Pure Organic Linen Sarees Online - Best Types of Linen Fabric & Sarees


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Pure linen sarees online and types of linen sarees and fabric

Pure Organic Linen Sarees Online - Best Types of Linen Fabric & Sarees - Cotton, Silk, Khadi, Handwoven, Printed, Floral, and Embroidered

About Linen Fabric 

The history of linen dates back over 30000 years when flax fibres were found in a cave in Southeast Europe and Linen was used by ancient civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. 

Linen is a textile obtained from the flax plant's fibres and the fabric is strong, durable and absorbs water better than cotton. Linen is known for its unique texture, breathability, and ability to keep you cool in warm weather. It's also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, as flax requires less water and pesticides than other crops. 

Types of Linen Fabric

There are a variety of linen fabrics but these are the common linen fabrics used in the making of clothing and household items:

1. Damask Linen

Damask linen is a mixture of plain and satin weave which makes the linen smooth and strong. This type of linen fabric is widely used as napkins and tablecloths.

2. Closely Woven Linen

Closely woven linen or also known as sheeting linen is a heavy fabric that still retains the smoothness of linen. This linen fabric is used to make bed linens and apparel-like suits.

3. Loosely Woven Linen

Loosely woven linen isn’t durable like the other types but is highly absorbent. Sometimes it is mixed with cotton to increase durability. Loosely woven linen is used to make sanitary diapers and towels. 

4. Plain Weave Linen

Plain weave linen is the most widely used type of linen fabric. It usually has a checkered or striped pattern. It is also known as glass towelling because it is used to wipe glasses.

Pure Linen Sarees Online

Linen sarees have a timeless appeal and epitomise elegance and grace. Pure linen sarees give a supreme comfortable feel; the higher the linen fabric's thread count, the softer it is. Linen sarees are one of the most sought-after sarees in India as they can be worn throughout the year in any season. You can buy linen sarees online from several websites but finding pure linen sarees is not easy as most online sites sell linen sarees that are often mixed with other fabrics. To buy pure linen sarees without being scammed you need to verify the authenticity of the brand. Brands like Tulsi Silks have been in the industry for years and are trusted by millions for quality. 

Types of Linen Sarees 

Among the many different types of linen sarees that you can find online, let’s see the popular types that can be worn for any occasion:

1. Pure Linen Sarees

Pure linen sarees are the ones that are completely made from pure linen fabric. Pure linen sarees have a distinct texture and drape that makes them stand out from other types of sarees. They are lightweight and airy, making them perfect for hot and humid weather. These are the most versatile type of linen sarees that can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. 

2. Linen Cotton Sarees

Linen cotton sarees are an ideal combination of two natural fabrics - linen and cotton. The comfort of cotton combined with the durability and texture of linen makes them perfect for summer. Linen cotton sarees come in delightful colours and are lightweight, breathable and comfortable, making them an ideal choice for daily wear or even for semi-formal events. The best thing about linen cotton sarees is that they are easy to maintain and can be worn throughout the year, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

3. Linen Silk Sarees

Linen silk sarees are a luxurious blend of two natural fibres - linen and silk. The combination of these fibres makes these sarees both strong and soft, with a subtle sheen that adds to their elegance. The texture of linen silk sarees is distinctive, with linen giving the fabric a crispness and the silk adding softness and drape. These sarees come in a range of colours, from pastels to bold hues with embellishments making them perfect for weddings and receptions. With proper care, linen silk sarees can last for years.

4. Khadi Linen Sarees

Khadi linen sarees are a beautiful amalgamation of two of the most versatile fabrics. Khadi, being a handwoven fabric, is known for its simplicity and comfort. On the other hand, linen is known for its durability and breathability. They are lightweight and easy to drape, making them a popular choice among women of all ages. These sarees are perfect for summer weddings or any other occasion where you want to look chic while staying comfortable.

