11 Latest Saree Trends & Outfit Styles for A Modern Saree Look


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11 Latest Saree Trends & Outfit Styles for A Modern Saree Look

Sarees, often hailed as the ultimate symbols of tradition, heritage, and elegance, have surpassed centuries as timeless icons of grace for women. The much-famous saree trends have been around for ages, gracefully adapting to the changing times while still holding onto their classic charm.

Despite saree trends changing rapidly, sarees remain a staple in everyone's wardrobe, reflecting their enduring popularity. Are you curious about the new saree trends for 2024? You've landed in the right spot!

Whether you are gearing up for a fancy wedding bash or the festive season ahead, these trending saree styles are here to take your style game up a notch. Let's dive right in and check out what's hot in the saree realm!

Saree Trends Through the Ages: From Traditional to Modern Twists

Originating from ancient civilisations, the saree started as a basic garment and evolved into the stylish attire we see today, following changing saree trends. Influencing various empires and cultures, including the Mauryas, Mughals, and British Raj, the saree underwent developmental transformations in fabric, weaving techniques, and draping techniques.

From the introduction of silk to the rise of regional handloom sarees, each era contributed to its transformation, shaping the landscape of trending saree styles. The modern saree look integrates traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, offering a diverse range of styles, fabrics, and designs.

Remaining a timeless classic, the saree exudes sensuality, grace, and cultural significance, seamlessly integrating modern saree trends and tastes.

11 Best Saree Trends & Style Ideas for Women to Achieve a Modern Look!

1. Kanjivaram Sarees

Women around the world treasure Kanjivaram sarees for their enduring appeal, making them a prominent saree trend. Every Indian woman desires to own at least one piece in her collection, drawn to its exquisite craftsmanship and fine silk and gold threadwork. These sarees are meticulously designed to capture the essence of every special occasion and evoke a sense of meaning with each motif. With their blend of art, craft, and creativity, Kanjivaram sarees remain a favourite, topping the list of trending saree styles.

Saree Styling Tip: Pair your pure Kanjivaram saree with traditional gold jewellery and a contrasting blouse to enhance its elegance and sophistication further.

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2. Banarasi Silk Sarees

Emerging from the historic city of Varanasi, or Banaras, every fabric and saree carries a story of its own, leaving an imprint on contemporary saree trends. Constantly fascinating the fashion sphere with their intricate brocade work and stunning zari motifs, the Banarasi sarees remain an ideal choice for grandiose occasions, showcasing the essence of trending saree styles. Explore a diverse palette of hues and exquisite designs to command attention in no time.

Saree Styling Tip: You can pair the Banarasi saree with traditional jewellery such as Kundan or Polki sets, which improves its grandeur and completes your modern saree look. Opt for a neat bun with flowers or let your hair flow in loose waves.

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3. Leheriya Sarees

Hailing from the scenic landscapes of Rajasthan, Leheriya sarees are poised to lead the way as one of the best trending saree styles in 2024. With their unique and vivacious colour palette, these sarees radiate a mesmerising allure, making them perfect for celebratory and family gatherings, all while staying true to the recent saree trends. The colours used in these dresses are usually bold and bright, reflecting the rich culture and traditions of Rajasthan.

Saree Styling Tip: Stick to a basic drape to highlight the vibrant colours. Or, try a unique style that suits your taste. Go for a simple bun with traditional accessories, or keep it casual with loose curls. Wear minimal jewellery to let the saree shine. Add a stylish clutch for a finishing touch.

4. Chiffon Sarees

For women aiming to elevate their modern saree look with sheer classiness and lightweight fineness, chiffon sarees are the best bet, keeping them in tune with the current saree trends. Known for their delicate drapes and ethereal charisma, these sarees are celebrated as the “New Trend Sarees for Youngsters”. Ace up your look with these sarees adorned with detailed floral prints and embellishments, embodying classy sophistication that aligns perfectly with the trending saree styles for every memorable occasion.

Saree Styling Tip: Keep it easy with casual drapes like Gujarati or Bengali to enhance the chiffon's flow. You can opt for a simple bun or loose braid to match the saree's lightweight feel. Add subtle hair accessories for elegance. Wear dainty jewellery like pearls and keep the blouse simple.

5. Floral Embroidery Sarres

With a seamless blend of traditional artistry and contemporary finesse, floral embroidery sarees serve as a versatile choice for women across various occasions, reflecting the essence of trending saree styles. With delicate floral patterns or elaborated motifs, these sarees bring a sense of pure grace, adding an elegant charm to your ensemble that resonates with modern saree trends.

Saree Styling Tip: Opt for versatility in saree draping, embracing both traditional and unique styles, and enhance your hairstyle with a floral hairpiece paired with subtle jewellery and a blouse that complements the saree's intricate details.

