13 Professional & Office Saree Look with Office Wear Blouse Designs


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Professional & Office Saree Look

13 Professional & Office Saree Look with Office Wear Blouse Designs

Is Saree Formal Wear?

A big fat yes! Sarees are also considered formal wear in many South Asian cultures, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Its enduring popularity and adaptability make it a compelling choice for those who want to embrace tradition while maintaining a formal and professional saree look.

Formal Sarees for Office Wear

1. Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are not only comfortable but also project a crisp and neat appearance, making them an ideal casual saree for office wear. These sarees come in a variety of colours and subtle prints, allowing individuals to express their style while exuding a professional look in a saree for the workplace. 

Learn about the comfort of cotton and different types of cotton sarees for office. 

2. Silk Sarees

Silk sarees, such as Banarasi or Kanjivaram, are timeless workwear sarees that convey elegance and formality. Opt for solid colours or subtle patterns for a polished formal saree look for the office.

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3. Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees have a lightweight and flowy texture, making them comfortable for a sophisticated corporate saree look. Choose formal sarees for office wear that have subdued colours and minimalistic designs as they work best for official settings. 

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4. Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees are known for their sheer and lightweight quality, adding a touch of elegance that's perfect for achieving a professional saree look. Choosing a Chiffon saree that suits your personal style will enhance your formal saree look for the office even more. 

5. Linen Sarees

Linen sarees are one of the best formal and casual sarees for office wear, offering a blend of comfort and elegance. They have a natural texture and are available in a range of solid colours. Linen sarees are a good choice for a smart and corporate saree look.

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6. Monochromatic Sarees

Monochromatic sarees, where the colour of the saree and blouse matches or complement each other, create a cohesive and polished appearance. This minimalistic approach is suitable for those seeking sarees for business meetings as it adds a hint of a professional look to the saree.

How to Wear Sarees Professionally?

7. Pleat Perfection for Formal Sarees

Ensure well-pleated folds for a neat appearance. Straight and evenly sized pleats create the perfect office saree look. Adjust the length of the pallu to a comfortable level, allowing for ease of movement.

8. Accessories for Formal Sarees

Choose accessories that complement your saree and add a finishing touch to your corporate saree look. This may include a sleek watch, hoop earrings, and a coordinating handbag. Avoid overly flashy or jingling accessories for a professional look in a saree.

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9. Hairstyle that Suits Workwear Sarees

Opt for a chignon or let your hair loose for a classic corporate saree look that complements the elegance of your overall look. Though these two hairstyles are perfect for those wanting to keep it formal and exude confidence at work, you can also experiment with different hairstyles to suit your style. 

10. Subtle Make-up for Formal Sarees

Opt for subtle make-up by keeping the eye makeup minimal and choosing light shade lip colours such as nude, rose or soft pink to enhance your professional saree look. But for those wanting to go bold with their make-up to break the monotony, can opt for bold colours like brown or red. 

Office Wear Blouse Designs

When considering office wear blouse designs, it's important to strike a balance between professionalism, comfort, and style. Here are the top blouse designs for formal saree looks for ladies who love to look fashionable: 

11. High-Neck Blouse for Formal Sarees

Opt for a high-neck office wear blouse design, which provides a sophisticated and professional saree look and appearance. With its elevated neckline, this blouse style provides ample coverage while exuding refined charm in formal sarees for office wear.

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12. Collared Blouse for Formal Sarees

Choose a collared office wear blouse design for a contemporary yet professional office saree look. Collars add a touch of formality to the outfit, making it suitable for office wear. You can experiment with different collar styles, such as a Mandarin collar or a pointed collar, depending on your personal style.

13. Boat Neck Blouse for Formal Sarees

Boat Neck office wear blouse designs are the perfect choice to blend elegance with professionalism. The boat neck extends horizontally following the curve of the collarbone, creating a subtle and sophisticated look. You can opt for a pony for a mixture of bold, modest and stylish professional saree look. 


In conclusion, the choice of formal sarees plays a pivotal role in achieving a professional saree look that seamlessly blends cultural elegance with workplace sophistication. The nuances of draping, coupled with the right hairstyle and makeup choices, contribute to a harmonious and polished ensemble. Make sure you enter your workspace with absolute confidence in your attire in a saree with Tulsi Silks best formal saree for the office for ladies. 

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