Style Latest Party Wear Silk Sarees This New Year


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Style Latest Party Wear Silk Sarees This New Year

Style Latest Party Wear Silk Sarees This New Year

It might seem untrue but yes, we are at the end of 2022 and 2023 is just a week away! Is it even a new year if you don’t attend/host a party? Be it a grand event with a lot of people or a small one with just your family and close-knit friends, we all like to celebrate new beginnings and what is better than a new year’s party? 

If you are looking to celebrate your new year wearing a saree then you are in the right place. In this blog, we bring to you the latest party wear silk sarees that you can style and own with grace.

Latest Party Wear Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are a quintessential choice for any occasion. You might wonder how silk sarees would be the right choice for a new year party, it is probably because you are thinking about the traditional silk sarees that are heavy to carry. There are types of silk sarees that are light in weight and have different designs which make them suitable for parties.

We have made a list of the latest party wear silk sarees for you:

1. Kanjivaram Without Border

You cannot talk about silk sarees without kanjivaram silk sarees on the list. Although kanjivaram silk sarees tend to be heavy there are kanjivaram sarees without border that is lightweight and easy to carry. Kanjivaram silk sarees without border are a great choice in party wear sarees. 

Shop the party wear kanjivaram silk sarees in floral designs, striped patterns, and animal motifs.

2. Soft Silk Sarees

Soft silk sarees are loved for their soft light weighted texture and the blend of tradition with modernism which makes them perfect party wear silk sarees. Soft silk sarees come in a variety of colours and designs and you can also choose printed soft silk sarees that come in beautiful floral patterns and checkered designs. 

3. Georgette & Organza Banaras

Banaras georgette sarees are known for their sheer lightweight fabric and you can never go wrong with a Banaras saree. Georgette sarees are the most loved party wear sarees and you can style them with different accessories that elate the look.

Banaras organza sarees are suitable for every occasion be it traditional or casual. Organza has been in the trend this year for most of the time and if you are looking for the perfect party wear silk saree then we highly recommend Banaras organza sarees.

Shop from the beautiful collection of Banaras georgette and Banaras organza from Tulsi Silks. 

4. Georgette

Georgette sarees have found their place in the fashion industry and they are again easy to carry which makes them an excellent party wear saree. Georgette sarees come in a variety of designs like sequin, embroidery, chikankari and prints which you can choose based on your style. You can experiment with different styles with georgette sarees as they give perfect pleats. 

Shop georgette party wear sarees and shake up your party.

5. Organza

Organza sarees have been one of the trending party wear sarees this year. So you can choose organza sarees without a doubt for parties. Organza sarees are a little transparent which gives you more to flaunt your blouses and they look stunning when you hang the pallu unpleated. Be it darker shades or pastel shades, organza sarees have an unmatched class. There are different varieties of organza that you can wear for parties like woven organza, printed organza and organza embroidery. Style them with the right accessories and be a show-stealer.

Shop from our range of beautiful organza sarees for your special occasions.

6. Crepe Silk

Crepe silk sarees are thin, flowy, lightweight and have a distinctive sheen which makes them befitting for parties and casual events. Crepe silk sarees are available in beautiful floral designs, embellished motifs and embroidered patterns. These sarees are known to accentuate femininity as they drape perfectly. If you are looking for a party wear saree that is comfortable and fashionable then crepe silk sarees should be your choice. 

7. Chiffon

Chiffon sarees exude grace and are replacing conventional sarees due to their exquisite silky feel. Chiffon sarees are an excellent choice for parties and they drape beautifully. Pleating and tucking a chiffon saree is the easiest of all and once you are done they stay in place. Chiffon sarees complement your body’s silhouette and when paired with the right accessories and hairstyle, you can be a showstopper.

Shop party wear silk sarees from Tulsi Silks and flaunt all your beauty with these amazing party wear silk sarees and welcome the new year with love and grace.

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