11 Nauvari Saree Colour Combinations for a Stunning Nauvari Saree Look


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Nauvari Saree Colour Combinations

11 Nauvari Saree Colour Combinations for a Stunning Nauvari Saree Look

In the realm of traditional Indian attire, the Nauvari saree stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and grace. With its distinct nine-yard drape and rich cultural significance, the Nauvari saree offers a canvas for an array of captivating colour combinations. In this blog, we will delve into the mesmerising world of Nauvari saree colours, exploring the intricate art of pairing hues to create stunning ensembles that exude charm and sophistication. From vibrant contrasts to subtle harmonies, discover how the right Nauvari saree colour combinations can elevate your look to new heights of splendour.

Before stepping into discovering the different nauvari saree colours, learn how to wear nauvari saree - Traditional types of nauvari saree draping.

Stunning Nauvari Saree Colour Combinations 

1. Yellow Nauvari Saree Colour With Blue Blouse

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The combination of a yellow Nauvari saree with a blue blouse is a striking fusion of vibrant warmth and cool sophistication. The bold contrast between the sunny yellow drape and the deep blue blouse creates a visually captivating ensemble that exudes charm and confidence. To enhance this nauvari saree look, one can adorn it with traditional gold jewellery, such as a statement aaram necklace or ornate earrings, to complement the richness of the colours and add a touch of regal elegance. Additionally, detailed eye makeup can further accentuate the beauty of this nauvari saree colour combination, making it a timeless choice for any festive occasion or cultural celebration.

Wondering what fabric would best suit the nauvari saree draping style? Banarasi, silk and paithani sarees are some of the best fabrics to opt for. 

2. Red Nauvari Saree Colour With Green Blouse

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The combination of a stunning red Nauvari saree with a green blouse is a harmonious blend of traditional elegance and vibrant allure. The rich, deep red of the saree evokes a sense of passion and vitality, while the contrasting green blouse adds a refreshing pop of colour that complements the ensemble beautifully. This nauvari saree colour combination exudes regal charm and sophistication, making it a stunning choice for special occasions and cultural events. A classic makeup look with bold red lips and subtle green eyeshadow can enhance the beauty of this nauvari saree look. 

3. Pink Nauvari Saree Colour With Green Blouse

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The pairing of a pink Nauvari saree with a green blouse is a delightful fusion of feminine charm and refreshing vibrancy. The soft, light-coloured tone of the pink saree exudes an air of elegance and grace while still being vibrant enough to wear for weddings and festivals. Pairing it with a green colour blouse is a perfect nauvari saree colour combination as it creates a balance between softness and brightness for a lasting impression. To complete the look, one can accessorise with gold jewellery, such as bangles or a statement necklace, to add a touch of sophistication and glamour.

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4. White Nauvari Saree Colour With Pink Blouse

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The pairing of a white Nauvari saree with a pink blouse is a stunning example of classic elegance with a modern twist. Whether donned at weddings or other special occasions, the white and pink nauvari saree look radiates sophistication and allure. To add more grace to your white nauvari saree, wrap a red-coloured velvet shawl around your waist and let it fall through your elbows. You can opt for rosy cheeks and bold red lips that beautify the nauvari saree look further, ensuring a flawless and radiant appearance.

Looking for sarees to try the nauvari saree draping style? Look no further! Shop the best sarees to create a perfect-looking nauvari saree drape. 

5. Purple Nauvari Saree Colour With Green Blouse

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The combination of a purple Nauvari saree with a green blouse perfectly embodies the boldness of a woman while exuding timeless charm. The deep, regal purple of the saree commands attention and speaks of sophistication, while the contrasting green blouse adds a refreshing touch that complements the ensemble beautifully. This nauvari saree colour combination effortlessly blends tradition with modernity, making it a versatile choice for a range of occasions. Tie your hair up and do bold eye makeup to embrace the empowering sense of charm this nauvari saree colour radiates.

