13 Gujarati Patola Saree Designs, Types, Origin & Styling Tips


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Patola Saree Designs

13 Gujarati Patola Saree Designs, Types, Origin & Styling Tips

What is Patola Saree?

The Patola saree is a luxurious and distinctive silk textile known for its vibrant colours, intricate geometrical patterns, and exceptional craftsmanship. Woven with precision, the traditional patola saree fabric boasts a smooth and lustrous texture, creating a graceful drape that enhances the wearer's elegance. The meticulous attention to detail and the high-quality silk used in the creation of Patola sarees contribute to their reputation as a symbol of opulence and cultural richness. 

Patola Saree Origin

Patola sarees have their origins in the culturally rich state of Gujarat, India. The history of Patola sarees dates back to centuries with their silk textiles deeply intertwined with the artistic traditions and craftsmanship of the region. The unique weaving techniques and vibrant Patola saree designs reflect the cultural identity and skilful artistry that has flourished in Gujarat over time.

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Best Traditional Gujarati Patola Saree Designs

1. Patola Cotton Saree

Source: Pinterest

Embracing comfort and breathability, the Patola cotton saree combines the elegance of traditional Patola saree designs with the lightweight and airy qualities of cotton. The intricate patterns are woven onto the cotton fabric, offering a perfect blend of style and comfort, making it an ideal choice for all occasions in summer.

2. Patola Silk Saree

Words like luxury and opulence would be an understatement for the Patola silk saree which is a masterpiece in the world of sarees. Crafted with meticulous skill using fine silk threads, it radiates a sumptuous texture and a lustrous sheen. The Patola silk saree enhances the vibrant colours and intricate patterns, creating a saree that epitomises grace, perfect for special celebrations and events. 

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3. Classic Patola Saree Designs

The classic Patola saree designs feature geometric patterns, such as checks, stripes, and diamond motifs. Checks, with their orderly arrangement, lend a sense of balance and sophistication, while stripes introduce linear elegance. Diamond motifs, carefully woven into the fabric, add a touch of regality and intricate detailing. These types of Patola saree designs are sure to help make a stunning fashion statement.

4. Plain Patola Saree

The simplicity of the Plain Patola saree makes it a versatile wardrobe essential. These plain Patola sarees usually come in monotonous colours allowing craftsmanship to take centre stage. These could be a pure white Patola saree with vibrant red borders or a dark blue Patola saree with gold borders. This understated type of Patola saree is apt for those who appreciate the subtlety of Patola saree designs.

5. Floral Patola Saree Designs

Floral motifs are another popular choice in traditional Patola saree designs. These designs often feature intricate floral patterns inspired by nature, such as flowers, leaves, and vines. The vibrant colours and detailed weaving make these sarees a visual delight. This is the perfect choice for those seeking patola sarees for weddings

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6. Jute Patola Saree

Source: Pinterest

Infusing eco-friendly charm, the Jute Patola saree beautifully embraces the Patola weaving technique to create the perfect-looking Patola saree designs. This type of Patola saree is a sustainable choice that exudes rustic elegance, perfect for those seeking a unique blend of tradition and environmental consciousness in their fashion choices. 

7. Ikat Patola Saree

Source: Pinterest

The Ikat Patola saree showcases a mesmerising play of patterns created through the intricate tie-and-dye technique. The fusion of the double ikat method with Patola saree designs results in unmatched visual appeal. The blurred yet harmonious patterns add a modern twist to the traditional Patola saree, making it a striking choice for those with a modern taste in ethnic wear.

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8. Peacock Patola Saree Designs

Peacock motifs hold a special place in Patola saree designs. The graceful and majestic peacock is often depicted in vibrant hues, showcasing the weaver's skill and creativity. These types of Patola sarees are perfect for special occasions and weddings, adding a touch of regal elegance to the wearer's ensemble.

9. Patola Uppada Saree

The Patola Uppada saree is the result of the beautiful fusion of traditional Patola weaving practices and the lightweight charm of Uppada silk. This type of Patola saree is a famous choice among women seeking a mixture of tradition and comfort in their attire. Pairing it with simple silver jewellery will enhance the beauty of this Patola saree design even more.

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10. Temple Border Patola Saree Designs

Temple border designs are a hallmark of traditional Patola sarees. These designs feature intricate motifs inspired by temple architecture, such as pillars, arches, and deities. The temple Patola border saree adds a touch of grandeur to the wearer’s aura, making it a popular choice for festive occasions.

11. Net Patola Saree

Source: Pinterest 

Though traditional types of Patola saree designs are taking the fashion industry by storm, there are a few modern Gujarati Patola sarees as well that can surely stand on par with the traditional sarees. One such modern Patola saree is the net Patola saree which has a transparent and airy nature, enhancing the visual appeal of the look. Its lightweight quality makes it the perfect type of Patola saree for weddings.

12. Contemporary Patola Saree Designs

While traditional designs continue to be popular, contemporary Patola saree designs have also gained prominence. These designs incorporate modern elements, such as abstract patterns, a fusion of colours, and experimental motifs. Contemporary Patola sarees are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, appealing to the younger generation.

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13. Banarasi Patola Saree

The Banarasi Patola Saree is a testament to the union of two iconic weaving traditions. Integrating rich and opulent Banarasi silk with intricate Patola patterns, this saree exudes grandeur and sophistication. The fusion of Banarasi weaving techniques, such as zari work, in vibrant Patola saree designs results in offering the wearer a look that is not only visually stunning but also carries the legacy of two celebrated weaving styles.

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Patola Saree Blouse Designs

  • Contrast Blouse Patola Saree Design
  • Zari Embroidered Patola Saree Blouse 
  • Back Button Patola Saree Blouse Design
  • Peplum Blouse With Puff Sleeve Patola Blouse
  • High Neck Elbow Lenght Sleeve Blouse

How to Wear Patola Saree?

Pick the Perfect Blouse: Select a blouse that complements the dominant colour or pattern in your Patola saree. 

Pleating with Precision: When draping the Patola saree, ensure that the pleats are neatly arranged to showcase the intricate geometric patterns. Let the pallu fall gracefully, allowing the designs to be prominently displayed. 

Accessorising Thoughtfully: Choose traditional accessories that complement the rich heritage of the Patola saree. Consider a statement piece like a heavy Kundan necklace or temple jewellery to add a touch of grandeur.

Bindi and Hairstyle: A classic bindi adds a traditional touch to your Patola saree ensemble. For hairstyles, opt for traditional braids or loose curls for a timeless and ethnic look.

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