How to Drape A Pattu or Silk Saree for a Wedding


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Drape a silk saree

How to Drape A Pattu or Silk Saree for a Wedding

Silk sarees are the most treasured saree by women of all ages across India. The reason why every woman loves silk sarees is because of their work of art and the tradition they carry in those six or nine yards. We have seen how the tradition of wearing silk sarees has been carried on for generations. There are different types of silk sarees for different occasions.

Draping a silk saree is a task that some can do easily and some might find it hard. At some point, you would have felt that draping a silk saree is the toughest thing to do especially if you don’t wear silk sarees often. In this blog, we have broken it down for you so draping a silk saree will not be a challenge anymore.

Before Draping a Silk Saree 

Draping a silk saree can even become your favourite thing to do once you get the gist of it. There are also people who drape a silk saree for weddings and other events as part of their profession. To perfectly drape a silk saree, you need to make sure to keep the necessary things ready before you start to drape. Trust us, this can make things so much easier.

Here are the things you must have before draping a silk saree:

1. Pins

You would not want to miss those perfect pleats while searching for pins. Always keep the pins near you before you start to drape a silk saree. 

2. Petticoat or Shapewear

Check if you have the right petticoat or shapewear for your silk saree before you put it on. Always use a shapewear or petticoat that matches the colour of your silk saree. Shapewear is a good choice as they enhance the draping of a silk saree.

 3. Footwear

Choosing the right footwear for your silk saree is important as it can either make or break the entire look. Most people suggest you should wear only heels with a saree which is not completely true, wearing comfortable footwear will help you to carry your silk saree with grace and confidence. 

Pro Tip: Wear footwear before draping your silk saree to ensure your saree is draped in the right length.

4. Jewelry

Decide on all the jewels that you are going to wear with your silk saree from head to toe and keep them in place before draping the saree. It will save you time in getting ready for the occasion.

5. Pre-pleating

If you feel you will not have enough time to perfectly pleat your silk saree for weddings or occasions then you can pleat the silk saree and pin it up the night before to avoid the last-minute rush.

Drape a silk saree in 5 easy steps 

Once you are set with all the things you need to have before draping a silk saree, the next step is to start draping it.

Step 1 - Blouse and Petticoat

Begin by wearing your blouse and a petticoat or shapewear. Wear the petticoat at the right length so it isn’t too high or too long to be visible below the saree. Ensure that it is not too tight without a space to breathe or too loose to hold the silk saree in place. 

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Step 2 - Pleat the Pallu

The next step is to pleat the pallu and let it fall at the proper length over your left shoulder and secure it with a pin on the blouse. 

If you are planning to leave your pallu loose then you can skip this step, nevertheless check the length of the pallu to drape your silk saree right.

Step 3 - Draping

Then take the body of the saree from the right front and bring it to the left and pin it to the petticoat in a sloped manner to add shape to your waistline. Then, let the saree loose and get to the inner end of the saree. Now, tuck the inner end firmly ensuring the length of the saree is right.

Step 4 - Main Pleats

Now it is time to pleat the saree. Gather the saree that you let loose and start pleating it from the right holding it tight using your thumb and index finger. Make wide pleats to give you a clean drape and a good shape. Once you are done pleating, tuck the pleats neatly without disturbing the already tucked saree and secure them with saree pins one on the top and one below to keep them in place.

Step 5 - Check the Look

The final step is to check your pleats and the pallu if they are perfect and adjust them if needed. Voila!  you are done draping a silk saree. Easy right? It might sound so, but with practice, it will definitely get easy. 

Wear your jewels and makeup and flaunt all your beauty with the perfectly draped silk saree. Also, be ready to take compliments!

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