Jewellery for Banarasi Saree for a Simple and Traditional Look


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Banarasi Saree Look with Simple & Traditional Jewellery Set

Jewellery for Banarasi Saree for a Simple and Traditional Look

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sarees are the most beloved asset of every woman. Banarasi sarees especially hold a very special spot in every Indian Woman’s heart for their timeless beauty and elegance and their rich cultural heritage. The captivating designs and opulent patterns of the Banarasi saree can be elevated even more if paired with the perfect jewellery. 

But oftentimes it becomes a pain to find the perfect jewellery for Banarasi saree. A little bit of research to pick the perfect piece of jewellery set for the Banarasi saree will be a great help. So go ahead and read this blog to discover the fascinating world of jewellery that would perfectly complement your Banarasi saree. 

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Banarasi saree look with jewellery

1. Polki Jewellery Set For Banarasi Saree

If you are looking for traditional jewellery for your saree then nothing can be better than a polki jewellery. The uncut diamonds and intricate designs of Polki jewellery beautifully complement the opulent textures and vibrant colours of a Banarasi saree, giving them a fusion of traditional elegance. The appeal of the polki jewellery seemingly aligns with the cultural significance of the Banarasi sarees making it an ideal choice of accessory. 

2. Temple Jewellery Set With Banarasi Saree

The intricate patterns and designs of temple jewellery beautifully integrate with the rich weaving found in Banarasi sarees, creating a stunning blend of artistry and tradition. The divine touch of the temple jewellery will only elevate the aura of the elegant and graceful Banrasi saree. Temple jewellery is one of the most beautiful jewellery sets for Banarasi saree. 

3. Gold Jewellery Set For Banarasi Saree

Gold has always been celebrated and treasured in Indian culture as a symbol of prosperity and tradition for a very long time. An intricate Banarasi saree's rich, luxurious fabrics and rich hues are beautifully balanced by its warm, radiant hue. Gold jewellery with Banarasi saree is the perfect choice to stun the saree look on any occasion. 

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4. Kundan Jewellery Set With Banarasi Saree

Wearing a Banarasi saree with jewellery that suits any event or occasion is not that easy, but the Kundan jewellery set is one such rare piece that would go with any occasion. Also, they are comparatively lower in price considering the hefty prices of other pieces of jewellery. Kundan jewellery exudes the traditionality of our Indian culture beautifully making it the best jewellery set for sarees. The vivid hues and intricate patterns of Banarasi sarees can be accentuated further by Kundan jewellery's vibrant and colourful gemstones.

5. Pearl Jewellery Set With Banarasi Saree

Pearls carry a unique charm that makes them a great pick for any colour or design of a Banarasi saree. When paired together, pearls and Banarasi sarees create a captivating look, adding cultural and traditional charm to the overall saree look. Pearls are the best jewellery for Banarasi saree as their versatility makes them a perfect fit for all occasions. 

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Banarasi Saree Styling Tips 

1. Banarasi Saree Makeup Look 

Since the Banarasi saree itself is enough to ace any event in terms of fashion, it's good to keep the makeup light or minimal. You can go for nude makeup with a dark kajal or light rosy blush look with bright shaded lipstick. Stun your Banarasi saree look with these makeup tips at any event!

2. Banarasi Saree With Waist Belt 

Wearing a waist belt will not only accentuate your waistline but will also add a modern and glamorous touch to the entire Banarasi saree look. Furthermore, the waist belt embraces the traditional significance of the saree with enchanting designs and stones. 

3. Nose Pin With Banarasi Saree

Nose pins go hand in hand with sarees as they perfectly fit well with the saree's charms while displaying its unique vibe. In addition to highlighting facial features, nose pins add an element of sparkle to the overall look and reflect a person's style. Naths are a great way to enhance the entire look of the Banarasi saree for weddings especially. 

4. Choker Necklace For Saree

Pairing a choker necklace with a Banarasi saree can never go out of fashion. The choker will exaggerate the visual appeal of the overall saree look. You can pair your saree with a gold choker necklace to add traditional essence or can keep it elegant and modern with a silver or minimal choker. Choker necklaces are the best to create a Banarasi saree look with jewellery that balances the modernity and the simplicity of the outfit. 


To complete a saree look it takes much more than just the perfect style of draping. The accessory and the makeup you choose are what amplify the beauty of the traditional saree even more. But it boils down to your confidence and the way you carry yourself to make a striking fashion statement. So make sure you stay intact with your unique sense of fashion and choice. Use these tips to create a stunning Banarasi saree look with jewellery that emphasises the beauty of the saree even more. 

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