Recent Saree Trends & Latest Fancy Colour Combinations in Sarees


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Latest Colour Trends & Different Fancy Colour Combinations in Sarees

Recent Saree Trends & Latest Fancy Colour Combinations in Sarees

To make a bold fashion statement, you need to stay up-to-date with the current trends in the fashion world. With almost the whole world falling head over heels for traditional Indian sarees, it comes as no surprise that the saree is becoming the most cherished outfit in every woman’s wardrobe. 

But it takes patience and a little bit of knowledge about fashion to pick the perfect saree according to your body type, skin tone, and what truly suits you. In the process of choosing the perfect outfit, you need to be cognizant of the fact that picking the right colour plays a major role in stunning a saree look. 

You may want to know how to choose the perfect saree colour for different skin tones!

Here in this blog, you will get to explore the latest colour trends in sarees to ease your understanding of trendy colours and combinations. These latest colour trends in sarees and the different saree colour combinations will help you make up your mind to make an efficient move while shopping!

Latest Colour Trends in Sarees 

Pink Colour Saree

A Pink colour saree gives a stylish saree look as it infuses a pinch of both romantic and cheerful energies into the entire vibe of the saree. The pink shade is one of the most trending and demanded saree colours by women for the luxurious and elite feel it gives, along with the shiny texture that adds a sophisticated look. Pink sarees come in a wide range of shades, from a soft and delicate pale blush pink to a dark and bold hot pink to pick according to your interest. 

Wine Colour Saree

Wine colour saree is one of the latest colour trends in sarees that holds the appeal to turn all eyes towards it. This shade is a popular choice among ladies specifically for its classy and elegant touch on the overall look. Pair the saree with minimal accessories and dark shade lipstick and bold eye makeup to dramatise the look further. A wine colour saree will go well with both silver and golden borders, so choose the one that best suits you. 

Royal Blue Saree

If you are fed up with the same old traditional sarees then you should definitely check out royal blue colour sarees for a more fashionable and modern look. They are recent to the latest saree trends as they bring the most eye-catching appeal to the saree. The colour itself is so beautiful that you don’t need much makeup and accessorise to enhance the look further. A ruffle royal blue colour sarees will be an excellent choice for casual gatherings and parties whereas a royal blue saree with a silver border will do wonders for a wedding. 

White Colour Saree

A white colour saree always manages to balance the traditional and modern touch of sarees. This pushes the demand for white sarees even more. You can pair the beautiful white colour saree with light eye makeup and dark red lipstick and hair tied up with a red rose on the side of your ear to bring back the retro saree look. This is one of the latest fancy saree looks that you can choose for all occasions.    

Copper Colour Saree

The shiny and light shade of Cooper colour sarees is the latest addition to the trending saree colours as it has become a hot topic of discussion among fashionistas for the rich, elegant yet simple and soft look of it. From the many different saree colours trending this year, Cooper colour sarees are one of the few that make the saree more quirky and modern and that seemingly fit today’s fashion standards. 

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Best Saree Colour Combinations

Yellow with pink

The touch of pink on the border of a full yellow saree will evoke a sense of excitement and positivity. This yellow-pink saree colour is the best saree colour combination especially for weddings and special occasions to boost the mood of the event with such bright colours. 

Lotus pink with navy blue

A lotus pink saree with a navy blue colour border is one of the best colours for sarees as they brush off a very serene and divine vibe onto the entire look of the saree. This again is the best choice for weddings and evening functions.

Maroon with gold

There are different saree colours and different saree colour combinations but one that works at all times and at all events is the maroon saree with a golden border. The maroon colour has the ability to sprinkle boldness to the look and the gold does its part well by adding richness to the saree.

Multi colour sarees

Multi-colour saree is the latest saree trend that can beat all. These multi-colour sarees would be great for summer and casual occasions especially the one with floral prints. Since the saree itself is so detailed you can minimise the accessories for a balanced look.

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These were the latest colour trends in sarees along with some of the best saree colour combinations for you to fill your wardrobe with the best unique and trending saree colours to kindle your fashion game. Though there are many different saree colours, you can always find the one that suits you perfectly. 

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