18 Stunning Types of Banarasi Sarees to Flaunt Your Ethnic Style


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18 Stunning Types of Banarasi Sarees to Flaunt Your Ethnic Style

Banarasi saree is a symbol of Indian heritage and elegance. Hailing from the ancient city of Varanasi, these exquisite sarees have been an integral part of our Indian culture and traditions. With their intricate designs, luxurious fabrics, and timeless beauty, Banarasi sarees have been popular among women of all generations. 

From the traditional to the modern, each type of Banarasi saree is a masterpiece that reflects the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans who weave them. In this article, we will explore the different types of Banarasi sarees, each with its own unique characteristics, designs, styles, and colours.

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Origin of the Banarasi Sarees

The origin of the Banarasi sarees can be traced back to the Mughal era, around the 14th century, when the art of weaving silk was introduced to the region of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. During that time, Banaras became a prominent centre for silk production and weaving. A crucial role was played by Akbar the Great in promoting Banarasi sarees, leading to their popularity and recognition.

Types of Banarasi Sarees by Fabrics

1. Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar sarees are one of the traditional types of Banarasi sarees that combine the tussar silk fabric with intricate Banarasi weaving. Tussar silk is produced by silkworms and is known for its golden colour and texture. Banarasi weaving is a popular technique that originated from Varanasi. Banarasi Tussar silk sarees are characterised by rich texture and elegant designs. They often have intricate floral and zari threads that are suitable for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, formal events, etc.

2. Banarasi Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees are the traditional types of Banarasi sarees. They are made from georgette fabric, which is lightweight with a crepe-like texture. These sarees feature intricate designs, and floral motifs, that are printed, embroidered, and woven into the fabric, making them a versatile choice for various special occasions such as weddings, festivals, family gatherings, etc.

3. Banarasi Organza Sarees

Banarasi organza sarees never fail to bring a sparkle to the eye of an Indian woman, and they have become a coveted place in their wardrobe. The blend of Banarasi silk and organza creates a magical texture that gives the saree a subtle yet regal sheen. Whether it's a festive celebration or a special event, the Banarasi Organza Silk Saree guarantees that you will be the centre of attention.

4. Banarasi Katan Silk Sarees

Katan silk sarees are the type of Banarasi sarees that emerged from the holy place of Varanasi. Our Banarasi Katan silk sarees are intricately crafted by skilled artisans who have perfected the art over decades. These sarees are pure and handwoven and have become popular across the country because of their quality and alluring designs. The gold or zari thread offers the saree a touch of opulence and elegance. Katan silks are one of the best types of Banarasi silk sarees that are perfect for any special occasion.

5. Banarasi Modal Silk Sarees

Experience the exquisite blend of tradition and modern comfort with Modal silk sarees, one of the best Banarasi saree types. This unique fabric combines the timeless elegance of Banarasi weaving with modal fibres. This exquisite silk fabric is renowned for its smooth, subtle sheen, making it a perfect choice for any special occasion. This variety of Banarsi saree offers the saree a rich and lustrous look, making you stand out from the crowd.

6. Banarasi Jute Silk Sarees

Originating from the land of Sunderbans, jute is a sustainable fibre that shines like gold. The artisans blend jute with silk to create gorgeous Banarasi jute silk sarees. Adorned with traditional motifs and patterns, these Banarasi saree types offer timeless charm and sophistication. Pair your Banarasi Jute Silk Saree with a matching blouse that complements its intricate designs, and complete the look with statement jewellery that adds a touch of glamour. Whether you're attending a wedding, a festival, or a special occasion, Banarasi Jute Silk Sarees are sure to make you feel like a queen.

7. Banarasi Chiniya Silk Sarees

Chiniya silk sarees have been a fashion statement for decades and are renowned as one of the most important types of Banarasi sarees. Chiniya silk sarees are loved by every woman due to their smooth, shining, and luxurious fabric. These silk sarees are adorned with gold or zari work, which gives them a regal and distinct look. To complement this variety of Banarasi sarees, choose a blouse in a contrasting or complementary colour. Opt for a brocade blouse and plain silk to add a touch of grandeur. Complete your ensemble with statement jewellery pieces, such as intricately crafted necklaces, earrings, and bangles, to elevate your style.