6. Teal Green Nauvari Saree Colour With Red Blouse

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The teal green Nauvari saree, complemented by a vibrant red blouse creates a distinct and enchanting allure that can't go unnoticed by anyone's eyes. The red-coloured nauvari saree blouse breaks the monotony of the soft and simple charm that the teal colour carries with a lively and energetic vibe. Pick and adorn yourself with some of the most beautiful and enchanting silver jewellery pieces to retain the traditional cum modern charm of the teal nauvari saree colour. Further, enhance the nauvari saree look with a velvet shawl wrapped around your waist and make-up that perfectly defines your features. 

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7. Parrot Green Nauvari Saree Colour With Blue Blouse

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If you want nothing less than the perfect nauvari saree look, then pair a parrot green nauvari saree with a blue-coloured blouse. This nauvari saree colour combination creates a captivating ensemble that stands out with the parrot green colour exuding refreshing charm whereas the blue blouse adds a cool and elegant touch. A gold mang tika along with an aaram necklace and nose ring would work best for cultural events and festivals for women of all ages. This nauvari saree look with subtle yet glamorous touch can easily turn heads and drop the jaws of everyone around you.

A complete nauvari saree look can be created when the fabric feels comfortable, the draping is done perfectly and the accessories complement the overall look. So shop the best sarees for a perfect nauvari saree look from Tulsi Silks. 

8. Royal Blue Nauvari Saree Colour With Orange Borders

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The royal blue Nauvari saree with vibrant orange borders creates a stunning ensemble that immediately grabs attention with its bold and contrasting colours. The deep, regal hue of the royal blue saree exudes elegance and sophistication, while the vibrant orange borders add a pop of warmth and vibrancy, elevating the overall look to new heights. This nauvari saree colour combination stands out for its striking contrast and harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, making it a perfect choice for special occasions. To complement this eye-catching ensemble, a makeup look featuring neutral tones and gajra for your hair would work best.

9. OffWhite Nauvari Saree Colour With Orange Blouse

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The off-white Nauvari saree colour with an orange blouse and borders holds an understated elegance. The soft, neutral tone of the off-white nauvari saree serves as a versatile canvas, allowing the vibrant orange blouse to stand out with its bold and eye-catching hue. A neatly done hair updo, bold and defined eye makeup and a brown lip shape would add a touch of glamour and modernity to this nauvari saree colour. 

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10. Orange Nauvari Saree Colour With Black Blouse

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A shimmery orange nauvari saree with a black blouse is the perfect pick for those wanting to embody grace with confidence. The vivid orange hue of the saree exudes warmth and energy, while the black blouse adds a touch of sophistication and drama, enhancing the overall allure of the outfit. This nauvari saree colour combination stands out for its dynamic contrast and modern edge, the best choice for those looking for a nauvari saree look that suits occasions of all types. To complement this striking ensemble, you can opt for smokey eyes and a nude or pink shade of lipstick. 

11. Black Nauvari Saree Colour 

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The black nauvari saree colour signifies the bold and rebellious energy of women along with a touch of glamour. You can maintain a monochromatic tone by opting for a black blouse adorned with silver chamki work to create an alluring nauvari saree colour combination. What truly sets this nauvari saree colour look apart is its classic yet modern appeal combining the richness of the black with the sparkle of silver chamki work all over the blouse. Add more drama and intensity by opting for a bindi and heavy gold jewellery to contrast the silver chamki work.

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In conclusion, you can explore and experiment with a myriad of stunning nauvari saree colour combinations to create unique and breathtaking attire. Whether it's the timeless appeal of a black nauvari saree or the vibrant contrast of a teal green saree with a red blouse, each nauvari saree colour combination has its own unique beauty and allure. By carefully selecting and pairing nauvari saree colours, you can create a look that not only celebrates tradition but also reflects their personal style and personality. With the right choice of colours and accessories, the nauvari saree look can truly be transformed to make the wearer stand out with grace and sophistication on any occasion. 

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