Ikat Sarees

Ikat Sarees

Create that in the atmosphere, not just with your physique but with the confidence that comes to you when you drape on an Ikat Silk Saree from. You elevate your beauty the moment you decide that nothing can stop you, when you start believing in you. Express yourself and your femininity with the treasure we have for you to choose from. Tulsi Silks offer you the finest varieties of the best Ikat sarees for you to fall in love with. Marvellous, beautifully crafted designer or ethnic Ikat Sarees will take you to the mystic and scintillating world of colour and patterns. The designs are sensibly kept modern with a universal appeal yet so Indian and royal.

All this is made possible by our multifaceted craftsmen, at Tulsi Silks, who conscientiously are behind the scenes creating the world class product. They specialize in the technique employed on the finest of the silk yarns and then weaving them in line with the patterns with the miniscule blurriness. The artisans at Tulsi Silks are practiced in generating multicoloured patterned, elaborate yarns which when woven with similar diligence form the premium quality Ikat saree. Our craftsmen are the leading men in the business and produce the ultra-fine Ikat Sarees.

Look class apart in weddings, parties or get-togethers with Tulsi Silks Ikat Sarees and that elegance that never fades with them. Be a Diva, experience the beauty, be pretty, live the moment and cherish it forever. You are the women of character and courage; add on the elegance with Tulsi Silks. Choose from the geometrical patterns, the Zari border designs, and vivid colours and shop online at our website. Diverse arrangement of designs and colours make them unique and inconceivable.

Decorate your wardrobe with these embellishments from Tulsi Silks. It’s our commitment that you will love to revisit us online the moment you receive your first Ikat Saree. With effortless shopping and shipping you save not only money, time but also are assured of the best quality product being delivered at your doorstep. We hire the best courier services to ensure timely and hassle-free shipping.

You will experience falling in love at first sight when you visit Tulsi Silks Ikat saree page and that will be, promising, the beginning of a saga. It’s not what we know in terms of our products, until you feel how much we care for the graceful smile on your face when you enter the hall draped in a Tulsi Silks Ikat Silk Saree.

When cotton or silk fabrics undergo a decorative dying process, it results in the beautiful ikat sarees.These sarees have extravagant colourful patterns.

In the case of ikat,the threads are first dyed and bound and then woven into a fabric. Whereas, in Tie and Dye, the process is in reverse.

Ikkat is among the oldest techniques of dyeing fabrics which is nothing but just to bind or to tie.

Dying of wefts or wrap yarns is the technique used in Single Ikat. Whereas the technique where both weft and warp yarns are used in different parts of the fabric is called Ikkat.

Double Ikat demands both weft and warp threads tied in a precise manner so that when the threads from both combine each other at certain points to show up a completed pattern.

A well-known fact, that during ancient times, we only used organic dyes or colours which were extracted from plants, flowers, and barks of trees.

Tulsi Silks Ikat sarees can be used on every occasion. These sarees are the perfect pick for weddings, family functions, and festivals.

Tulsi Silks always recommends dry cleaning for all its silk and cotton Ikat sarees. Ironing should be done at low temperature if done at home.


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