Best Latest Cotton Sarees For Summer 2023


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Best Summer Cotton Sarees

Best Latest Cotton Sarees For Summer 2023

With the humid weather and the heat waves taking over our lives with sweat and irritation, it is nothing less than a battle to be conquered with all that we have. Isn’t it? A soft and breathable cotton saree is hands down the ideal attire or outfit to fight against this heat. Nothing really can snatch the spot from soft cotton sarees for being the best sarees for summer. Cotton sarees are not just a go-to wear during summer for their soft and delicate texture, but are a great way to pull up your fashion game.

Thanks to the authenticity and diversity of our country, we have a plethora of varieties of cotton sarees to pick and drape the perfect one for us. There are different types of cotton sarees that embrace both the traditionality and modernity of today’s times for you to flawlessly flaunt your unique style. 

Go ahead and give this blog a read to find out the best summer cotton sarees to beat the heat this summer! 

We have got you covered if you have no clue about how to wear a saree! Head on to our step-by-step tutorial to learn saree draping in the easiest way possible.

The Best Latest Cotton Sarees For Summer

1. Chanderi Cotton Sarees

The light-in-weight Chanderi cotton sarees exhibit a sense of royalty and elegance along with a traditional tone to it. The bright and glossy texture of the Chanderi cotton saree definitely is the perfect pick to make a fashion statement with a traditional touch to it. Apart from Chnaderi cotton, Chanderi silks are also a good option for summer as it’s soft in nature, making them one of the best sarees for summer.

2. Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees

Mangalagiri cotton sarees are the pride of Andhra Pradesh for the eye-catching fabric and style of the saree. It is not only famous among saree enthusiasts but is also a trendsetter during summer for the comfort it gives. Mangalagiri saree will easily make into the list of daily wear soft cotton sarees for summer.

3. Kalamkari Cotton Sarees

Kalamkari cotton sarees over the years, have witnessed some of the craziest obsessions of people to own the saree for its breathtaking hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile and fabric. Kalamkari cotton sarees are one of the few sarees that seemingly blend in with the standards of the modern fashion industry without losing their traditionality. You should definitely have them on your list of light cotton sarees this summer.

4. Kota Cotton Sarees

Made with pure cotton yarn, Kota Cotton Sarees are the heart of saree lovers for the classy look it gives without having to compromise on comfort. Woven with passion and made with simple and intricate designs, Kota sarees belong to the city of Kota in Rajasthan, India. Kota cotton sarees are the perfect go-to wear cotton saree to bring out the elegant and extravagant side of yourself, regardless of the occasion. 

5. Banarasi Cotton Sarees

The blissful experience a Banarasi cotton saree gives is something that can’t be explained but to be experienced. They are one of the best choices for summer to make your way out of the humidity and heat, while also staying intact with your fashion game. There are different varieties of Banarasi sarees such as Banarasi Tussar, Banarasi Georgette, Banarasi Organza, and Banarasi Silk. You can choose the one that catches your attention and best suits your fashion!

6. Handloom Cotton Sarees

The intricate designs adorned with vibrant borders break the monotony of the simplicity that the Handloom cotton sarees offer. The simple yet classy and sophisticated pure Handloom cotton sarees always end up being the talk of the town on all occasions, be it casual or formal. 

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7. Maheshwari Cotton Saree

Maheshwari cotton sarees originated from the state of Madhya Pradesh, India are widely popular for their pleasing designs and distinctive style. The use of metallic threads, the zari work, and the floral borders, stripes, and checks are add-ons to its existing popularity in the fashion community. They are one of the best choices among cotton sarees for summer.

8. Printed Cotton Saree

If you are looking for a summer cotton saree that is easy to maintain and light weighted but still has the grandness to wear for formal occasions, then a printed cotton saree will be the apt choice for you. These sarees have intricate designs and abstract images with an abundance of variety to be suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

9. Sambalpuri Saree

Native to the state of Odisha, Sambalpuri sarees are adored by women for their richness and jaw-dropping visuals. The traditional weaving techniques to enrich the motifs with flowers, wheels, and shells give yet another reason for women to add a Sambalpuri saree to their wardrobe. 


Cotton sarees are always hyped up especially during a season like this when the heat is killing and itching our skin, as cotton sarees are easy to wear and are skin-friendly. Our skin needs softness and comfort when the weather takes a toll on us. What’s better than a traditional and cool cotton saree at a time like this? More than just the comfort, cotton sarees are the best to fuel discussions in your gang on your newly found fashion sense. There are enough cotton sarees for summer for you to contemplate what’s perfectly suitable for you. So go ahead and make a pretty choice!

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