10 Best Indian Bridal Saree Looks for Weddings for Indian Brides


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Indian Bridal Looks in Saree for Weddings

10 Best Indian Bridal Saree Looks for Weddings for Indian Brides

Weddings in India are known to be full of chaos, vibrancy, laughter, joy and LOTS of food. The big fat Indian wedding is when all the families and friends gather together in humongous numbers to share delightful moments and happiness on this special day. It is truly a treat to behold. Amidst all the wedding preparations finalising the outfit for any bride-to-be could look like a gigantic task. Since Indian brides have sentiments attached to sarees it becomes the most sought-after choice for brides for their wedding. 

However, picking the right saree with the perfect design and shade to achieve the ideal Indian bridal look is something that truly haunts many during their wedding shopping. But here we are to ease your difficulty and pain a little by introducing you to some of the best trending and different bridal looks for weddings. 

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1. Indian Bridal Look with Veil

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The allure of a veil adds an enchanting touch to the Indian bridal saree look. Draped elegantly over the head and cascading down, the veil complements the intricate embroidery and rich fabrics of the saree. Delicate lace or embroidered borders on the veil enhance its beauty, creating a stunning wedding bridal look that captivates hearts.

2. Indian Brides in Pink Bridal Sarees

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The beauty of this pink-coloured Indian bridal look in Saree is that it effortlessly adds a rustic and romantic charm while keeping it simple and full of class. The golden shade and the minute designs add more drama and contemporariness required to elevate this simple bridal saree look to an extraordinary fashion piece.

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3. Underrated Off-White Indian Bridal Look

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This has to be one of the most underrated Indian wedding looks for the choice of colour in this saree. Off-white colour sarees exuding understated charm and a regal look are sadly often overlooked by many. But slowly finding its way into mainstream fashion, the off-white saree bridal look is ditching the conventional saree colours for weddings with its irresistible charm and refined look.

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4. Minimalist & Simple Indian Bridal Look

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Fancy keeping it simple and classy? Opt for this ever-charming minimalist and simple Indian bridal look. A simple necklace piece with elegant jhumkas and minimal make-up with a saree that just fits right with the overall minimalistic bridal look is all it takes to achieve this flawless look. If you want to add a little more character to your outfit then go for a waist belt not only will it elevate the simplicity with a hint of grandeur but will also exude a perfect Indian bridal look.

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5. Traditional Red Indian Bridal Saree Look

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A red-coloured saree adorned with golden embellishments and accessorised with statement jewellery pieces is like a dream wedding look for Indian brides. Isn’t it? This traditional Indian bridal look neither goes out of style nor can anyone go wrong with it. You can opt for heavy make-up to further enhance the grandness of this bridal look and spice things up a little.

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6. Puff-Sleeved Bridal Saree Look

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Puff-sleeved blouses have always been a thing in the fashion scene but have seen a fall in their popularity for quite some time. Now however with all the fashion enthusiasts revisiting older trends, puff sleeves have again come to a rise. So this is the ideal time to embrace this newly found old love and exude a graceful Indian look for weddings. Adding a cute and classic vibe to the overall saree, puffed sleeves are the perfect romantic Indian wedding saree look.

7. Golden Jewellery Bridal Look in Saree

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Gold jewellery is always the go-to choice for infusing sophisticated charm for almost all traditional outfits. The detailed and intricate work and designs beautifully add a touch of royalty and traditionality to the bridal look in a saree. However, be sure to pick a saree such as Kanjivaram, silk saree or Banarasi saree that suits the larger-than-life look of gold jewellery.

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8. Lime Green Colour Bridal Saree Look

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The lime green colour bridal saree look is a vibrant and refreshing choice for brides who want to add a modern twist to their traditional attire. This bright hue brings a youthful and energetic vibe to the bridal ensemble, perfect for summer or outdoor weddings. 

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9. Multi-Colour Kanjivaram Saree for Bridal Look

The multi-colour Kanjivaram saree is a stunning choice for an elegant and traditional wedding look for Indian girls. With its intricate weave and vibrant hues blended together seamlessly, Kanjivaram sarees are truly a visual delight.

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10. Full-Hand Bridal Saree Look

Though a full-sleeve blouse to achieve a traditional Indian saree look for weddings is not a conventional choice, it is surely a choice you won’t regret. A full-sleeve blouse suits all body types and is perfect for those girls not want to show any skin. Pair the saree with confidence and grace and good to go with your flawless Indian bridal look in saree.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best Indian bridal look in sarees for weddings, it's all about embracing tradition while adding your unique touch of style. Whether you opt for an enchanting saree with a veil or a mesmerising multi-colour Kanjivaram saree, the key is to feel confident and radiate the same on your special day. Pair your saree with exquisite jewellery, a captivating hairstyle, and a glowing smile, and you'll undoubtedly create the best bridal look that's unforgettable and truly yours. Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness!

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