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8. Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees

Enjoy the tempting combination of luxury and comfort with Banarasi cotton sarees, one of the best Banarasi sarees. These Banarasi sarees are made from quality cotton, which is light in weight and comfortable to wear. Each Banarasi saree features beautiful borders, magnificent designs, and eye-catching colours. Pair your Banarasi Cotton silk sarees with a simple yet stylish blouse that complements its subtle designs. Opt for silver jewellery, which complements the cotton fabric beautifully. Whether you're attending a casual gathering, or just want to feel comfortable and confident, Banarasi Cotton Sarees are the perfect choice for you.

9. Tissue Silk Banarasi Sarees

Tissue silk sarees have been revered as one of the most enchanting Banarasi saree types due to their timeless charm. Known for their intricate weaves, delicate textures, and opulent designs, these sarees have captured the hearts of women for generations. The Banarasi sarees are embellished with intricate zari work, which adds a touch of opulence and grandeur to the fabric. Opt for a contrasting blouse colour to create a striking visual impact. Add statement jewellery, such as chandelier earrings, and chunky necklaces, to elevate your look.

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10. Chanderi Banarasi Sarees

These Banarasi sarees originate from Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh and have since become a popular choice for women across the world. The fabric is known for its sheerness, which makes it perfect for any special occasion. The motifs in these sarees add an extra layer of beauty to the wearer. Chanderi silk sarees with zari borders are the popular choice for formal occasions due to their elegant and sheer appearance. To complete your ensemble, our Chanderi Banarasi sarees come with a matching blouse piece, thoughtfully designed to enhance the saree’s beauty. Opt for traditional gold or Kundan necklaces, jhumkas, and bangles for a classic appearance. 

Types of Banarasi Sarees By Designs

11. Jangla Banarasi Sarees

Among the various Banarasi saree types, Jangla Banarasi sarees are distinguishable due to their intricate weaving. These sarees are made in the type of design “Jangla” which means jungle. The jangla Banarasi sarees are inspired by jungle vegetation and represent wildlife motifs and patterns that include animals, birds, trees etc. 

12. Tanchoi Banarasi Sarees

One of the exquisite types of Banarasi sarees, tanchoi sarees are woven with single or double warp threads. Tanchoi silk sarees are widely regarded by everyone for their spectacular designs and are easy to drape because of their lightweight nature.

13. Cutwork Banarasi Sarees

Cutwork sarees are handwoven in the city of Banaras, known for their intricate weaving techniques and vibrant colours. These sarees are made from high-quality fabrics such as georgette, silk, and cotton, and are adorned with intricate motifs and patterns. The cutwork technique is used to create intricate designs and patterns, making each saree a unique piece of art.

14. Butidar Banarasi Sarees

Embellished with buta or floral motifs, butidar Banarasi sarees exude a subtle yet captivating charm. These sarees are characterised by intricate detailing, making them a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Whether it's a formal event or a casual gathering, Butidar Banarasi sarees add sophistication and grace to any occasion.

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Types of Banarasi Sarees by Colours

15. Red Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees in red are popular throughout the world due to their beautiful shine and design. The amazing red colour in Banarasi sarees showcases the fantastic weaving of skilled artisans from the Varanasi region. Women love to buy red Banarasi sarees to achieve the perfect look. The eye-catching designs and beautiful motifs make the saree even more beautiful. Opt for an embellished blouse for a glamorous look.

16. Gold Banarasi Silk Sarees

Gold Banarasi silk sarees are the classic types of Banarasi sarees due to their luxurious feel and drape. Woven with meticulous craftsmanship, these sarees feature intricate gold zari work that reflects cultural heritage. To complete the look, pair your gold Banarasi silk saree with traditional gold jewellery.

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17. Maroon Banarasi Silk Sarees

Drape yourself in luxury and sophistication with our maroon Banarasi silk sarees. The highlight of these sarees is that they are adorned with delicate motifs with intricately woven traditional borders and pallu. To enhance the beauty of the Banarasi silk sarees, accompany them with an embroidery blouse and pair them with gold or Kundan jewellery.

18. Pink Banarasi Silk Sarees

Pink silk sarees are one of the best Banarasi saree types as they can elevate the beauty of any woman. These sarees are mostly adorned with golden zari designs that can be perfect for all occasions. To complete your saree ensemble, pair your silk sarees with embroidered blouses that exude sophistication and timeless grace.


Banarasi sarees are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. The above types of Banarasi sarees are still popular today due to their timeless beauty and intricate craftsmanship. 

By understanding their characteristics and designs, you can choose the sarees that suit your occasions and preferences. 

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