5. Handwoven Linen Sarees

Handwoven linen sarees are made by skilled artisans on traditional handlooms, using pure linen yarn. Handwoven linen sarees come in a variety of patterns from simple and elegant to elaborate and ornate making them perfect for casual and formal occasions. One of the unique features of handwoven linen sarees is that they often feature subtle variations in texture and colour, resulting from the handloom process. The intricate weaving patterns and colour combinations used in handwoven linen sarees make them a beautiful and timeless piece of clothing one can own.

6. Printed Linen Sarees

Printed linen sarees are a popular choice among women for their striking and beautiful prints. These sarees are available in various designs, patterns, and colours, making them suitable for casual and formal occasions. Printed linen sarees are produced by imprinting designs onto the fabric using different techniques such as block printing, screen printing, and digital printing. The prints can range from abstract designs to traditional motifs, floral prints, geometric patterns, and more.


7. Floral Linen Sarees

Floral linen sarees are the best friend of summer and are perfect for those who want to add a floral charm to their wardrobe. Floral prints are often inspired by nature and can range from tiny floral motifs to larger floral patterns that cover the entire saree. Floral linen sarees are versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to formal events. When draped floral linen sarees add elegance and ecstasy to the wearer.

8. Linen Embroidered Sarees

Linen embroidered sarees feature colourful and intricate embroidery work that adds extra charm to these sarees. The embroidery work can be done in various patterns and designs, ranging from simple and subtle to bold and dramatic. Linen embroidered sarees are ideal for both formal and informal occasions. When it comes to styling linen embroidered sarees, you can keep it simple by pairing them with minimalist jewellery and a pair of heels. 

9. Tissue Linen Sarees

Tissue linen sarees are a popular variant of linen sarees that are made from ultra-lightweight, sheer fabric that drapes perfectly. The name "tissue" refers to the fine gauze-like texture of the fabric, which is created by weaving thin threads of linen in a loose, open pattern. This makes the saree perfect for warm weather and humid climates, as the lightweight and breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort. When adorned with sequins, beads, and other decorative elements, it adds a touch of glitter and glamour to the saree.

10. Banarasi Linen Sarees

Banarasi linen sarees feature zari work and delicate embroidery, which makes them suitable for special occasions such as weddings and festive celebrations. Combining the lightweight linen fabric with the opulent Banarasi silk creates an elegant texture and luxurious drape that will make heads turn. The designs on Banarasi linen sarees are typically inspired by traditional Indian motifs such as paisleys, florals, and geometric shapes. The use of zari and silk threads in the embroidery adds a touch of richness and elegance to the saree. They can be paired with traditional gold jewellery for a more formal look or simple silver jewellery for a casual vibe. 

Some of the most popular and must-have colours are black linen sarees, white linen sarees, yellow linen sarees, red linen sarees, pink linen sarees, and blue linen sarees.

Styling Linen Sarees 

Linen sarees can be styled in a variety of ways according to the occasion and one’s style. Here are a few tips that you can take heed of to style any type of linen saree:

1. While choosing jewellery pay attention to details like the motifs and colours and ensure they go well with the saree. 

2. For footwear, you can explore a variety of options. If you are going for an ethnic look then kohlapuris, jutis or ethnic flats will be a great choice, if you are going for a high-end look then you can try heels or sandals that complement the saree.

3. Linen sarees are subtle yet classy, so don’t overdo the makeup. You can go for a bold lip and eye shades but let that enhance your saree fit and not dominate it.

4. You can accessorise by adding belts, bags and clutches according to the occasion.

Tips to maintain your linen sarees

1. Pre-soak linen sarees in cold water to prevent shrinking

2. Always use a mild detergent and handwash them

3. Dry them in the shade to avoid colour-fading

4. Store them in cloth bags 

5. Iron them at low temperatures and do not iron the zari at high temperature

Conclusion - The All-Season Linen Fabric

Linen sarees hold a timeless charm that can be felt by the wearer. If you are a person who loves sarees and prefer to wear them in summer too, then you should get yourself the linen sarees on this list. 

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