Types of Sarees for Different Occasions


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Types of Sarees for Different Occasions


Sarees are the traditional dress worn by Indian women for centuries. If sarees were merely a fabric that is draped around, we wouldn’t be calling them six yards of pure elegance. Sarees uplift the femininity of every woman making them ravishingly beautiful and modest that makes eyes turn. Women of India made it a tradition to preserve sarees and pass them down to their generation as a symbol of culture and heritage. 

Every Indian woman has a saree that they hold close to their heart and has a reason that makes it special. No matter the influence the west has on the dressing style of Indian women, sarees will always remain a tradition for years to come. In fact, it is a dress that is loved by women of other nationalities.

Sarees for different occasions

There are myriad varieties of sarees that are known for their place of origin, weaving patterns, and fabrics. There is a saree for every occasion and in this blog, we will talk about the different types of sarees that can be worn for different occasions. Read through and stand out on your next occasion by donning the right saree!

For Wedding

Weddings are a favourite occasion for everyone from the bride and groom to the people who attend them because there everybody is in their best-dressed selves and most importantly there is a lot of food! Though many different traditional Indian wear has become trending now none of them can defeat the look of a saree. 


If there is a saree that is made just for weddings then it is the bridal Kanjivaram saree. Kanjivaram saree comes from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a silk saree that is woven from pure mulberry silk thread. These sarees are distinguished by their broad and contrasting Zari borders which makes them even more attractive. Kanjivaram saree is known for its quality of silk and craftsmanship which makes it so valuable. 

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Banarasi saree is another saree on the list that is made for special occasions like weddings. One of the finest traditional sarees in India, they are made in Varanasi, anciently called Benares. They are known for the gold and silver zari on finely woven silk with intricate designs. Banarasi sarees are widely worn by brides at weddings. They come in classic shades adorned with intricate motifs with broad borders that make them perfect wear for weddings.

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Patola saree is a silk saree made in Patan, Gujarat. Before weaving a patola saree the warp and weft threads are tied in a strategical technique before dyeing to achieve the desired patterns and this process is called double Ikat. It is a typical Maharashtrian tradition to wear patola sarees for weddings. Wearing them at weddings carries the tradition forward and also makes you look eternally beautiful in those hand-woven intricate patterns.

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Bandhani saree is one of the most beautiful sarees with an interesting process of tie and dye. Bandhani sarees date back to the Indus Valley and in the present day, they are majorly made in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. The fabric is tightly tied with threads and then dyed in the most bright colours like red, blue, green, yellow and black creating patterns and combinations. It was worn by women in royal marriages and was believed to bring fortune to the bride. Bandhani saree is ideal to wear on special occasions like weddings.

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For Festivals

Festivals are a time for celebration and wearing new clothes is a tradition across the world. Wearing sarees on the festive occasion only adds to the celebration. Let’s look at some of the best festive wear sarees :


Organza sarees complement feminine features and are currently the most trending sarees. They give a fusion look of tradition and modernity and come in exquisite pastel and neutral shades and also in dark shades which when paired with matching jewels and blouse designs will glam you up for the perfect festive look. Before weaving, the yarns are treated with acid which gives organza sarees a stiff look and it accentuates the curves when pleated properly. 

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Silk Cotton

Silk cotton sarees are perfect for the festive season with the comfort of cotton and the rich look of silk. They give a sleek, simple and modest look and come in a variety of colours at affordable prices for everyone. Enhance your festive look with matching accessories. Silk cotton sarees are known for their simplicity but they come in bright colours and broad borders which will give a luxurious feel. They have become widely popular recently and celebrities are often seen wearing them for events. The famous Pochampally sarees are also made of silk and cotton.

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Chanderi Silk and Cotton

Chanderi saree got its name from a small town in the Vidhyanchal ranges of Madhya Pradesh. They are often nine yards long and have modern geometric designs, floral art and peacock designs. Chanderi sarees are known for their unique texture, patterns and transparency. It gives a sophisticated look and is perfect for special occasions. It takes ten days or more to weave a traditional Chanderi saree and the cost depends on the time and the intricate designs. 

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Soft Silk

Soft silk sarees are a beautiful combination of lustrous silk and soft fabric that makes it easy to manage a soft silk saree than traditional silk. The difference between traditional silk and soft silk is the level of starching that’s done which makes the former soft and the latter stiff. It drapes well and adds a flowy fall which adds to the feminine features and makes them perfect wear for festivals and other special occasions. Their lightweight and flowy nature make you flaunt them without much effort. They come in a medley of colours which you can mix and pair with different accessories to create different looks.

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For Parties

Often people mistake western outfits as the only option for parties, but the fact that they can slay parties with sarees is known to a few. You only need the right saree to slay your parties be it occasional, backyard, cocktail or corporate.


Chiffon is a versatile fabric with prominent sheer and softness that makes it very easy to style and carry. Chiffon is the favourite choice of designers as they get to style it in a plethora of ways. Unlike other fabrics chiffon has a stretchable quality making it much more convenient to drape around the curves. There are different varieties of chiffon from traditional to contemporary to choose from according to the event you are styling it for.

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Georgette sarees are the favourite sarees in the trend that is beautifully styled by many women for casual wear as well as special occasions. They have a silky finish and are lightweight and perfectly draped and fall making them one of the most comfortable sarees that you can wear. Another thing about georgette sarees is that they are durable which makes them worth the money. There are transparent and opaque georgette fabrics and come in a variety of designs. Georgette sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe.

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Tussar Silk

Tussar silk sarees have a charm of their own and unlike other silk sarees, the silk is obtained from silkworms that breed on wild trees which makes them more affordable than the mulberry silk sarees. Tussar silk sarees are perfect for work as they are lightweight, porous and can be worn in any climate. They have a golden hue finish that makes them classy and elegant. They can be styled in multiple ways from traditional to indo-ethnic according to the occasion.

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For Work

Gone are those days when work didn’t allow people to dress according to their style and were limited to discipline. Formal wear doesn't restrict to a type of clothing anymore and sarees can be the perfect office wear if you choose the right fabric and moderately style them. Comfort has to be the priority for formal wear and below we have a list of sarees that are comfortable yet elegant.


Linen sarees speak comfort in every way as they are made of natural fibre obtained from the flax plant. Linen sarees are made of loose weaves which is one of their uniqueness. They are always a delight to style and are breezy and friendly for simple occasional wear. They come in a variety of shades and go well with any accessory. Linen sarees are perfect for formal wear and are also light to carry.

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Cotton is the most loved fabric worn by women for generations. They are highly comfortable and can be the perfect wear for any occasion, especially for work and regular wear. Cotton sarees come in a wide range from simple cotton to exquisite occasional wear. Any woman can look effortlessly gorgeous in a cotton saree paired with the right blouse, suitable accessories and a simple hairdo.

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For Daily Wear

Sarees are one of the most comfortable Indian outfits that are worn daily. Daily wear doesn’t have to be boring and a woman doesn’t need a special occasion to look her best. Comfortable and easy to manage sarees are apt for daily wear.


Crepe fabric has been known in western fashion for a long time and is now being embraced by Indian designers to make different Indian outfits. Crepe sarees are simple and stylish with a crinkled appearance. They make you look fresh all day with their subtle sheen and stay-put drapes. Though the fabric is pretty heavy it feels light on the body making it great for daily wear and also for simple occasions.

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Wondering why cotton is twice on the list? Because they are suitable for many occasions depending on the type and range you choose and how you style them with a matching blouse and accessories. Daily wear cotton sarees fall on the simpler side of the cotton spectrum and they are more sweat absorbent. Also depending on the climate, you can go for brighter and darker shades. Printed cotton sarees are great when you feel like dressing up on normal days.


That was a variety of sarees we saw for different occasions! Sarees are a single piece of clothing that makes a big difference in a woman’s life and sometimes all a woman needs is the right saree to remind her, of the absolute queen that she is. We strongly suggest that you have at least one sarees of the different types we saw on the list, trust us, sarees can be a lifesaver. 

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