15 Alluring Saree Looks for Your Best Friends’ Wedding


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Sarees for Freind's Wedding

15 Saree Looks for Your Best Friends’ Wedding

Get ready to dance to the beats of joy because your best friend’s wedding is finally here! It’s that moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for. And your long-awaited dream to adorn yourself in the best attire is becoming true!

From elegant lehengas to stunning gowns, the options are as diverse and vibrant as the bond you share with your BFF. But nothing quite captures the essence of Indian weddings like the timeless elegance of Sarees

Sarees have an unmatched allure that sets you aglow at the wedding. Their innate charm, regal flair, and unmatched versatility complement any wedding theme, adding an extra touch of grandeur. So, let's dive into the world of sarees and discover the perfect sarees for your friend’s wedding!

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Best Sarees for Friend’s Wedding

A perfect saree for a best friend’s wedding is nothing less than the ensemble to make you stand out among others. Here are some exquisite saree ideas for best friend’s wedding that will allow you to flaunt elegance:

1. Kanjivaram Silk Sarees for Traditionality 

Renowned for their opulent silk and intricate zari work, Kanjivaram sarees for friends' weddings exude traditionality and craftsmanship. A symbol of luxury and grandeur, Kanjivaram sarees feature rich motifs inspired by temple designs from southern architecture, as well as motifs of Hindu gods, peacocks, and elephants. These sarees are timeless classics that have been gracing Indian weddings for centuries. 

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2. Banarasi Sarees for Opulent Grandeur

Banarasi sarees are priced for their exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious silk fabric. Hailing from the Varanasi city of Maharashtra, Banarasi sarees are embellished with intricate brocade work and delicate motifs inspired by Mughal artistry. Drape in the opulence of Banarasi sarees for your best friend’s wedding to exude regal charm.

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3. Mysore Sarees for Timeless Sophistication

Characterised by their soft texture and subtle sheen, Mysore silk sarees exude understated elegance. With meticulous attention to detail, Mysore sarees are crafted using high-quality silk yarn, boasting a soft texture and subtle sheen. The minimalistic designs and sophisticated appeal make it a go-to saree for a friend’s wedding for refined elegance and amusing beauty. 

4. Paithani Silk Sarees for Rich Cultural Heritage

Originating from the state of Maharashtra, Paithani sarees are renowned for their vibrant colours, intricate weaving techniques, and iconic peacock motifs. Adorned with intricate zari borders and rich pallus, these sarees are a testament to the rich cultural heritage. Make a lasting impression by wearing a paithani silk saree for your best friend’s wedding. 

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5. Georgette Sarees for Effortless Elegance

Georgette sarees offer the perfect blend of glamour and comfort. The lightweight and flowy fabric of georgette sarees drapes beautifully allowing you to dance the night out with your BFF. Georgette sarees with intricate embroidery and floral sequins are the best choice for beautiful sarees for friend's wedding. 

6. Organza Sarees for Dreamy Gracefulness

Organza sarees exude an ethereal charm that sets them apart as a symbol of grace and sophistication. Crafted from sheer, lightweight fabric, organza sarees offer delicate texture and dreamy translucence. Infuse a touch of modern sophistication by adorning an embroidered organza saree for friend's wedding to make sheer elegance and contemporary flair.

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7. Chiffon Sarees for Ethereal Beauty

Chiffon sarees are a testament to refined elegance and delicate beauty. Adorned with subtle embellishments, or vibrant prints, chiffon sarees for friends' weddings offer subtle elegance and femininity. Enhance yours with this lightweight saree ideal for outdoor weddings, especially during summer. 

8. Crepe Sarees for Modern Sophistication

For a chic and understated look, consider crepe sarees for your friend’s wedding party that offer a flattering silhouette and effortless style. Adorned with floral prints and geometric patterns crepe sarees offer a modern yet refined look perfectly matching beach weddings and lawn parties. 

Stunning Saree Looks for Friends' Wedding 

Here are the stunning saree looks perfect for a friend's wedding:

8. Traditional Silk Saree with Heavy Border 

Source: Pinterest

Choose a traditional silk saree with a heavy border in vibrant colours like red, royal blue, or emerald green for your best friend's Hindu wedding. Pair it with a matching blouse to complete the stunning saree look for your friend's special day.

9. Chiffon Saree with Sequin Embellishments

Source: Pinterest

A chiffon saree with sequin embellishments is a stunning choice for your friend's wedding. The lightweight chiffon fabric drapes gracefully, while the shimmering sequins add a touch of glamour. Pair it with a complementary blouse and minimal jewellery to let the saree shine at the celebration.

10. Georgette Saree with Floral Prints 

Source: Pinterest

Embrace the daytime wedding vibes with a georgette saree adorned with vibrant floral prints. Choose bright floral patterns and pair them with a solid-coloured blouse for a refreshing saree look for your friend's wedding.

11. Net Saree with Embroidered Pallu

Source: Pinterest

Exude elegance and femininity in a net saree with a heavily embroidered pallu for your friend's special day. Keep the rest of the saree minimal and pair it with a sleeveless blouse to highlight the intricate details.

12. Half Saree with Embellished Border

Source: Pinterest

Opt for a half saree featuring contrasting colours and a heavily embellished border for your best friend's wedding. The modern yet traditional silhouette will ensure you stand out in the crowd.

13. Bandhani Saree with Mirror Work 

Source: Pinterest

Add a touch of sparkle to your saree look for your friend's wedding with a Bandhani saree featuring mirrorwork embellishments. The tie-dye patterns and vibrant colours will make you shine on a special day.

14. Tissue Saree with Gold Embroidery

Source: Pinterest

Opt for a sophisticated look with a tissue saree adorned with gold embroidery for your friend's wedding. The subtle shimmer of the fabric and intricate embellishments will make you feel like a queen.

15. Designer Saree with Modern Silhouette

Make a fashion statement in a designer saree with a modern silhouette for your friend's wedding. Choose unique draping styles and contemporary embellishments to showcase your style on a special day.


As we explored these stunning sarees for friends' weddings, you have a plethora of sarees to express your individuality and style perfectly reflecting tradition and celebration. From the regal allure of traditional Kanjeevarams to the whimsical elegance of floral organza, there's a saree for every best friend’s wedding. 

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1. How do I choose the right saree for my friend's wedding?

Consider the event's time, venue, and style. Opt for rich fabrics like silk for evenings and lightweight ones like chiffon for daytime.

2. Can I wear a printed saree to my friend's wedding?

Yes, choose elegant prints and vibrant colours. Floral or subtle motifs work for daytime, while bold prints suit evenings.

3. How should I accessorise my saree for a friend's wedding?

Pair with statement jewellery like choker necklaces and jhumkas. Complete with a clutch and heels or sandals.

Sarees for Friend's Wedding FAQs