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Shop Online Pure Soft Silk Sarees for Wedding at Tulsi Silks

The Beauty of Silk Sarees

It is very evident that we all love sarees - 6 yards of absolute elegance and no, we aren’t tired of saying it again and again. And when it comes to silk sarees, nobody can deny the fact, of the amount of grace it adds to a woman. Every silk saree you own and you will ever own, right from the cultivation of silkworms to manufacturing the silk saree will tell a tale of nature, human effort, art and passion.

It doesn’t matter how many times you talk about a silk saree, still, you will always explain its story in great detail when someone asks about it because some things hold so much charm that you can’t help but rave about it. There are different types of silk sarees like Kanjivaram, Patola, Ikat, Banaras, Silk Cotton, Woven Raw Silk, Chaniya, Kani, Uppada, Kota, Bandhani, Printed Raw Silk, Gadwal, and Paithani but today we will talk about soft silk sarees and printed soft silk sarees that is a perfect blend of tradition and modernism.

Soft Silk Sarees

There is a misconception when it comes to soft silk sarees, many people think that they are not made of pure silk. The truth is they are made of pure silk difference lies in the treatment of silk. In the making of soft silk, the silk yarns are given a chemical treatment that removes the residue of the sticky substance which gives soft silks sarees their essence. 

Soft silk sarees and printed soft silk sarees have been gaining high popularity in recent times because it is a silk saree that can be carried with ease and they fall perfectly with pleats that stay put. Soft silk sarees are preferred next to kanjivaram silk sarees for weddings and special occasions. Pure soft silk sarees and printed soft silk sarees are a perfect choice for weddings as they are lightweight, and comfortable and also give a modern look with a touch of tradition. 

Design of Soft Silk Sarees

Soft silk sarees come in a variety of designs and patterns with zari borders of varying sizes. The zari border design of soft silk sarees is inspired by kanjivaram sarees hence they have motifs referring to floral patterns, nature, animals, and geometric shapes. The body of soft silk sarees also comes in bold plain colours, stripes, and checks in a medley of colours that can make you fall in love with them. There are printed soft silk sarees in florals, checks and geometric shapes that are full of elegance.

Styling a Soft Silk Saree

Soft silk sarees can be styled in multiple ways due to their mixed look and you can also drape them in different ways according to the occasion you are attending. Some of the styling tips that you might find useful:

1. Belt Style

The easiest way to uplift the entire look of a soft silk saree is to add a belt with your pallu inside it and choose one that suits the soft silk saree.

2. Statement Blouse

Some plain soft silk sarees come in bold or neutral colours which can be enhanced by pairing it with a blouse that gives a style statement. There are hundreds of blouse designs that you can choose from that suits both your body type and the soft silk saree.

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3. Pant Style

Styling your soft silk saree in pant style is easy, you have to replace your petticoat with a pant and drape your saree around it. You can drape all of the saree on one side and let the pants be visible on the other to give it a chic look.

4. Front Pallu 

The front pallu style is an evergreen saree draping style which can make you stand out when others let their pallu fall over their left shoulder. You can pleat your soft silk saree and put it over your right shoulder like the classic Gujarati style or you can let some of the pleats fall beautifully and pull it over the front till your waist.

5. Cape Style

Styling your soft silk saree with a cape adds drama and fashion and it is a look that will make eyes turn. You can wear a pleated cape or a normal one and also a belt to add more style to your attire.

Buy Soft Silk Sarees Online

The best part about online shopping is you don’t have to roam around the streets to buy the saree that you want. Buy soft silk sarees and printed soft silk sarees online from the comfort of your home by browsing and comparing designs and prices. One thing to keep in mind is to verify if they are an authentic seller.

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