15 Gorgeous Haldi Saree Looks for Brides in 2024


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15 Gorgeous Haldi Saree Looks for Brides in 2024

India has robust ethnic diversity and weddings are celebrated in different ways. One of the important fun-filled and vibrant Hindu pre-wedding rituals is the traditional Haldi ceremony. In this ritual, friends and family adorn the bride and groom's skin with turmeric and sandalwood powder to enhance their glow and bless with auspiciousness. 

To add a more traditional vibe to the haldi ceremony, it is crucial to select the ideal saree. Among all the Indian brides, yellow is the most preferred choice adding a timeless choice to the occasion. A yellow saree for haldi adorned with a gold or zari border adds to the vibrancy of the occasion. . But with so many options available, where do we even begin?

In this blog, we will help you with the top 15 haldi sarees for brides in different shades of yellow. Also, we offer style guides on the fabric and embellishments that go best with your haldi saree,  you exude radiance and comfort on your special day.

Best Haldi Sarees for Bride With Stunning Fabrics

When selecting a saree for the Haldi ceremony, consider factors like fabric, design and comfort. Here we have curated the best haldi sarees for brides that suit various styles and preferences.

1. Soft Silk Haldi Sarees for Bride

Want to make a stunning style statement at your Halid ceremony? Opt for these soft silk haldi sarees for bride. A yellow saree with a vibrant printed blouse can add a modern elegance to your traditional attire. Our silk saree collection comes with different prints, elegant patterns and contrasting borders to complement your pre-wedding occasion. These silk sarees when matched with jewellery can be a unique haldi saree for bride.

2. Bandhani Gajji Silk Haldi Saree for Bride

Discover one of the best haldi sarees for brides, a timeless collection that blends tradition and modernity. Originating from Gujarat, the bandhani silk sarees are crafted using intricate dye-tye processes. With their lightweight and comfortable textures, these sarees offer a comfortable and graceful drape. Bandhani gajji silk sarees make you the centre of attention with their vibrant hues and mesmerising designs. 

3. Kathan Silk Haldi Saree for Bride

Originating from the holy city of Varanasi, these sarees are made from pure kathan silk, which offers an unmatched elegance and sophistication to the bride. The intricate designs and vibrant colours of Kathan Silks Sarees make them a perfect choice for those seeking to make a style statement on their special day.

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4. Haldi Saree Look with Luxurious Kota Silk

Hailing from Kota, Rajasthan, Kota sarees have gained popularity as the best haldi sarees for brides. These sarees are perfectly crafted with fine threads making them lightweight and easy to drape. Crafted from pure cotton silk, these sarees exude luxury and sheer elegance. Adorned with patterns ranging from floral motifs to geometrical patterns, Kota sarees are specially designed for brides who want to shine at the Haldi ceremony.

5. Gadwal Silk Haldi Saree for Bride

Originating from the state of Telangana, Gadwal sarees are one of the best bridal haldi sarees. These handcrafted woven sarees are mostly notable for the zari border. Style these sarees with a contrasting blouse and wear antique jewellery containing beads or studs for a contemporary look. At Tulsi Silks, we offer diverse collections of Gadwal sarees which are perfectly suitable to wear not only for haldi ceremonies but also for other occasions such as weddings, parties, festivals etc.

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6. Chaniya Silk Haldi Saree for Bride

Chaniya silk sarees are renowned for their intricate designs, heavy brocade work and luxurious appearance. These sarees are typically crafted with pure silk and adorned with gold or zari border, giving the bride a regal and distinct look. The zari border often features intricate patterns which are inspired by Mughal art, creating the perfect haldi saree look for the bride.

7. Haldi Saree with Elegance of Silk Cotton

Elevate your haldi saree look with the timeless elegance of silk cotton sarees. These sarees come in a wide range of yellow shades which are perfectly suitable for the theme of the haldi ceremony. The silk cotton sarees have intricate motifs and delicate borders that add a touch of traditional elegance to your haldi saree look. Radiate joy and confidence with the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

8. Tussar Bridal Haldi Saree

Step into the Haldi ceremony with grace and style with these tussar sarees. Their contemporary designs and medieval twist capture the essence of Bhagalpur’s culture and heritage. The tussar sarees exude unique charm with their distinctive texture and natural sheen, making them one of the best haldi sarees for bride.

9. Pochampalli Silk Haldi Saree for Bride

Embrace the joyous spirit of your Haldi ceremony with the pochampalli cotton sarees. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, these haldi sarees for bride are renowned for their intricate motifs and delicate patterns. Handwoven using beautiful designs and vibrant colours, these sarees boast a rich heritage and a stunning visual appeal. Opt for a contrasting blouse and matching jewellery to add a touch of glamour to your haldi ceremony.

