20 Latest Pattu Saree Blouse Designs & Best Silk Saree Blouse Designs


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Best Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

20 Latest Pattu Saree Blouse Designs & Best Silk Saree Blouse Designs

From Kanjivaram to Banarasi silk sarees, the love for silk sarees is endless. Silk sarees hold a special place in the hearts of countless women due to their rich texture and elegance. 

Silk sarees are the highly sought-after traditional apparel for weddings, parties or any celebration. A perfect silk saree with a complementing blouse is all you need to steal the show. Selecting a  pattu saree blouse design that blends with the colour and embellishments of your silk saree is quite a task. 

No worries, we can help you with that. In this blog, we’ve created a list of the best pattu saree blouse designs that you can pair up with your silk saree to add an extra touch of charm and elegance.

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Pattu Saree Blouse Front Neck Designs 

Saree blouse designs are constantly changing as skilled artisans introduce new trends, stitching methods, and artistic embellishments. Various techniques are employed to create intricate and distinctive blouse designs for pattu sarees. Ultimately, the perfect silk saree blouse design can elevate your beauty to the next level. From highly adorned designs to elegant simple ones, let's dive into the finest blouse designs for your pattu sarees without further ado.

1. V-neck silk saree blouse design 

This pattu saree blouse design features a V-shaped or triangular neckline at the front. A V-neck blouse design adorned with elegant embroidery patterns complements your pattu saree perfectly to stand out from the crowd. The floating pallu of silk saree with a v-neck blouse design looks flattering. V-neck blouse designs are also suited for georgette and crepe sarees.

2. High-neck silk saree blouse design

An exceptional piece, the high-neck pattu saree blouse design adds extreme elegance and grace. The neckline seamlessly wraps around your neck, creating an elongated appearance well-suited for a plain body silk saree. Adding a choker set neckpiece to your high-neck blouse design will ace the look.

3. Collar neck silk saree blouse design 

The silk saree blouse design with a collar neck adds a touch of class and a modern aesthetic to your outfit. A collar gives the face and neck a sleek outline by increasing your glam. The collar neck is a modern blouse design for your silk sarees, giving a stylish and savvy look for any occasion. 

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4. Thick border silk saree blouse design 

A thick border in the front of a pattu saree blouse design is truly impressive. If you like thick borders, this blouse style highlights the shiny border of your saree by infusing it in the blouse's neckline. Combined with the silk saree's richness, a gleaming border on the blouse creates a stunning sheen effect on your ensemble.

5. Boat neck silk saree blouse design

The boat neck silk saree blouse design features a neckline that gently curves, resembling the shape of a boat. The boat neck exposes the collarbones and shoulders slightly, offering a graceful and appealing look. A versatile blouse design for both formal occasions and casual gatherings.

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Pattu Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs 

Similar to the front the back side of your pattu blouse also offers a variety of designs. From elaborate embroidery to lacy appliques, these designs add a touch of class and sophistication. 

6. Keyhole silk saree blouse design

The keyhole blouse design is a charming and stylish way to dress your silk saree. The latest pattu saree blouse design features a small, eye-catching opening ranging from a simple keyhole to a more intricate and decorative one elegantly exposing a glimpse of the upper back.

7. Low-back silk saree blouse design

With a gracefully lowered neckline in the back, this modern blouse design for pattu sarees is both fashionable and alluring. This new pattu saree blouse design is an ideal addition to any wardrobe for adding elegance and sophistication to silk sarees leaving a lasting impression.

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8. Contrast silk saree blouse design

Pairing a contrasting blouse design with a silk saree is a splendid way to infuse vibrancy and depth into your ensemble. Opting for a blouse in a different colour than the saree creates a captivating contrast that highlights both pieces. 

Pattu Saree Blouse Sleeve Designs

Pattu saree blouses can be tailored in various sleeve styles. Yet, what adds intrigue is how these sleeves play a vital role in harmonizing your overall look, blending the blouse design seamlessly with the silk saree.

