9 Special Makar Sankranti Saree Designs & Collection for Pongal 2024


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Makar Sankranti Special Sarees

9 Special Makar Sankranti Saree Designs & Collection for Pongal 2024

Makar Sankranti, a big sun-soaked celebration in India, marks the start of longer, brighter days ahead. Makar Sankranti special sarees steal the limelight during this festival, decked out in vibrant yellows, reds, greens, and oranges. Infuse the joyful essence of the new year and the auspicious harvest season with Tulsi Silks' exclusive new collection of Makar Sankranti sarees. Break away from the old-fashioned black kurti for women as you delve into this blog and uncover the ideal pongal sarees to celebrate the occasion. Let’s move forward!

Makar Sankranti Sarees: A Timeless Tradition 

Makar Sankranti sarees carry a legacy that spans generations, embodying the rich cultural tapestry of our country. These sankranti special sarees, often crafted from exquisite materials like Kanjeevaram or Banarasi sarees, hold timeless allure among women. 

The significance of Makar Sankranti sarees goes beyond the festival attire; they stand for heritage, grace, and a deep-rooted tie to our traditional customs. The lively colours and intricate patterns of Makar Sankranti sarees reflect the festive fervour of the occasion, a time for families to spend quality time and embrace fresh starts in 2024. 

The beauty of these Sankranti special sarees lies not only in their aesthetics but also in the stories they carry. Passed down through the ages, each weave tells a narrative of craftsmanship, patience, and artistry, reflecting the artisanship and diversity of Indian culture.

Exploring the Makar Sankranti Sarees Collection 

1. Red Kanjivaram Silk Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal 

The rich red hue of our special Kanjivaram Silk Makar Sankranti sarees symbolises joy and prosperity, making it an ideal choice for this festive season. 

Its traditional Kanjivaram weave evokes tradition and elegance, reflecting the festive spirit of Makar Sankranti. In addition, the colour red signifies auspiciousness and is believed to bring good luck, making this collection of Sankranti sarees a popular choice for this celebratory occasion.

2. Yellow Banaras Tussar Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal

Yellow resonates with the warmth of the sun and represents new beginnings. The Yellow Banaras Tussar Makar Sankranti sarees, adorned with intricate patterns and golden zari work, exude a regal charm. Its lightweight texture makes it comfortable for women to adorn during grand festival celebrations like Makar Sankranti or Diwali, and the vibrant yellow colour adds a cheerful touch to the festivities.

3. Blue Chanderi Cotton Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal 

The soothing blue hue of Chanderi Cotton Makar Sankranti sarees signifies peace and calmness, perfectly complementing the joyous aura of Makar Sankranti (Pongal). The saree's lightweight fabric and delicate embroidery make it a comfortable yet elegant choice for women this festive season. Blue, reminiscent of the sky, embodies hope and positivity, making these Sankranti sarees the apt selection for this auspicious occasion.

4. Black Kashmir Kani Silk Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal 

Contrary to popular belief, black signifies power, sophistication, and a touch of mystery. The intricate Kani work on Kashmiri silk, combined with the allure of black, creates a mesmerising look. This Sankranti black saree’s richness and unique elegance add an exquisite touch to Makar Sankranti celebrations, portraying a sense of grace and opulence. Therefore, considering black sarees for Makar Sankranti is a wise choice for women to seize attention during the special day.

5. Blue Paithani Silk Makar Sankranti Saree for Pongal 

The royal blue Paithani Silk Makar Sankranti sarees are a symbol of cultural heritage and, of course, a breathtaking piece of Indian weaving art. Blue, associated with divinity and spirituality, harmonises beautifully with the festive spirit. This saree stands as a graceful choice for women during the Makar Sankranti celebrations, embodying a cultural legacy in its craftsmanship and carrying an air of festivity and grace, making it a revered and exquisite attire for the occasion.

6. Green Bandhani Patola Silk Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal 

Green, a representation of harmony, growth, and fertility, takes centre stage in the Bandhani Patola Silk Makar Sankranti sarees. Vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns infuse it with a spirited and joyful aura. The saree's vivid colours and impeccable artistry render it a striking selection for women marking the arrival of spring during Makar Sankranti, capturing the essence of renewal and celebration in its radiant presence.