10. Kora Organza Haldi Saree for Bride

Kora sarees are in huge demand among Indian brides for all occasions including the Haldi ceremony. The smoothness, texture and contemporary designs make them the perfect haldi saree for bride. Complete your haldi saree look with the gold jewellery and intricately embroidered blouse. Get ready to slay with these beautiful kora organza sarees and leave a lasting impression on your guests during your haldi ceremony.

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11. Patola Silk Haldi Saree for Bride

Handwoven by skilled artisans, the patola silk sarees are crafted with rich embroidery, making them an excellent choice for your haldi function. Whether it is the haldi ceremony, wedding or any other party, one would find it difficult to take their eyes off. To enhance your look, pair the bridal haldi sarees with the contrasting blouse and adorn them with traditional gold jewellery.

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12. Haldi Saree Look with vibrant Paithani Silk 

Indulge in the timeless beauty of the paithani silk sarees, where centuries-old fashion meets contemporary elegance. Each sarees in our collections are made from the finest quality of pure silk and adorned with intricate zari work and rich embroidery. Despite their richness, paithani silks are known for their breathability, making you comfortable throughout your haldi ceremony.

Best Haldi Sarees for Bride With Fascinating Colours

13. Yellowish Green Bridal Haldi Saree

Embrace the vibrancy of your haldi ceremony with our yellowish-green sarees. Their refreshing hue adds a touch of freshness and positivity to your outfit, perfect for the auspicious occasion. Pair these sarees with a contrasting blouse in pink or gold colour to create a striking look. Wear traditional gold jewellery like jhumkas and bangles to add a touch of elegance and tradition to your haldi saree look.

14. Pale Yellow Haldi Saree for Bride

If you want to express a unique style on your special day, then pick the pale yellow bridal haldi saree for bride. From traditional silk sarees to modern sarees, you can find shades of yellow colour that suit your taste and style. Make your yellow sarees pop by pairing the blouse with contemporary colour and add statement jewellery to complete the bridal haldi saree look.

15. Mustard Yellow Haldi Saree for Bride

Flaunt your traditional attire with the mustard yellow haldi sarees for bride. These bold yet graceful mustard yellow sarees radiate joy and auspiciousness in your haldi ceremony. Complete your bridal saree look with the contrasting blouse and traditional gold jewellery. Embrace the richness of mustard yellow to capture the spirit and celebration on your special day.


As you start a new journey of life with love and companionship, the Haldi ceremony serves as a joyous occasion on your special day. Choosing the perfect bridal haldi saree is not just about selecting a garment but also embracing tradition, celebrating heritage and creating cherished memories for a lifetime. 

At Tulsi Silks, we offer a diverse range of collections of sarees for the Haldi ceremony.  Accentuate your modern look with our chiffon or silk cotton or, keep it traditional with patola silk or banarasi. Explore our collection of Haldi sarees for bride online that suit your style and budget. 

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1. What is the significance of wearing a saree during the Haldi ceremony?

Sarees hold immense cultural significance in Indian weddings, symbolising grace, elegance, and tradition. During the Haldi ceremony, the vibrant hues of the saree, especially in yellow, symbolise auspiciousness, prosperity, and the blessings of loved ones.

2. What fabric is ideal for a Haldi saree?

Explore our range of fabric collections, including cotton, silk, and organza which are perfect for the Haldi ceremony. These fabrics ensure comfort and ease of movement, allowing the bride to enjoy the haldi function without feeling weighed down.

3. How do I choose the right colour for my Haldi saree?

Yellow is the traditional and preferred choice for Haldi sarees as it symbolises joy, happiness, and new beginnings. However, brides today are also experimenting with other cheerful hues like mustard, pale yellow, or even pastel shades to reflect their style and taste.

4. What are some popular blouse styles to pair with a Haldi saree?

Classic round-neck blouses or trendy boat-neck blouses are the popular blouse styles you can prefer to pair with Haldi sarees. Other options such as backless blouses, halter neck blouses, or blouse designs with intricate embroidery or embellishments can add a touch of glamour.

5. How should I accessorise my Haldi saree look?

When accessorising your Haldi saree look, opt for minimalistic jewellery that complements the vibrancy of the saree without overpowering it. Traditional gold jewellery such as earrings, bangles, and a statement necklace can add a touch of elegance. Additionally, fresh floral adornments in your hair or subtle floral jewellery can enhance the natural beauty of the occasion.