How to Wear Saree in Lehenga Style in 7 Different Ways


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How to wear a saree/half saree in lehenga style

How to Wear Saree in Lehenga Style in 7 Different Ways

Draping the saree in different ways is a thing that’s been the trend for years. From different cultures to regions, saree draping has a plethora of styles. One such trend that took women by storm is wearing a saree or half saree like a lehenga. And that’s exactly what we are going to see in this blog today. We will see the 7 different ways to wear a saree in a lehenga or half saree lehenga style and the steps to get the look.

Lehenga Style Saree Draping

Celebrity getting married? Lehenga. At a wedding? Lehenga. Ethnic day celebrations? Lehenga. Clearly, lehengas are everywhere. But what fun it is if you follow the vogue? Let’s add some real style by draping the 6 yards as lehengas!

Draping your traditional saree in a lehenga style only requires a little patience and a lot of confidence to carry the look. If you have worn a saree a good number of times and have now taken a back seat in your wardrobe, pick it up. Because a saree can always be styled unless it’s frayed.


How to Wear a Lehenga Saree

Drape it. Yes, and we gathered the best ways to drape your saree or half saree into a lehenga. The best part about a saree though it might seem like a boring piece of cloth it can be draped in ways that you want. 

8 Ways to Wear a Saree in Lehenga Style

Get ready to make a note of the 7 ways you can turn your regular saree into a lehenga-style saree:

1. Lehenga Saree

In this style, you will drape your regular saree like a lehenga. For this lehenga saree style make sure to choose a saree with broad borders which will elevate the complete look. To nail this look ensure the pleats are even and firmly tucked.

Steps to drape a lehenga saree:

1. Wear a blouse and a voluminous skirt as your petticoat to achieve the lehenga look

2. Tuck your saree on your left and start pleating the body of the saree towards the right until you cover one full circle

3. Leave a little saree for adjusting and pleat the pallu of the saree 

4. Take the pallu from the right and pin it on your left shoulder

5. Now pleat the saree that you left and tuck it neatly in middle at the back


2. Saree in a Half Saree Lehenga Style

This style involves using your saree like a lehenga dupatta but in the form of a half saree. To nail this look, choose a saree of contrasting colour to the lehenga skirt.

Steps to wear a saree in a half saree lehenga style:

1. Wear your blouse and lehenga skirt and tie it firmly around your waist

2. Drape the pallu and pin it on your left shoulder ensuring a good pallu length

3. From the pallu start tracing the pleats till the whole length of the saree

4. Let the pleats be loose and form a U-shape at the back

5. Secure the pleats on the left hip ensuring the U-shape at the back. Add a belt to get a defined look.


3. Saree in Half Saree Style

If you want to wear a lehenga style half saree at your wedding then this style is for you. You can choose the bridal kanjivaram or classic kanjivaram sarees for a regal look or go with simple silk sarees for a traditional look. 

Steps to wear a saree in half saree style:

1. Wear your blouse and lehenga skirt

2. Tuck your saree in the middle and start pleating the saree from left to right

3. Tuck the pleated saree at the back. Pleat the pallu and pin it over the left shoulder

4. Now adjust the pleats at the back and tuck them neatly forming a low U-shape 

5. Add a belt and set the pleats to complete the look

Source: Pinterest

4. Half Saree in Lehenga Style

One look that suits anyone is the half-saree lehenga style. This is one of the easiest fusion looks that everybody should try. For this, you can use your lehenga skirt or the traditional half saree skirt depending on the occasion.

Steps to get the half saree lehenga look:

1. Wear a blouse and a pleated half saree or lehenga skirt

2. Take a dupatta that complements the colour of the blouse and the skirt

3. Pleat the pallu and pin it over your left shoulder

4. Take the border of the pallu, drape around and tuck it at the back forming a slight U-shape at the right hip

5. Take the consecutive pleats of the pallu and repeat it until you get a neat pleated U-shape at the right side of your hip


5. Lehenga with Saree as Dupatta

This style has been the most trending of all the lehenga saree styles and is also loved by many women. For donning this lehenga style with a traditional saree as a dupatta you need a lehenga skirt and a saree, better if they are in colour contrast.

Steps to wear a lehenga with saree as dupatta:

1. Wear your lehenga skirt and blouse

2. Pleat the saree pallu and drape it over the front body and pin it on the left shoulder

3. Take the pleats of the pallu from the left to right and tuck the other end of the saree in the front at the centre

4. Now you will have the body of the saree at the back. Take the upper side of the saree and make even pleats and tuck it at the back in the centre

5. Adjust the pleats, you will have a broad U-shape at the back and an inverted V-shape at the front. Add a belt to complete the lehenga saree look


6. Half Saree Lehenga with Dupatta

This is another popular style that you might have seen many times. The half saree lehenga with dupatta is one of the easiest styles if you find draping and pleating too much work. You can use different types of dupattas based on the occasion.

Steps to wear half saree lehenga with dupatta:

1. Wear your regular lehenga skirt and blouse with the dupatta draped like a half saree 

2. Take another heavy work dupatta if your lehenga is simple or a simple ethnic dupatta if your lehenga has heavily embellished work

3. Find the 15 different lehenga dupatta draping styles and complete the look


7. Lehenga like Half Saree

This style is slightly different from the others as you will be wearing a lehenga like half saree in this style. For this style choose a lehenga skirt with distinct pleats which will give you a doll look.

Steps to wear lehenga like half saree:

1. Wear your lehenga skirt and blouse as you do regularly

2. Choose a dupatta that is of the same colour as the lehenga skirt unless it is a multi colour lehenga like you see in the picture

3. Drape the dupatta and pin it over your left shoulder. Take the pleated dupatta from the left to right in the front and tuck it at the back like you would drape for a half saree

4. You can also wear this style with 2 dupattas with one dupatta draped and the other one hanging loose on your shoulder



So if you are bored with the regular saree draping styles and lehengas, you have this guide to help you create a refreshing fusion look. Bookmark this blog so you don’t have to search for how to wear a lehenga or saree in a different style every single time. Read our other blogs that you might be interested in.

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