7. Red and Orange Kanjivaram Silk Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal 

The combination of red and orange in the Kanjivaram silk Makar Sankranti sarees radiates warmth, happiness, and energy. The striking contrast and traditional motifs represent the vibrant spirit of the festival. This saree's luxurious appeal and auspicious colour mix make it an ideal option for women to wear during this Makar Sankranti (Pongal) festival.

8. Green Kanjivaram Silk Makar Sankranti Sarees for Pongal 

The verdant green Kanjivaram silk Makar Sankranti sarees capture the essence of nature's rejuvenation, adding a revitalising allure to the festivities. Symbolising renewal, this saree displays the lush vitality of greenery. Its intricate designs and opulent fabric resonate with timeless elegance, presenting a flawless choice for women to embrace and celebrate Makar Sankranti. With its rich hues and intense detailing, this attire epitomises a harmonious blend of vibrancy and tradition, enhancing the festive fervour with a touch of natural splendour.

9. Yellow Twill Kanjivaram Silk Makar Sankranti Saree for Pongal 

Yellow symbolises prosperity and positivity. The Yellow Twill Kanjivaram Silk Makar Sankranti sarees boast intricate designs and golden embellishments, capturing the radiance of the sun. Its vibrant hue signifies new beginnings and happiness, making it the best choice for women to celebrate the real spirit of Makar Sankranti in 2024.

Tips to find your desired Makar Sankranti Sarees

Fabric Tales: The Perfect Weaves for Makar Sankranti Sarees

1. Prioritise Comfort

Choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or silk blends for ease during festivities.

2. Consider Weather

Opt for breathable fabrics suitable for transitional weather during Makar Sankranti.

Colour Palette: Symbolism in Makar Sankranti Sarees

3. Embrace Vibrancy

Look for Makar Sankranti sarees in vibrant hues—yellows, reds, greens, and oranges—symbolising joy, happiness, and the festival's spirit.

4. Significance of Colors

Understand the symbolism behind the chosen colours and their representation in the festival.

Designs and Patterns: Artistry in Makar Sankranti Sarees

5. Cultural Motifs

Seek out special Sankranti sarees with traditional motifs like suns, birds, flowers, or agricultural elements reflecting cultural symbolism.

6. Symbolic Designs

Choose designs that signify fertility, abundance, and the celebration of nature's bounty.

Makar Sankranti Sarees: Stylish Tips to Perfect Your Appearance

Draping Styles

Experiment with various saree draping styles—try the classic, Bengali, or modern fusion drapes for a unique look.

Blouse Selection

Pair your desired Makar Sankranti saree with a contrasting or complementary blouse—explore trendy cuts, high necklines, or statement sleeves for a modern touch.


Elevate your look with traditional jewellery like bangles, jhumkas, or a statement neckpiece. Consider adding a sleek belt to accentuate your waist.

Play with colours and prints

Mix vibrant colours and prints between your Makar Sankranti saree and blouse for an eye-catching ensemble that celebrates the festival's spirit.


Experiment with hairstyles that complement your Special Sankranti saree—elegant updos, loose curls, or traditional braids—to enhance your overall look.


Opt for makeup that complements your features and the colour scheme of your attire while maintaining a balanced and festive look.

Footwear choices

Choose comfortable yet stylish footwear like heels or embellished flats to match your Makar Sankranti saree style.

Remember, while styling your Makar Sankranti sarees, embrace your individuality and have fun with the traditional attire, infusing it with your personal touch and festive spirit.


Gear up for Makar Sankranti in style! This festive season, whether you fancy the charm of traditional attire or the trendiness of modern outfits, we've got the perfect options for you. Let your clothing express the excitement and happiness of this special time. Make your Makar Sankranti celebration truly remarkable with our new saree collection for Pongal from Tulsi Silks. Our sarees are crafted to elevate your elegance and capture the essence of this joyous occasion flawlessly. Why wait? Explore our wide range of special Makar Sankranti saree collections at Tulsi Silks and step out with confidence wherever the festivities take you! 

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