How to Wear Sarees During Pregnancy? Pregnancy Saree Draping Tips


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How to Wear Sarees During Pregnancy? Pregnancy Saree Draping Tips

Sarees are one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing made for women to flaunt their limitless charms and beaming aura. Unfortunately, there is always this misconception floating around among women that a saree can make you look gorgeous but not comfortable, especially during pregnancy. However, it is far from reality as a saree, if worn and styled in the right way can be the most breathable and comfortable outfit for women during pregnancy. 

But how to wear a saree perfectly during pregnancy? Well, in this blog we will be exploring exactly that. Kicking off with the step-by-step process of wearing sarees during pregnancy and sharing tips and benefits, we will cover it all. So stay with us till the end!

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How to Wear a Saree During Pregnancy?

  • Before anything else ensure that your choice of blouse design is suitable for you and enhances your beauty further. 
  • Begin with tying the petticoat above your baby bump and ensure to tie it a little loose to avoid feelings of itchiness and uneasiness. 
  • Have minimal pleats and tuck it in the centre to keep it tidy and avoid a bulky look.
  • Ensure the pleats and the overall saree length perfectly touch just your feet and not go beyond. A saree flowing down your feet might be a hindrance while walking and moving. 
  • Pin your saree pallu for extra comfort, as a flowing pallu will only cause chaos during your daily activities. 
  • Pin your pleats as well as other areas for safety. 

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Tips on How to Wear Saree During Pregnancy

Pregnant women in sarees are the most beautiful thing in the world. However, pregnancy saree draping requires a little bit of understanding and tricks to ensure the utmost amount of comfort and convenience throughout the day. 

1. Opt for Lightweight Fabric

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A lady wearing a saree in pregnancy can look enchanting to a viewer or spectator but on the flip side, they might actually be feeling uneasy with the heavy fabric and drapes. To avoid such unpleasant experiences with wearing a saree during pregnancy, be very clear from the start to only stack up sarees in your wardrobe that are lightweight and feel soft on the skin. Some of the best fabrics for wearing sarees during pregnancy are cotton, linen, chiffon and georgette which will allow for easy and flexible movement, breathability and comfort. 

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2. Explore Different Blouse Styles 

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Start off by understanding the kind of look you want to create with your beautiful baby bump. Do you want to confidently flaunt it? Do you want to keep it like a cute secret to yourself and hide it? Answer questions like these and then begin by exploring and trying differing blouse styles to suit your unique self during pregnancy. Also if you are a fashion-conscious pregnant woman, then blouse designs such as full-sleeve blouses, shirt-like blouses, collared blouses and elbow-length blouses are the ideal choice to beautify your saree during pregnancy.

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3. Use Maternity Belly Belt


Stretchy and elastic in nature, maternity belly belts are essential to support your back and baby bump, offering comfort and ease. If you are not willing to show off your baby bump then wearing a maternity belly belt will simply resolve this concern of your’s. You can wear the maternity belly belt and wrap the saree fabric around the waist and belly area. You can also select the belt colour that matches your saree colour and look to ensure it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and blends in beautifully with the tone of the fabric. 

4. Avoid High Heels

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We understand that you might be tempted to wear high heels that add to your sex appeal, but pairing high heels and wearing sarees during pregnancy is definitely not the best thing to do. Wearing heels will cause pain and strain in your back and knee so it is not advisable for pregnant ladies even though they exude unmatched appeal. You can instead opt for comfy and quirky flats that allow you to walk around freely with no trouble. 

5. Pick Minimal Embroidery Work Sarees

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Since the weight of the baby itself will be weighing you down, a saree with heavy embroidery work will tire you even more. So pick a saree that is not heavy and has minimal embroidery work to enjoy yourself in comfort and style. But if you are someone who always has an eye for heavy embroidered sarees then maybe pull it off for 3-4 hours and not more than that. 

6. Experiment with Draping Styles

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People usually believe pregnancy saree draping is limited to the regular style but contrary to that the options are plenty, waiting to be explored. From traditional draping styles such as Bengali and Gujarati draping to modern styles such as pant style saree draping, experimenting with different pregnancy saree draping is crucial to find the one suitable to your style and is comfy. 

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7. Drape Your Saree above or below your baby bump

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Depending on whether you want to flaunt your baby bump or want to hide it, you can drape the saree during pregnancy accordingly. Drape the saree above the bump in case you want to hide it and if you are comfortable revealing it then feel free to drape the saree below the bump. However, remember to not drape it too low that it is touching your feet, causing a potential threat of you tripping over. 

8. Ask for Help to Drape Saree During Pregnancy

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For those wearing sarees during pregnancy, it would be quite a hard task since it would require a lot of bending and turning around to ensure a flawless drape. So whether you are a beginner in saree draping or an expert, always ask for help to wear a saree during pregnancy. The assistant will help you with the pleats, pallu and structuring the overall saree which would save a lot of your energy. 

9. Do a Trial Before the event

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If you plan on wearing a saree in pregnancy for an upcoming occasion then it is much more advisable to always do a trial and put on the saree, accessories and do your hair and make-up. Move around, walk, sit and stand to ensure it truly feels comfortable for you and does not make you feel itchy or heavy. A trial will always lay down the potential issues you might face on the day of the event which will help you figure a way out of it before it's too late.

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Benefits of Wearing Sarees During Pregnancy

1. Breathable

Sarees possess an underrated quality of being breathable and comfortable which often goes unnoticed because of the draping. However, the truth is that sarees made of soft and comfy fabrics such as cotton, linen, georgette and chiffon are the epitome of comfort and convenience. 

2. Beautifully Accentuates Your Shape 

Regardless of the size of your baby bump, sarees beautifully enhance the distinct charm of your body shape by fitting perfectly. It will structure your look and give you a gorgeous touch of beauty to carry yourself confidently. 

3. Can be Styled in Different Ways

Pregnancy saree draping styles are plenty from traditional draping styles to contemporary and modern styles ensuring every pregnant lady has the option to make her decision. Sarees will allow you to not just feel at ease but also style yourself to look the best with your baby bump, offering a plethora of ways to style it.

4. Suitable for a Variety of Occasions 

Whether it is for a casual day out with your girl gang, a formal event at work or an upcoming wedding of your bestie, sarees can be the best option. Wearing a saree during pregnancy for a variety of events, festivals and occasions can never go wrong as it has this innate charm to elevate your inner beauty. 

5. Plenty of Options

If you are one of those ladies who just can’t get themselves to buy something that is anywhere less than your expectation, then sarees are totally your thing. Offering a plethora of options in terms of designs, colours, work and fabrics, sarees hands down have to be the ideal garment for pregnant women seeking fashion with comfort. 


As we conclude, we believe all your doubts are resolved, questions are answered and concerns are addressed in this blog. Whether you are planning to don the saree look during pregnancy for a festive gathering or a formal event, remember to be your quirky and confident self. 

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