger bust and a fuller midsection then lightweight silk and printed cotton sarees are your companion. Don’t ever go for a saree with big prints. Sarees like mysore silk and banarasi silk are a great choice for your body type. 

Avoid sarees with thick and heavy fabric which doesn’t complement your body type. Saree fabric like a net can make your upper body look even bigger. Choose a saree with slim borders and minimal designs and embroidery. 

Shop for sarees according to your body shape

Now that you know what type of sarees suit your body shape, it’s time to add them to your wardrobe. Shop authentic silk sarees and fancy sarees from Tulsi Silks and treat yourself right. 

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