Handloom Pure Linen Sarees Online!

Handloom Pure Linen Sarees Online!

Linen is basically known for its adaptability. This textile is derived from flax plant fibers. The name, notably, has a Latin origin with Lignum, meaning flax plant. These sarees are a perfect fit for every season – specially the summers. Which is almost treasured by Indian women across all ages. They are highly valued for their Phenomenal freshness and coolness making them a preferred garment in summers.

An absolute blend of silk and linen, these sarees are cool and comfortable on one hand and on the other are a craze in the modern fashion world. Made from Organic materials that are soft and comfortable on the body, pure linen silk saris are absolutely simple and gorgeously sumptuous.

Fabric is extremely soft and sweat absorbent. As such, it makes for a natural flashy choice during the scorching summers. They render a faultless freshness to your entire look while stepping out of your homes every day for work or just for fun with friends. We at Tulsi Silks has different varieties of Linen Printed and Embroidery Like most other fabrics, can be embroidered on or printed on to create different patterns or designs experience the indigenous look.

Linen silk appends to the natural lustre of linen, rendering a very coarse and solitary look to the whole attire. Pure Linen sarees can lose and absorb 25% of moisture without rendering a soggy or uneasy feeling. This attribute makes these sarees a great fit. Pure Linen gets smoother as you wash it. Maintenance of these sarees is not really a daunting task as well. They naturally used to resist dirt and stain and as such make for long-term possessions.

It’s a perfect fit for a corporate meeting or even for your daily wear. There is a lot of scope to experiment with your blouses when you are trying to pull off that flawless formal look. Notably, blouses are generally picked up by women who want to add a touch of fusion to their ensemble. We at Tulsi Silks have a wide range of readymade blouses with ikat prints, a perfect pair for office goers. This saree can be teamed up with trendy blouses.

Besides the printed designs, the pastel shades are a major fashion hit during this season. Pastel hues are elegant and vibrant at the same time. You can use them for daily use as well as for occasions.

You will find a wide range of different types of linen sarees here at Tulsi Silks.


Tulsi Silks Pure Linen saree is the perfect choice for summer. Most of our customers don’t just prefer Linen sarees for its style but also for its comfort which makes it their best choice for the daily outfit. Linen sarees have their own style of Jazzy and energetic colours. However, the right styling and accessories add an ace to the saree.

Simple Linen saree with antique or vintage chokers is a perfect match for a party.

Lightweight saree with plain, contrast blouse, kalamkari , zari border, full sleeve blouse with fusion jewellery is highly preferred by the working women. Tulsi Silks linen sarees online is the all-time choice of our online customers.

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