9. Full-sleeve silk saree blouse design 

The full-sleeve pattu saree blouse hand design, adorned with beautiful embellishments, offers striking and elegant aesthetics. Sleeves cover the entire arm, creating a modest and stylish look combined with your saree look. Embellishments such as embroidery, and sequins add a touch of glamour to the design.

10. Half-sleeve silk saree blouse design

A half-sleeve is a traditional pattu saree blouse design adorned with beads, cutwork, and embroidery patterns that grace the round neckline and sleeve. Opting for a half-sleeve design works wonderfully for wedding receptions, as it complements the attire when paired with a beautiful pattu saree.

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11. Puff silk saree blouse design 

Opting for a blouse design featuring a puff sleeve is a timeless selection that imparts a unique and splendid vibe, particularly suited for pattu sarees. Pattu saree blouse puff sleeves come in a variety of styles including short sleeves, brocade sleeves, and puff sleeves with zari borders. 

12. Sleeveless blouse designs for silk sarees

The sleeveless blouse design exudes a timeless elegance when paired with a pattu saree. This pattu saree blouse sleeve design offers a refreshing contrast to the saree's richness. It not only showcases the intricate beauty of the saree's fabric but also lends a modern touch.

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13. Net blouse design for silk sarees

For an unusual blouse style, consider a sheer net embroidery with a detailed design to elevate your glamour. This blouse design has a net fabric attached on the back and in the sleeves, giving a lively touch to your silk saree. Net pattu saree blouse design is suited for any occasion.

Pattu Saree Blouse Designs with Artwork 

In addition to a variety of stitching techniques and designs for pattu saree blouses, choosing a blouse with embroidery motifs, delicate beadwork, or intricate thread detailing can significantly enhance its elegance and beauty. Let's explore different pattu saree blouse designs with artistic elements.

14. Aari silk saree blouse design 

An Aari work blouse perfectly complements a pattu saree. Aari work silk saree blouse designs feature an intricate neckline, and intricate hand embroidery sleeves done using a specialised needle. With threads, beads, and sequins, it adds an artistic flair to any occasion.

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15. Patterned silk saree blouse design 

These blouses feature carefully crafted patterns and motifs like nature, geometry, or culture, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. A patterned or kundan blouse design is an excellent choice to enhance pattu saree looks with sleeves and necklines embellished with patterns.

16. Floral embroidery silk saree blouse design 

The colourful floral embroidery blouse design brings a delightful visual appeal to the silk saree. Featuring vibrant blooms and exquisite detailing, this pattu blouse design is both enchanting and stunning.

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17. Heavy work silk saree blouse design 

The regal pattu saree blouse design with heavy neckwork is majestic. This blouse design exudes grandeur and sophistication with lavish embellishments. Elaborate embroidery, sequin work, and intricate stone detailing create a luxurious texture complimenting the pattu saree.

18. Mesh silk saree blouse design 

A mesh blouse design offers a charming fusion of mesh and fabric that's worth considering for a pattu saree ensemble. The mesh fabric, adorned with pearls and floral patterns, adds allure to your silk saree blouse. 

19. Temple silk saree blouse design 

Pattu saree temple blouse designs beautifully reflect the intricate architecture of Hindu temples, with motifs resembling gopuras and mandapas. Integrating these patterns into your pattu saree blouse creates a striking effect, making a strong statement.

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20. Belt silk saree blouse design 

A silk saree belt blouse design is a creative way to enhance your traditional look. This design features a belt-like element around the blouse's waist, adding a stylish and structured touch. Embroidery, beads, or contrasting fabrics are sewn to the belt to create an eye-catching design.


Silk saree blouse designs are diverse and aesthetically pleasing. From intricate embroidery to modern minimalism, each style can truly transform your look. Experiment with different blouse styles from heavy neckwork to flarey puff sleeves to embrace your silk saree elegance.

So, next time you wear a silk saree, think about a blouse design that matches your style, taste and occasion to let you stand out from the crowd.  

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