Best Latest Traditional Wedding Sarees for Brides


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Latest Traditional Wedding Sarees for Brides

Best Latest Traditional Wedding Sarees for Brides

Every girl desires a dreamy wedding where everything is absolutely perfect with the perfect outfit and the perfect smile. But in reality, it could be nerve-wracking even to decide on what to wear on your big day. And on top of that, you are bombarded with opinions and suggestions on what type of saree to wear, which colour to pick, and what not. It might get overwhelming for you to come to a conclusion on what you should actually choose to truly own your wedding day. 

But worry not, we have got you covered! In this blog, we have listed the most trending and latest wedding sarees to ace your bridal look. So read this blog till the end to find out some of the best wedding saree collections and to discover the one that’s best suitable for you.

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Best Wedding Sarees For Brides

1. Kanjivaram Sarees for Wedding

With a Kanjivaram saree in hand, you don’t need to think twice about your choice. Kanjivaram sarees are widely known for their exceptional beauty and craftsmanship. The intricate motifs and designs, especially the extremely delicate zari works on the border of the saree sets kanjivaram sarees apart from the other traditional sarees.

These Kanjivaram sarees come in different types fueling our obsession with the saree. Korvai, thread brocade, Pattupettu, and classic Kanjivaram pattu sarees are some of the types of Kanjivaram sarees to name a few. 

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Best unique Kanjivaram saree colours for Wedding

Gold Bridal Kanjivaram Saree: 

A gold bridal Kanjivaram saree gives a traditional saree look with exquisite motifs and shining gold or silver thread embroidery. 

Pink Kanjivaram saree

A stunning pink Kanjivaram saree paired with gold jewels will emphasize the overall colour shade of the saree. This is the most trendy wedding sarees that you must try!

Green kanjivaram saree

A green kanjivaram saree will definitely give you a traditional saree look for your wedding. Opt for a green Kanjivaram saree with a golden border to add more grandeur to the overall look.

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2. Banarasi Sarees for Wedding

The minute arts works and embroidery in Banarasi sarees can make anyone fall to their knees. The saree is made from high-quality silk and is extremely soft and durable which makes it one of the most sought-after choices for weddings. Banarasi saree is the perfect wedding saree for brides, embellished with sequin and beadwork that comes in various designs and colour patterns giving you the complete freedom to choose.

Banarasi sarees are available in vibrant colours and various types with unique designs and patterns. From Organza and Georgette to pure Banarasi silk sarees your options are wide and numerous both in terms of the types and design patterns.  

Best Unique Banarasi Saree Colours for Wedding

Red Banarasi saree

A blood-red Banarasi saree with a gold border is all that it takes to flawlessly own the bridal saree look at your wedding. Accessorize the saree with simple gold jewels and a big bindi along with minimal make-up to compliment the entire look.

Orange Banarasi saree

An orange Banarasi saree with a gold or silver border makes up for a splendid bridal look for weddings. 

Pink Banarasi saree

Live your wedding tale in a cute pink Banarasi saree with a golden waist belt and hair tied up with gajra.

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3. Mysore Sarees for Wedding

Made in Karnataka, Mysore sarees join the best wedding sarees lists for their soft texture and sophisticated look. The distinct designs and motifs inspired by nature, make it the perfect choice for a simple bridal look in a saree. The elegant designs and the understated look of the saree will add a mixture of traditional and modern vibe to your wedding attire.

The lightweight Mysore saree has different styles and types to it. The floral designs and striped and checked patterns are the latest trending wedding saree collections for brides that you might want to keep an eye on.

Best Unique Mysore Saree Colours for Wedding

Maroon-coloured Mysore saree

Maroon-coloured Mysore saree perfectly exaggerates the richness and elite side of the saree. You can accessorize this bright and bold colour saree with heavy gold jewels for a traditional and fashionable saree look.

Dark blue Mysore saree

Dark blue Mysore saree is the go-to choice of many brides as the bright blue colour with the golden borders makes a perfect balance of a simple yet classy bridal look.

Purple Mysore saree

The intricate designs on the borders and the pallu of a purple Mysore saree can be paired with a golden blouse with no to minimal designs.

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4. Chanderi Sarees for Wedding

Chanderi sarees are often chosen by brides for the terrific combination of glamour, grace, and comfort that it gives. The delicately designed motifs and embroidery are widely popular amongst brides as it manages to glorify the wedding look further. The sheer and fine texture of the Chanderi saree gives a luxurious vibe to the saree which is loved by women all around. 

The unique weaving styles and the versatility of the saree with the perfect blend of silk and cotton can easily enter the list of best sarees for brides to walk your wedding like a fashion runway. 

Best Unique Chanderi Sarees Colours for Wedding 

Yellow Chanderi saree

A yellow floral Chanderi saree is absolute bliss to the eyes as it radiates a quirky and traditional vibe. The saree brings sharpness and boldness to the colour.

Mint Green Chanderi saree

The Mint Green Chanderi saree is a visually pleasing saree that has a subtle shade and tone to it. This is the perfect choice if you are anticipating a lively and calming effect on your overall look.

Red bridal Chanderi saree

A ruby red bridal Chanderi saree is a stunning choice for brides as the colour and fabric of the saree exude warmth, love, and grace. You can also style it with a modern twist to it. 

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