15 Latest and Trendy Blouse Designs for Sarees To Suit Every Occasion


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Trendy Blouse Designs

15 Latest and Trendy Blouse Designs for Sarees To Suit Every Occasion

The blouse designs can make or break your whole look. With amazing options available, it is difficult to choose the right designs that match your body type, skin colour, and personality. Choosing the blouse design also depends on the occasion you are wearing it. If you want to ace your look and make the head instantly turn, then opt for the trendy blouse designs curated here.

In this blog, we present a mesmerising array of trendy blouse designs that are suitable for every occasion.

1. Boat Neck Blouse Designs 

Source: Pinterest

Flaunt your style of wearing a saree with this trendy Boat Neck Blouse Design. This blouse design gives you a modern look and goes well with silk and designer sarees. Boat Neck blouse designs are versatile and make them suitable for attending casual or formal events.

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2. Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Summer is on the verge of arrival and it's the right time to revamp your wardrobe with this sleeveless latest blouse design. When you wear this blouse design with matching sarees, it will make you look sexy and stunning. 

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3. Infinity Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Infinity Design is the most attractive and fashionable blouse. From Bollywood actors to every newbie, everyone is endorsing this trend. It was inspired by rural women’s clothing and got the name Infinity due to the similarity with the Infinity symbol.

4. Closed Neck Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Closed Neck Blouse Designs are popular for traditional wear, as they add elegance to any saree, particularly silk sarees. The silk sarees portray the boldness of women and closed neck blouse designs add feathers to them. Add a new style to your life with this astounding blouse design. 

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5. Deep Neck Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

If you want to flatter your figure, then go for Deep Neck Blouse Designs. With this latest blouse design, you can always be up-to-date with fashion. The Deep Neck blouse design is suitable for all body types and can be worn for any occasion.

6. Mirrorwork Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Mirrorwork has always been the trend and is one of the top choices among women. This trendy blouse designs not only make you fashionable but also ideal to wear on any occasion. If you are looking for a stunning blouse that suits your saree outfit, then you should consider this design.

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7. Bell Sleeves Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Amp up your party-wear saree look with this trendy bell sleeves blouse design. It is a versatile choice that suits women of all body types. Many women prefer this design as it ensemble both modern and feminine. It is westernised but it goes well with women of all ages. 

8. Puff Sleeve Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Puff Sleeve Blouse Designs are the best way to add a touch of elegance and a feminine look to your traditional attire. It's not just a fabric, they are like fireworks of style bursting with confidence and style. This latest blouse design can match any saree to bring a contemporary look.

9. Jacket Style Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Glam up your look with this latest and trendy blouse design. It gives a classy look to the women who want to stand unique in their outfits. It is best suited for all types of traditional sarees. This blouse design is the right option for professional women who are bored of wearing normal ones.

10. Double Neckline Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Grace your occasion with this exquisite Double Neckline Blouse Design. This unique and royal embroidery blouse designs elevate the delicate look of your sarees. Be it a festive time, a family function, or other events, you can easily customise this latest blouse design and give your saree a fabulous appearance.

11. Embroidered Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Embroidered Blouse Designs are popular among women, due to their stylish and contemporary look. This embroidery blouse comes with various patterns including floral, traditional motifs, geometric, etc.

12. Net Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Step up your fashion game with this Net Blouse design. This blouse design is timeless and can help you garner the attention that you deserve. Whether it is a wedding or any festival, this blouse design makes you stand out from the crowd.

13. Criss-cross Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Transform your saree look with this ever-gorgeous Criss-cross blouse design. This latest blouse design goes well with any pair of sarees. It is always a great demand due to its elegant and glamorous look. Criss-cross blouse designs surely add a dashing factor to your evening outfit.

14. Ladder Back Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

Ladder blouses are an excellent choice for women, making them look more stylish. If you wear a saree, this latest blouse designs add a touch of style and glitter. Be it a wedding, fashion show, or casual gathering, this Ladder blouse design might be the ideal one to pair up with the saree.

15. Floral Cutout Blouse Designs 

Source: Pinterest

Floral Cutout Blouse Designs are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe and this latest blouse designs can work with different kinds of sarees. You can pair it up with a chiffon saree for a summer party look or a cotton saree for a chic vibe. 

How to choose the blouse designs that are perfect for any occasion?

To complement the beauty of exquisite sarees, the choice of blouse designs should be crucial. So, a well-chosen design can significantly elevate your overall look. Your selection should depend on your style and the events you are wearing it.

Understand your body type

The first step in choosing the right saree blouse design is understanding your body type and what style suits it best. If you have a petite frame, blouses with deep necks or sleeveless styles can help you enhance the look.

Complement the saree fabric and colour

The saree blouse fabric should complement the saree. Silk blouse designs can pair with silk sarees while cotton blouse designs can go well with cotton sarees.

Type of Occasion

The occasion matters when choosing the style and design of your blouse. For formal or corporate events high neck or jacket style blouses are suitable to wear. 

Keep your comfort in mind

Comfort should not be compromised while choosing the saree blouse design. A well-fitted blouse can enhance your look and boost your confidence.


Choosing the perfect saree blouse design is an art and it can elevate your fashion game. The right saree blouse can enhance the allure of a saree, reflect your personality, and increase your self-esteem. With the diverse array of designs, you can confidently pick the one that resonates with your style and taste. 

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