Your favourite 'T' word this fall: Trend and Tradition


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Your favourite 'T' word this fall: Trend and Tradition

It's a breezy summer morning, where the wind smoothly touches the face, the birds are chirping and the sun is slowly out, we sit there and sip our coffee while listening to our morning music. While the reality is we wake up to an alarm and sometimes to the honks on the road, everything happens in the background, the music, the cooking, the packing and we are running to get ready.

Amidst all the chaos, we do not hesitate to spend more than ten minutes on what we wear, in other words, and millennial terms, outfit of the day. We live in a metropolitan city, where there are traffic and pollution, most importantly unpredictable weather. So, we are here to help you with our fall look book.

#1 Tussar Saree
The Tussar sarees are very easy to handle, has a touch of class and more importantly it stays in place for a long time as the fabric is soft and it stays in place till evening. It is a definite pick for anyone, be it a 9-5 job or a dancer or a singer, the classy Tussars are here to save your day.

#2 The Banrasi saree
The Banarasi sarees have its own kind of royalty and charm, the dark tone Banarasi sarees are here to steal the show. The fabric is adorned with designs that are inspired from the Mughals, It majorly has silver and golden zari brocades or paisley motifs. The saree is suitable for any wedding and is sure to give you that panache when you walk inside the room.

#3 Kani Sarees
The Kani Sarees are weaved and not embroidered, it is originally from Kashmir. The Kani sarees are made out of wool and hence they keep one warm. The Kani sarees have various colours that are running in the same weave. The Kani saree is a must-have in your wardrobe.

#4 The classy cotton Sarees
We have seen the weave of cotton improve over time, in terms of the colour combination, the motifs and the patterns. The cotton sarees are very affordable and being in a generation that does not want to repeat sarees, the cotton sarees sure help our wallets. The cotton sarees are everyday wear and one can lean towards it for daily use, as it is classy as well as comfortable. It is made to stand tight and also serves your purpose right.

#5 The Kanjivarams
The kanjivarams for fall, yes. As we know, the wedding season starts during the end of fall and we are all set to slay in vibrant sarees. The traditional kanjivarams are classic but the trend today is more towards and is more of the pastel shades.

Are you all set for fall with a unique set of sarees, let us know if this look book for fall is what you were looking for.

To a wardrobe, that talks about your personality.

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