8 Modern Different Saree Wearing and Draping Styles for Party


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Saree draping styles for party

8 Modern Different Saree Wearing and Draping Styles for Party

Sarees have long been regarded as the epitome of Indian culture, representing the rich heritage and traditions of the country. They come in various kinds, varieties, and patterns, showcasing the diversity and craftsmanship of Indian textiles. Additionally, unique saree draping styles add a touch to the overall look. Saree materials are available in a wide range these days: organza, chiffon, silk, banaras, satin, crepe, and even unconventional fabrics like denim or lace. 

Confused about finding the fabric of your choice? Learn more about them in Different types of saree fabric varieties.

Draping a Saree

One such avatar is the different saree styles for a party to look modern and trendy. A fusion of Indo-Western clothing that seamlessly blends elements of Indian and Western fashion is always on trend. From celebrations to family gatherings, saree draping styles vary. A saree for a formal occasion will be draped differently than a casual saree. The sarees for a wedding party may have more intricate patterns and designs and require an elaborate drape. 

The right saree draping style combined with erotic jewellery can transform you into a fashion icon, making you more stylish and attractive. Experiment with different looks to find the one that works best for you in this blog. 

Modern Saree Draping Styles for Party

1. Pant Saree Draping style  

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A denim saree draping style fuses two poles of apparel. The smart denim jeans intertwined with classic cotton sarees make your moves effortless for a fun party date with your friends. A pantsuit saree-wearing style, this denim bottom will give you a slaying slim look and a bold statement of your saree-wearing style. A funky style saree draping technique. Add some sizzling stone jewellery and chunky heels for a hot look.

2. Belt Saree Draping style 

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Want to give your silk sarees a stunning party look? Adding a belt would transform your silk saree into a one-piece modern Turkish gown. Pick the right belt for your soft silk saree’s colour and pattern. This simple change will give you a phenomenally modern party-wear look. 

Saree belts worn around your waist will hold your drapes tighter, leaving your hands free from the saree. Accessories such as a choker necklace and clutch piece will be the cherry on top of your saree-belt outfit.

Sarees look best when paired with the right choice of jewellery. Check out our jewellery styling page for more styles.

3. Dupatta Saree Draping style

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This innovative and contemporary saree draping style could leave your audience amused. Intermixing a kurta dupatta with your charming saree will bestow a trendy saree look. A contrary-coloured dupatta with mild embroidery could blend well with your silk sarees. 

For a heavy designer saree, going with a simple netted dupatta will finish the look. You can either pin the dupatta on the other side of your pallu, wrap it around your neck, or simply hold it in your hand while floating down. 

Looking for something more specific, check out our silk saree draping styles for more information on sarees that fit your style.

4. Infinity Saree Draping style

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If you plan to wear a swirling frock but have only your silk or satin sarees, we’ve got you. This Infinity Drape saree style lets you pleat a saree in many short pleats, giving it a more voluminous appearance than your regular saree draping style. You would probably require a 9-yard saree for this to give you a vibrant and lustrous look to your saree style. For a frock look, you could hide the pallu by tucking it in under your frills.

5. Ready-to-Wear Saree Draping style 

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This fancy saree draping style is loved by millions for its easy accessibility and timeless factor. A hassle-free get-ready module of draping a saree that takes only minutes. This pre-pleated saree resembles a skirt or a lehenga saree style, draping around your waistline with clips. You can clip it to your hips. These versatile sarees are changing history it takes hours to drape a saree perfectly. You could use plenty of time for makeup and hairstyles. 

6. Ruffled Saree Draping style 

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Unlike the usual saree with a perfect borderline, try this unique piece of ruffled saree draping style. The fringes or frills are added to your saree’s pallu, matching the sequins of the saree and increasing your Glam. For a blouse, you could go with an off-shoulder or halter blouse to embrace your elegance. Drape the saree in a single pallu or around your shoulder to give a cape-like look to your saree style. 

Take a look at our Trendy Party saree collections to boost your charisma.

7. Shrug Saree Draping style 

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Out of all the saree draping styles, the saree coat style is the most peculiar. Worried about throwing your old shrug or oversized coat away? turn it into a stylish outfit paired with your lightweight sarees. Drape your saree in a regular nivi saree draping style with a sleeveless blouse. Now wear a coat to add a serious note to your modern outfit. A jacket can be an alternative for a dashing party look.

8. Jumpsuit and saree-wearing style

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For an extraordinary party look, fuse your favourite Jumpsuit with a crepe or chiffon saree to add grace. A blouse is less of a necessity when you have a nice and neat jumpsuit. The jumpsuit saree style is more trendy and comfortable party attire. This Jumpsuit-saree-wearing style is a must-have item in your wardrobe for a cool lane party. Allows you to retain a poised posture so you can feel the wind.


Sarees are more than a piece of clothing; they delve deep into the art of clothing, disseminating our rich Indian culture and tradition worldwide. It adds a unique elegance to any outfit. With different saree draping styles for parties, it break the notion of a traditional outfit. 

We hope you got some ideas on saree draping styles for your upcoming party. 

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