Styling a Saree in Winter


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Styling a Saree in Winter

Styling a Saree in Winter

Winter is the season for hot chocolates and cosy spaces and everyone wants to be dressed in warm and comfortable clothing. When we say warm and comfortable clothing you would be thinking about sweaters, pullovers, woollen co-ord sets, and oversized hoodies but these are not the only clothes that are meant for winter. There are women who still want to wear a saree but are not sure how to style them unlike for other seasons. It can become difficult to style a saree in winter, some wear a sweater over or sometimes under the saree which is not too fashionable. No worries at all, in this blog we have put together some clever hacks that will help you style a saree in winter without compromising on the looks.

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1. Jazz up with a jacket

Styling your saree with a jacket keeps you warm and cosy all day and gives you the ultimate diva look. Again when it comes to jackets there are plenty of types and ways you can style them. Denim jackets with white sarees are a great combo, you can also try leather jackets for a bold and high-end look and pair them with oxidised statement jewellery to complete the look. Ethnic jackets are perfect if you have a party or event to attend, pair them with metal-shaded sarees or silk sarees and keep yourself warm and stylish. Short jackets with long sleeves and high collars are other options you can try out and pair them with heavy georgette and silk sarees.

2. Time for turtlenecks

Don’t we all love to snug in turtlenecks during winter and stay warm all day? Turtlenecks are saviours when it comes to styling them with sarees. They can be paired with a variety of sarees like cotton, linen, tussar, organza, silk cotton, silk, georgette, and chiffon. Usually darker shades of brown, grey, red, blue and black are appropriate for styling with turtlenecks but you can also try white and creamy shades if the saree is of a lighter shade. Pair them with a thin chain with a small pendant and small earrings for a dapper look. 

3. Slay with silk shirts

Silk shirts are absolute love, they alone can elevate the whole attire doesn’t matter the saree you are wearing. They can be worn for official meetings and also to events. You can wear them with a belt and statement jewellery to create a stunning look. Try matching them with the patterns and shades of the saree and go all bold in styling them. Silk shirts or even short kurtis with full sleeves will keep you cosy and covered. Wide and flat pleats with the shirt or kurti being a little loose create a classy look. Tussar silk, kanjivaram silk, chanderi silk, uppada silk, tussar georgette, and gadwal silk are the perfect silk sarees to be paired with silk shirts.

4. Casual with cardigans

Cardigans are the perfect winter wear but thinking of styling them on a saree might seem like a not-so-great idea, but choosing the right type of cardigan is the only thing you need to know and there you go, you have the perfect casual winter look. There are different types of cardigans such as open, zipped, cascade, long, short and belted and you can choose the one that complements your saree and your style. Cotton and linen sarees are ideal to style with a cardigan. You can either wear it inside the saree or wear one side in and drape the pallu over it and wear the other side on the outside.

5. Accentuate with anarkali suits

Anarkalis are usually a complete dress on their own but you don’t have to always wear them that way. Styling a front-open anarkali with a saree is all that’s needed to create an ethnic look and it keeps you completely warm for the winter. Go for solid neutral or bold-coloured anarakali for a casual look and embroidered or printed ones for a festive or party look. You can wear accessories to uplift your look and wear a belt if you prefer. High heels best complement this look as anarakalis are long and sometimes floor-touching. 

6. Beautify with Banaras and Velvet

Some sarees like banarasi silk and velvet are just made for winter and cold weather. These sarees don’t need any extra effort, you can style them like you regularly style sarees but you can play a little with blouse styles to create different looks. Banarasi silk sarees and velvet sarees are made of thick fabrics which keep you warm without any add-ons. One more added advantage to styling these sarees is that you can also style them with other hacks you read in this blog.   

7. Style it with a shawl

Winters and shawls are something that can never be separated. It is one of the best choices if you don’t have the time to style but want to keep yourself warm. Pashmina shawls are known for their grace and authenticity but they are expensive. You can choose woollen, cashmere silk, kanjivaram silk, tussar silk, ajrakh hand block printed silk or kani silk dupatta based on the saree are styling them with and can add a belt to enhance the look. 

To conclude, these are a few ways to style a saree in winter but don’t limit yourself to just these hacks, experiment with different styles and up your fashion game this winter with trendy sarees

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