How to Wear Saree in Winter? 10 Winter Wear on Saree with Styling Tips


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How to Wear Saree in Winter

How to Wear Saree in Winter? 10 Winter Wear on Saree with Styling Tips

How to Wear Saree in Winter?

Contrary to the common myth that sarees are unsuitable for winter, this versatile traditional attire can effortlessly be adapted to colder climates with a touch of thoughtful styling. If you are looking for various ways to wear your saree in winter, then read this blog till the end to find some of the best and trendy ideas for styling a saree in winter. With a bit of creativity and attention to fabric choices, the saree becomes a year-round fashion statement, debunking the notion that it's exclusively a summer garment. So let's find the answer to How to wear a saree in Winter.

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There are different ways to put on your winter wear on saree. Below we have discussed what to wear with a saree in winter.

How to Wear Saree in Winter with Sweater?

Wearing a saree with a sweater in winter is a stylish and practical choice. You can start by choosing a warm fabric like wool or silk to feel comfortable and warm in your outfit. And then choose amongst the two beautiful ways to kill the saree look in winter with a sweater. Choose one that best suits your taste. 

1. Fitting Sweater

Opt for a thin and fitting sweater that can be tucked into the saree petticoat, creating a sleek and seamless look. This idea for winter wear on a saree works best for those wanting a bold and elite vibe to their outfit. 

2. Sweater Over the Saree

Wearing one side of the sweater over the saree and flaunting the pallu side of the saree has become one of the popular ways of styling a saree for winter.

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How to Wear Saree with Jacket in Winter?

3. Velvet Jacket with Saree

Wearing a velvet jacket with a saree will elevate the look by offering a sophisticated touch and warmth. The rich texture of velvet complements both traditional and contemporary saree drapes, making it one of the best winter wear on saree. 

4. Woollen Jacket with Saree

The Woollen jacket is one of the best choices for winter wear for a saree. The warmth of wool not only keeps you comfortable but also adds a rustic elegance to your look, making it one of the best winter jackets to wear with sarees.

5. Leather Jacket with Saree

Infuse a modern and edgy vibe into your outfit this winter by pairing a leather jacket with a saree. This unconventional winter wear for a saree creates a bold fashion statement, combining the traditional grace of a saree with the contemporary flair of leather for a unique and stylish look. 

How to Wear Coat on Sarees in Winter?

6. Silk Coat with Saree

Draping a silk coat over your saree adds a touch of refinement and elegance. The luxurious sheen of silk complements traditional attire, making it a sophisticated choice for special occasions during winter.

7. Trench Coat with Saree

A trench coat is a classic, double-breasted outerwear piece, featuring a belted waist, wide lapels, and distinctive details like storm flaps. This winter wear on a saree creates a breathtaking look suitable both for casual and formal events.

8. Fur Coat with Saree

Elevate your winter saree look with the opulence of a fur coat. Whether wearing this winter wear on a saree for casual settings or formal occasions, it will make you stand out nonetheless.

How to Wear a Cardigan on Saree in Winter?

9. Waterfall Cardigan

A waterfall cardigan, with its cascading front, adds an elegant and modern touch when paired with a saree in winter. The draped style complements the fluidity of the saree, creating a harmonious and stylish ensemble that offers both warmth and sophistication.

10. Long Cardigan

A long cardigan, extending beyond the hips, provides extra coverage and warmth when paired with a saree in cooler weather. This versatile piece can be effortlessly draped over the shoulders or cinched at the waist, offering a stunning and comfortable saree look in winter for various occasions.

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How to Wear a Saree in Winter Wedding?

Choose Warm Fabrics

There are different types of saree materials so opt for specific sarees made from warm fabrics such as silk, velvet or heavy brocade. These materials provide insulation against the cold.

Layer with a Shawl or Stole

Pair your saree with a luxurious shawl or stole made from cashmere, pashmina, or a similarly warm material. Drape it elegantly over your shoulders for added warmth. This is the most popular winter wear on saree for weddings.

Select a Full-Sleeved Blouse

Consider wearing a full-sleeve blouse to keep your arms warm. This trendy option will not only elevate the look of the outfit but will also prove to be a comfortable choice for wearing a saree in winter.

Find out the 10 stylish winter saree blouse designs to stay warm this winter.

Embrace Rich Colours

Opt for rich, deep colours that are characteristic of winter, such as burgundy, emerald green, or royal blue. These hues not only exude warmth but also enhance the festive atmosphere.

Choose Embellished Sarees

Pick sarees with intricate embroidery, sequins, or embellishments. These details not only contribute to the celebratory mood but also provide a visually appealing element.

By combining these points thoughtfully, you can create a stunning saree look in the winter wedding that is both fashionable and comfortable. 

Confused about which saree to pick for the wedding? Find out the 10 best pattu sarees for weddings: Latest Designs and New Models to Try for Wedding.

How to Wear & Style Saree in Winter?

Drape the Saree Right

In winter, the versatility of saree drape styles such as the Bengali and Gujarati drape allows for a range of fashionable adaptations. Experimenting with different styles, coupled with the choice of warm fabrics, can transform the saree into a cosy yet stylish winter ensemble. 

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Choose a hairstyle that complements the saree and your personal style. Consider an updo or a stylish bun to achieve the best saree look in winter.


Go for a winter-appropriate makeup look with deeper hues for lips and eyes. Ensure long-lasting products to withstand cold temperatures.

Accessorise the Saree

The most important thing about styling a saree in winter is to accessorise it properly. Pick statement jewellery like necklaces or earrings to enhance the saree look in winter. 

Find the Perfect Footwear

Pair your saree with closed shoes or boots for a bold and classy winter saree look. This will not only beautify the overall look but will also give you warmth in the cold temperature.


In conclusion, embracing the grace of a saree in winter is often said to be difficult but in reality, it is not a tough nut to crack. Whether attending weddings, festivities, or simply making a statement in everyday life, a winter saree is a wardrobe essential. So, as the temperatures drop, let the saree be your canvas for creating fashion-forward, cosy, and unforgettable winter looks.

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