6. Organza Sarees

Lauded for their lavish texture and delicate translucence, Organza sarees stand as epitomes of glamour and grace, displaying the significance of trending saree styles for women. Enriched with intricate embroidery and sparkling sequins, these organza sarees personify luxury, assuring a captivating presence on any occasion and staying in line with the saree trends of today's fashion realm. These sarees offer a mesmerising array of colours, where the soft pastels enhance elegance, while dark tones like brown and maroon are also preferred. Other favourable pastels include powder pink, blue, peach, pastel green, lemon yellow, etc.

Saree Styling Tip: Choose between a classic Nivi drape for a sleek look or add a modern twist for a fresh vibe. Keep your hairstyle elegant with a sleek bun or chic ponytail. Complete your modern saree look with statement jewellery, a detailed blouse, and a polished clutch for a refined finish.

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7. Sequin Sarees

Shimmering with gorgeous sequins that catch the eye, sequin sarees embody glamour and elegance, perfectly aligning with the saree trends of today's era. Sequin sarees have become a fashion statement that exudes opulence and captures the spotlight on various occasions. Over the years, these sarees have evolved into a new-age fashion statement that exudes opulence and steals the spotlight on various occasions, like weddings or other gatherings, making them one of the unavoidable trending saree styles of the decade. 

Saree Styling Tip: Pair with a modern or contrasting blouse, keeping jewellery elegant and minimalistic. Style your hair with a bun or loose waves, and opt for heels to elevate your modern saree look for various occasions.

8. Italian Crepe Sarees

Fashion-forward women embrace Italian crepe sarees for their graceful drape, luxurious feel, and alignment with the latest saree trends. Lightweight and comfortable, these crepe sarees exemplify chic sophistication, enhancing your look with effortless grace. Upgrade your fashion sense with an Italian crepe saree, serving as one of the finest saree outfit ideas that draws attention with its classic charm and refined grace.

Saree Styling Tip: Highlight the elegant flow of an Italian Crepe saree with fluid draping styles like the butterfly or mermaid drape, complemented by chic hairstyles such as soft waves or sleek ponytails, and complete the look with delicate jewellery for added charm.

9. Net Sarees

In the vibrant realm of Indian fashion, the net saree holds a cherished spot, seamlessly blending tradition, artistry, and modern elegance. Recognised for their enduring allure with each ethereal drape, net sarees are an instant hit among women who are so interested in fashion. Fashioned from lightweight, sheer fabric and adorned with intricate detailing, these sarees promise an enticing presence for women at any gathering, perfectly capturing the spirit of contemporary saree trends.

Saree Styling Tip: Whether opting for the Nivi style or modern variations, ensure the delicate beauty of net sarees shines through, complementing your hairstyle with soft curls or a sleek updo, and accessorising with subtle jewellery and a blouse that matches your saree's design.

10. Brasso Sarees

With each passing year, Brasso sarees continue to evolve in harmony with the latest saree trends, displaying their timeless beauty and versatility. Each saree brings a unique fashion perspective, and these saree outfit ideas excel at delivering unmatched elegance to the person who wears them. Whether it's Pongal, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, or your friend's engagement, brasso sarees add a touch of grandeur and refinement to your attire.

Saree Styling Tip: Pair your brasso saree with delicate jewellery and a blouse that complements its design to enhance its elegance and sophistication further.

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11. Bandhani sarees

The Hindi word "Bandhan," meaning "tying," is the origin of the name "Bandhani" or "Bandhej." Renowned for their vibrant hues and intricate tie-dye motifs, Bandhani sarees stand as a timeless emblem of cultural richness, setting enduring saree trends in women's hearts. In 2024, they will continue to be a prominent choice for fashion lovers, offering saree outfit ideas that seamlessly blend traditional allure and stylish aesthetics, ideal for festival galas and nuptial ceremonies. Embrace the cultural opulence of India with a splendid Bandhani saree.

Saree Styling Tip: For a modern saree look, enhance your Bandhani saree with a contrasting blouse, traditional jewellery, and varied draping styles, topped off with accessories like belts and clutches.

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What Is the Latest Saree Fashion in India?

India's latest saree trends display a beautiful fusion of traditional motifs with modern aesthetics, showcasing the evolution of this iconic garment in contemporary fashion. Vibrant colours, intricate embroidery, and contemporary draping styles are all the rage. 

Handloom sarees, such as Banarasi, Kanjivaram, and Organza, continue to hold sway with their everlasting elegance, providing timeless inspiration for saree outfit ideas that blend heritage and style seamlessly. On the other hand, lightweight fabrics like Chiffon and Georgette are gaining popularity for their versatility and comfort, inspiring trending saree styles that highlight both elegance and ease of wear. 

Experimentation with unconventional blouse designs, such as off-shoulder and crop tops, adds a touch of modern flair to traditional attire. Overall, the latest saree trends in India showcase a perfect blend of heritage and innovation, offering women something for every preference and occasion.


The saree you choose from the above list is only part of the equation; it's how you carry it that truly matters. So, embrace each of these new saree trends and enjoy them to the fullest. If you are in search of trending saree styles that perfectly match your style and display contemporary fashion, look no further. 

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