How to Reuse Old Silk Sarees Dresses & Home Decor Made From Old Sarees


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Dresses made from old sarees - How to reuse old silk sarees

How to Reuse Old Silk Sarees - Dresses & Home Decor Made From Old Sarees

Old sarees are often treasured for their sentimental and cultural value, but they can also take up valuable closet space and contribute to textile waste. In this blog, we will explore how to reuse old silk sarees to make beautiful saree dresses and other items while also reducing textile waste. By giving new life to old sarees, we can embrace sustainable fashion and contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Are you wondering what to do with your old silk sarees? Instead of letting them take up valuable closet space, why not reuse them to create aesthetically pleasing dresses and home decor? Here are some creative ideas for reusing old sarees that you can try out yourself with a little help from the internet tutorials:

Dresses that can be made from Old Sarees

1. Kurtas from Old Sarees

Kurtas are a popular option when it comes to reusing your old sarees. You can find a plethora of tutorials on the internet to get your Kurta made from an old saree. Apart from old sarees of other fabrics old silk sarees are preferred for making kurtas as they are classy, elegant and give a traditional look.  

2. