10 Traditional Wedding Saree Names & Types for Bridal Look in Saree


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Types of Wedding Saree Names

10 Traditional Wedding Saree Names & Types for Bridal Look in Saree

Traditional Wedding Sarees for Brides

The quintessential Indian wedding is a celebration of colours, customs, and timeless traditions. One of the most significant elements of this grand affair is the bride's attire, and when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding saree, the options are as diverse as the cultures they represent. In this blog, we will be listing down the popular wedding saree names and the different types of sarees for weddings for brides to stun the bridal look in a saree. 

Which Saree is Best for a Wedding?

The best saree for a wedding depends on a number of factors, including the bride's personal style, the wedding's location, and the time of year. However, there are a few general tips that can help brides choose the perfect saree for their big day.

Consider Your (Bride's) Personal Style: The saree should reflect your personality and taste. Both extravagant and simple bridal looks in a saree are trendy choices to go with for weddings, so you can pick your saree design accordingly.

Choose a saree that is appropriate for the wedding's location: If the wedding is being held in a hot climate, then you will want to choose a lightweight saree made from breathable fabric. Whereas you will want to opt for a heavier saree for cold climates.

Comfort is the Key: No one wants to feel stiff and uncomfortable during their wedding as it takes away the joy of seemingly moving around and enjoying the big day. Picking the right saree would offer comfort while also maintaining the style of the bride. 

Types of Sarees for Wedding

There are many different wedding saree types to choose from, each with its own unique look and feel. Here are a few of the most popular types and wedding saree names to watch out for a fashionable bridal saree look.

1. Kanjivaram Sarees for Wedding

Hailing from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, Kanjivaram sarees are one of the widely known wedding saree names for being the epitome of beauty and elegance. This is the best traditional wedding saree for brides who seek authenticity and grace in their outfits. 

Tip to Don Kanjivaram Saree for Wedding for Brides: Embrace rich borders and a minimalist blouse featuring a deep back for a killer Indian bridal look in a saree. 

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2. Banarasi Sarees for Wedding

This traditional Banarasi wedding saree type is from the city of Varanasi. Crafted with fine silk and embellished with gold and silver brocade, these sarees exude reality. Brides who want to make a statement on their special day can opt for this type of wedding saree for its intricate designs and patterns.

Tip to Don Banarasi Saree for Wedding for Brides: Wear antique jewellery pieces to exemplify the timeless beauty of Banarasi sarees.

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3. Bandhani Sarees for Wedding

This traditional wedding saree is from the state of Rajasthan and is a sought-after choice for many occasions including weddings. Bandhani sarees are characterised by tiny, vibrant dots created through a meticulous tying and dyeing process. This lively and eye-catching traditional wedding saree for the bride adds richness to the ensemble. 

Tip to Don Bandhani Saree for Wedding for Brides: Keep your jewellery simple and let the saree's bold patterns take centre stage.

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4. Chanderi Sarees for Wedding

Being one of the traditional types of Indian saree for weddings, Chanderi sarees are known for their lightweight texture and sheer elegance. The fabric and zari work featured on the saree offers the best saree look for weddings for brides. Chanderi sarees strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, making them versatile wedding saree types for classic beauty with a contemporary twist. 

Tip to Don Chanderi Saree for Wedding for Brides: Embrace the elegance of your Chanderi saree with a statement pair of chandelier earrings. 

5. Silk Sarees for Wedding

Silk sarees are a popular type of saree for weddings of all types. Silk sarees, in various regional variations such as Mysore silk, Kanjeevaram silk, and Baluchari silk, are an eternal favourite among brides across India. Coming in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics, Silk sarees are best for those seeking a traditional bridal saree look.

Tip to Don Silk Saree for Wedding for Brides: Pick aesthetic gold jewellery to accompany your silk saree for an opulent bridal look in saree. 

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6. Uppada Sarees for Wedding

This is not so well-known and underrated wedding saree name but surely Uppada Sarees can leave a significant impact on the big day if styled tactfully. Made from a soft, lightweight fabric called Uppada, these types of traditional wedding sarees for brides are perfect for summer weddings. 

Tip to Don Uppada Saree for Wedding for Brides: A contrasting blouse with statement earrings and necklace can elevate the visual appeal drastically. 

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7. Tussar Sarees for Wedding

Among the popular types of sarees for brides for weddings, the Tussar saree stands out with its rustic look. Originating from Bihar and Jharkhand, these sarees are crafted from wild silk and are also known as Kosa silk sarees. Showcasing intricate designs and motifs, Tussar sarees are the perfect traditional bridal saree type for weddings. 

Tip to Don Tussar Saree for Wedding for Brides: Pair your Tussar saree's raw beauty with delicate floral jewellery and create a wedding look that's both ethereal and utterly captivating.

8. Paithani Sarees for Wedding

Hailing from Maharashtra, Paithani sarees are a testament to the state's rich cultural heritage. Known for its vibrant peacock and flower motifs, this type of wedding saree is typically woven with silk and gold zari. Paithani sarees are perfect for brides who want to embrace Maharashtrian tradition with a touch of sophistication.

Tip to Don Paithani Saree for Wedding for Brides: Pair your Paithani saree with an elongated necklace featuring vibrant coloured stones to beautify the overall look of the saree further. 

9. Jamdani Sarees for Wedding

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Being one of the perfect traditional wedding saree types for brides, Jamdani sarees are a fine example of artistic brilliance. Woven by skilled artisans, these sarees feature intricate patterns and motifs inspired by nature, mythology, and everyday life. Jamdani sarees are lightweight, making them an ideal choice for brides who want to dance the night away while looking effortlessly graceful.

Tip to Don Jamdani Saree for Wedding for Brides: Pearl jewellery and Jamdani saree go best for brides wanting to showcase a unique and more sophisticated side. 

10. Georgette Sarees for Wedding

Georgette sarees have emerged as one of the most comfortable types of sarees for weddings for brides for their lightweight and flowing texture. Though it is not a well-known wedding saree name, Georgette sarees still have managed to secure a place in women's hearts with their simple Indian bridal look in a saree.

Tip to Don Georgette Saree for Wedding for Brides: Add a belt to your Georgette saree for the wedding and create a stunning bridal saree look. 

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Choosing the perfect wedding saree is a deeply personal decision that involves a blend of tradition, culture, and personal style. As a bride, you will not just be selecting the perfect-looking saree but also weaving your own tale into the overall look to present on your special day. These traditional wedding saree types are timeless treasures that will transform your bridal look in the saree for good. 

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