Silk Saree Draping in Different Styles- 11 Latest Saree Wearing Styles


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11 Silk Saree Draping Styles - Latest & Different Saree Wearing Styles

Silk Saree Draping in Different Styles- 11 Latest Saree Wearing Styles

It’s baffling that sarees can be worn in so many different styles and ways. Having a loyal fan base, silk sarees can be worn in some of the most interesting ways to express other emotions varying from strong and bold to sassy and fun. You can always break the monotonous saree draping style by exploring different styles of saree draping. 

There are many silk saree draping styles that every woman should try to spice things up. This blog will introduce you to some of the most beautiful saree draping styles, ranging from traditional to trendy and modern saree draping styles.  

Different Styles of Saree Draping

Traditional Saree Draping Styles

1. Surguja Saree Draping from Chattisgarh

The Surguja saree draping style comes from the beautiful state of Chhattisgarh in India. It is draped distinctively, with pleats tucked at the back and a pallu (the loose end of the saree) brought forward over the shoulder. These sarees are typically made from delicate handwoven fabrics like silk or cotton, making them the best silk sarees for traditional occasions. 

2. Marathi Shalu Silk Saree Draping Style

A brilliant and elegant way to embellish the six-yard wonder is by draping it with the Marathi Shalu style silk saree draping. Traditionally, the saree is tucked in the back and pleated in the front before being draped over the shoulder. Usually, the pallu (the loose end) can hang over the shoulder and flow gracefully down the back.

There are so many different styles of saree draping that is worth a try! Check these different types of traditional saree draping styles in India. 

Modern Saree Draping Styles

3. Blazer Saree Style

The blazer style is the latest silk saree draping style that exudes sophistication and elegance. There is nothing more fashionable and versatile than a Blazer Saree style when worn for formal events, parties, or a wedding. Adding a blazer to the saree is one of the modern ways to wear a saree that is gaining huge attention in the fashion community. 

4. Neck Wrap Saree Draping Style 

One of the most unconventional yet incredibly modern ways to wear a saree is the neck wrap drape. This silk saree draping style has been making quite the buzz around the fashion community. Wrapping the pallu around your neck is not just an easy way to spice up the usual saree appearance but also offers comfort and warmth during those chilly winter nights. 

Bridal saree draping styles

5. Can-Can Skirt Saree Draping

Embrace the flamboyance and elegance of a Can-Can skirt while wearing your saree. In contrast to the saree, the Can-Can skirt looks like a big, puffy gown. Incorporating this style into your bridal saree look would add a contemporary twist to the conventional bridal saree. This is one of the best bridal silk saree draping styles in today’s fashion scene. 

Check these trending bridal saree collections to ace your bridal silk saree look. 

South Indian saree-wearing style

6. Pin Kosuvam 

Originally from Tamil Nadu, India, the Pin Kosuvam saree-wearing style is a graceful and elegant way to wear a silk saree. Using ornate pins on the shoulder, the pleats of the saree's pallu are secured uniquely, looking elegant and sophisticated. It features pleats that are tucked into the waist, emphasising the wearer's curves, and giving a unique silk saree look. 

7. Pavadai Dhavani

Worn by young girls in southern India, pavadai dhavani is a widely celebrated traditional Indian attire of the south. A pavadai, or long skirt, reaches to the ankles, and a dhavani, covers the upper body over the shoulder, acting as a pallu. This is one of the easiest saree draping styles for weddings especially for young girls. Exuding the best traditional South Indian saree look pavadai dhavani is opted for traditional occasions and functions. 

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The silk sarees reflect the rich cultural heritage of India, offering a distinct touch to each of the many different styles of saree draping. The versatility of silk sarees allows women to express their individuality while still embracing the timeless beauty of this iconic garment. Try these trending and latest silk saree-wearing styles and pull up your fashion game to make a stunning fashion statement. 

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