8 Best Sarees for Summer Wedding You Need to Know


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Sarees for Summer Wedding

8 Best Sarees for Summer Wedding You Need to Know

Summer is a popular time for weddings. It is when the biggest of all celebrations happens - weddings, where two hearts unite with love, promising a life of togetherness and happiness. However, amidst the anticipation of the wedding season, the scorching sun and its heat-filled air add an extra layer of anxiety, about choosing the right wedding ensemble to keep us cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

Sarees for Summer Wedding

While sarees are a traditional choice for weddings, choosing the perfect sarees for summer wedding can be challenging. It becomes a cherished memory only if you opt for the right fabric, colour and embellishments to look the best in your summer wedding saree look. Otherwise, you will look exhausted and drenched in sweat, feeling to run away from your wedding.

Jokes aside, how do you find the ideal saree for a summer wedding? This blog will share some insights on how to pick the best summer wedding saree, especially if you’re about to tie the knot between March and May.

Learn how to choose the perfect bridal saree for aesthetic beauty on your wedding.

Saree Fabrics for Summer 

When it comes to which is the best saree for a summer wedding, certain fabrics and styles are more suitable to beat the heat and keep you comfortable on your big day, such as:

Cotton Sarees for Summer: Cotton sarees for summer are a top choice, to stay cool while maintaining elegance. Known for their lightweight texture and excellent air circulation, summer cotton sarees are a desired fabric for women. 

Linen Sarees for Summer: Linen sarees offer a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, making them a popular choice for summer wear sarees. The natural fibres of linen allow for better airflow, preventing sweat and discomfort. 

Chiffon Sarees for Summer: Chiffon sarees are lightweight and drape beautifully and excellent option for summer party wear sarees. They are known for their sheer and delicate appearance, adding a touch of glamour to your summer wardrobe. 

Georgette Summer Wear Sarees: Georgette sarees are another great choice for summer sarees, thanks to their lightweight and flowy nature that are easy to drape and manage and suitable for long

hours of wearing during summer weddings. 

Silk Cotton Sarees: Silk cotton sarees provide luxury and comfort, making them ideal sarees for summer wear. They are lightweight, breathable and are suitable for both casual and formal occasions in the summer seasons. 

These saree fabrics for summer weddings ensure you stay elegant and comfortable all summer long.

Best Summer Wedding Sarees 

Wedding sarees can never be simple, especially when considering the task of choosing a saree for a summer wedding. Here are some popular summer wear wedding saree types, suited to keep you cool and chic:

1. Light Embroidery Sarees for Summer Wedding

Sarees with delicate and minimal embroidery, such as thread work or sequins scattered sparingly across the fabric. Light embroidery sarees add subtle elegance without weighing down the saree, making it an ideal saree for summer wedding. Choose pastel shades or soft hues to enhance the breezy summer vibe.

Source: Pinterest

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2. Lace Summer Wedding Sarees

Lace detailing adds a touch of sophistication to summer wedding sarees while maintaining a lightweight feel. Lace sarees with intricate borders or panels offer breathability and style, perfect for a summer wedding saree in outdoors or evening receptions.

Source: Pinterest

3. Georgette Mirror Work Sarees 

Georgette mirrorwork sarees are a popular choice for summer wedding sarees due to their reflective embellishments that catch the light and create a dazzling effect. Georgette sarees with small mirror embellishments or mirror borders, add a festive touch while keeping the saree light and comfortable to wear in the heat.

Source: Pinterest

4. Gadwal Silk Zari Work Sarees for Summer Wedding

Gadwal zari work sarees featuring metallic thread embroidery or gold/silver embellishments are timeless classics and best sarees for summer weddings. Gadwal silk sarees with subtle zari work or fine motifs add a touch of glamour without feeling heavy. These sarees are perfect for daytime ceremonies or traditional summer weddings.

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Source: Pinterest

5. Printed Organza Sarees for Summer Wedding Season

Printed organza sarees with floral motifs, geometric patterns, or abstract designs are versatile options for summer-wear wedding sarees. This lightweight organza fabric with vibrant prints exudes freshness and charm. Printed organza sarees offer effortless style and breathability, making them ideal for lawn summer weddings.

Source: Pinterest

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6. Kanjivaram Sarees with Traditional Motifs 

Renowned for their rich silk texture and intricate zari work, Kanjivaram sarees are iconic sarees for summer weddings that shimmer in the sun. Light Kanjivaram sarees with minimal zari work and traditional motifs offer a refreshing touch. Traditional Kanjivaram sarees with floral embellishments allow for better airflow and maintain the regal charm. 

Source: Pinterest

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7. Floral Banarasi Silk Sarees for Summer Wedding 

Floral Banarasi silk sarees for summer weddings are a perfect choice seamlessly blending traditional elegance with refreshing charm. With intricate floral motifs adding femininity and grace, these sarees exude a sense of freshness and romance. Their lightweight silk fabric ensures comfort in the heat while offering versatility. Pairing them with minimalistic jewellery and floral accessories enhances the allure, as you celebrate amidst the warmth of the summer sun.

Source: Pinterest

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8. Soft Chaniya Silk Sarees for Wedding 

Chaniya silk sarees, also known as Gujarati or Lehenga sarees, are characterised by their vibrant colours, intricate embroidery, and flowing silhouette. While traditionally worn during festive occasions, Chaniya silk sarees for summer weddings are a captivating choice Chaniya silk sarees are lightweight fabrics offering a comfortable yet conventional summer wedding attire to dazzle in the bright daylight. Chaniya silk sarees with delicate threadwork or mirror embellishments allow for breathability and ease of movement.

Source: Pinterest

Summer Wear Wedding Saree Colours 

Choose a light-coloured saree for a summer wedding to embrace the summer vibes in style and comfort. Light colours summer wedding sarees reflect the sunlight rather than absorb it, keeping you cooler and more comfortable throughout your wedding day. Moreover, these summer-wear wedding sarees are more versatile, allowing you to easily accessorise and pair them with various jewellery and makeup styles. 

Pastel Hues: Soft pastel colours like baby pink, powder blue, mint green, and lavender are ideal for summer weddings. These light and airy shades evoke a sense of freshness and purity, complementing the warm weather.

Coral: Coral is a vibrant and cheerful colour that exudes warmth and energy, making it a popular saree colour for summer weddings. Whether in a subtle shade or a bold hue, coral sarees add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

Sunny Yellow: Yellow is synonymous with sunshine and happiness as a perfect colour for summer weddings. Opt for shades of lemon yellow, mustard, or golden yellow to radiate warmth and positivity, adding a cheerful touch to your bridal attire.

Turquoise: Turquoise is a cool and refreshing colour that evokes images of tranquil waters and clear skies. This serene hue is perfect for summer weddings, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to your saree ensemble.

Peach: Peach is a soft and subtle colour that symbolises romance and femininity. It complements a variety of skin tones and exudes an understated elegance for summer wedding sarees.

Mint Green: Mint green is a refreshing and soothing colour saree for summer weddings. This cool and calming hue adds a touch of sophistication while keeping you feeling cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

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Overall, selecting the perfect saree for a summer wedding is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your comfort and style on the big day. Embrace the beauty of summer weddings with confidence and grace with these 8 stunning sarees for summer weddings. 

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