New Saree Designs Online and Latest Saree Trends for This Year


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New saree trends and latest saree designs of this year

New Saree Designs Online and Latest Saree Trends for This Year

Latest Trending Saree Designs

Sarees come in all fabrics and textiles. In silk sarees, we have the famous Kanjivaram silk, Banarasi silk sarees, Ikat silk, Patola silk, Woven Raw silk, Printed Raw silk, Silk cotton, Pochampalli silk, Kani Silk and other fabrics like Georgette, Organza, Chiffon, and Crepe. Speaking of trends in sarees, there is always a new type of saree trending. If you are wondering what sarees will be trending this year, worry not, we have made a list with all the latest sarees that you should add to your shopping list.

1. Soft Silk Sarees

Soft silk sarees have been trending recently and have captured women's attention because of their combined traditional and contemporary looks. Another reason why soft silk sarees are loved is that they are suitable for every type of occasion be it weddings, festive events or casual parties. Soft silk sarees for weddings are a trend now.

2. Organza Sarees

If there is a saree that evokes your inner queen then it is undoubtedly an organza saree. The organza sarees trend is here to stay. The plethora of designs and shades that organza sarees come in with a tinge of grace and a lot of class, these sarees should be in your saree wardrobe. The ethereal organza sarees are of different types: Woven organza, Printed organza and Embroidered organza.

3. Colour Block Sarees

Colour block sarees are the trend that no one saw coming. Also, who doesn’t love colours? These sarees add a splash of colours to your wardrobe and also to the places you wear them. Colour block sarees are your perfect match for this summer, so keep them stocked!

4. Embroidered Sarees

Of all the fad sarees on this list, embroidered sarees are evergreen. Embroidery on sarees is like the cherry on top, they enhance the overall look of a saree. There are various saree fabrics on which embroidery can be done like Linen embroidery, Tussar embroidery, and Organza embroidery.  

5. Floral Design Sarees

Florals are eternal love and will be among the most trending sarees designs of this year. They come in different types like printed florals or embroidered florals which are both unique in their way. Floral sarees can be worn for different occasions and they come in attractive and colourful shades. You should consider having floral sarees to upgrade your style this year.

6. Pastel Love

With so many brides ditching the traditional red sarees and choosing pastel-shade sarees for their weddings saves us from explaining if this will be among the trending sarees of this year. Any saree in a pastel shade has a unique charm that even passes on to its wearer. Pastel shades for the win in the trend of sarees.

7. Kanjivaram Without Border

We should say our love for minimalism in almost everything in life may be one of the reasons that will make Kanjivaram without borders a trend this year. Everyone’s favourite Kanjivaram saree again stands as a winner on our list of sarees that will trend this year. A plain solid blouse with the intricate design of aari work or zari should be enough to make you stand out. 

8. Ruffle Sarees

The beautiful ruffle sarees have been on the list of trending sarees in 2022 and we think that these sarees will stay around this year too. Ruffle sarees add layers of beauty to the wearer with their layers and are a great choice for casual parties and events. A plain ruffle saree with a sequin blouse is one of the best ways to style these sarees.

9. Net Sarees

If you are thinking that net sarees are out of the league, we can surely tell you they will be a trending saree this year. With so much of new designs and styles, net sarees will again rule the fashion game with glamour. Keep an eye on netted sarees with the work of embroidery.

10. Sequin Sarees

The hit of sequin sarees in Bollywood has made everyone fall in love with them and they are still on the list of trending sarees. You can make a style statement with sequin sarees with minimal effort. Sequin sarees look beautiful just the same with or without embellishments. They are the perfect choice for cocktail parties. 

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