10 Best Wedding Pattu Sarees: Latest Designs and New Models to Try for


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10 Best Pattu Sarees for Weddings: Latest Designs and New Models to Try

10 Best Wedding Pattu Sarees: Latest Designs and New Models to Try for Wedding

One common emotion most brides or just women in general share is the unconditional love for sarees and the flawless look it gives. The beauty of a saree cannot expressed in words but is something to be experienced by oneself. Every saree holds the cultural values of the state or region it originated from. The traditional touch and a hint of the modern vibe garner a lot of attention among women, especially brides, to level up from the usual wedding pattu saree look. 

Step into a world of elegance and charm as we unveil the mesmerising beauty of bridal pattu sarees! In our blog, we'll explore the latest and new model pattu sarees that showcase classic craftsmanship with a modern twist. Whether you're a bride-to-be or a fashion enthusiast, our carefully curated selection of the best wedding pattu sarees will guide you toward finding your dream attire. 

Get yourself the best bridal pattu saree with the latest pattu saree designs. 

Best Pattu Sarees for Wedding with New & Latest Designs

1) Red Pattu Saree with Green Blouse 

Source: Pinterest

This classic wedding pattu saree combination exudes magnetic charm, making it an enchanting choice for weddings and celebrations, where traditions blend seamlessly with contemporary grace. This is considered to be a fancy pattu saree among saree enthusiasts for the refreshing and graceful look it adds to the bridal pattu saree look. 

2) Contrast Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

Source: Pinterest

A contrast blouse design for pattu sarees is a match made in heaven for weddings, infusing traditional attire with a modern twist that exudes sophistication and allure. A white saree with a green blouse or a pink saree with a blue blouse are great ways to ace the bridal pattu saree look. 

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3) Designer Pattu Sarees for Wedding

Source: etsy.com

Designer Pattu Sarees combines the allure of traditional silk with the artistry of contemporary designs, making them an exquisite wedding choice. The enchanting creations of this marriage pattu saree are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, giving brides a truly opulent ensemble that will last a lifetime.

4) kanchi Pattu Sarees for Wedding

Source: Pinterest

A Kanchi Pattu Saree, also known as a Kanchipuram Saree, exudes timeless charm and regal elegance and is an excellent choice for weddings. Being a symbol of cultural heritage and having a luxurious look, these kanchi pattu sarees can easily be called the best pattu sarees for weddings.  

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5) Yellow and Blue Pattu Saree

Source: Pinterest

One of the latest bridal pattu sarees that is a must in this list of the best pattu sarees for weddings is the yellow and blue pattu saree combination. There is nothing prettier than a bright yellow with a blue designer blouse, especially for occasions such as weddings and festivals. 

6) Elephant-print Saree

Source: Pinterest

Weddings are a special and symbolic occasion, and elephant-print pattu sarees make a great choice for brides. The gentle grandeur of the majestic elephants gracefully woven into the fabric creates an aura of elegance, while the vibrant colours and fine craftsmanship enhance the overall look. This new model of pattu saree holds great power of attracting all eyes to it. 

7) Multicolor Pattu Sarees

Source: Pinterest

It is the versatility of multicoloured pattu sarees that makes them a favourite of brides from all backgrounds, given their ability to complement different skin tones. For those seeking a unique and captivating marriage silk saree that embodies the essence of joy and togetherness, multi-colour pattu sarees will create that effect for sure. 

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8) Pink and Green Pattu Saree

Source: Pinterest

Some of many latest pattu saree designs and styles are floating around in the fashion community but one that exceeds the expectations every time you wear it is the blend of pink and green pattu saree. Pairing a pink saree with a green coloured blouse is unquestionably the most suitable choice for a unique bridal pattu saree look. Pink's softness beautifully complements green's vibrant quality, creating a sophisticated, yet captivating ensemble. 

9) Beige Pattu Saree

Source: Dheeba Designs

Beige Pattu Sarees are an exquisite choice for brides during wedding ceremonies, exuding a timeless elegance that makes them ideal wedding attire. The subtle and sophisticated beige colour radiates a sense of calmness and purity, enhancing the bride's natural beauty. The intricate designs and embellishments embrace traditionalism, making it one of the best pattu sarees for weddings. 

10) Mustard Colored Pattu Saree

Source: Pinterest

Mustard Color Pattu Saree exudes a captivating charm that accents a traditional ensemble with unparalleled beauty. Choosing this mustard colour for the bride gives her a sense of regal beauty, confidence, and elegance as she embarks on a journey of love and togetherness that will last a lifetime.

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You can never go wrong with these latest bridal pattu saree designs and trends when choosing an outfit for the most important day of your life. Bring a touch of opulence and beauty to your wedding celebration with these breathtaking bridal pattu sarees.  

The wedding is a big day for every girl. So don’t compromise on anything and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Choose your attire from the new and latest bridal pattu saree collections and create memories that stay with you forever. 

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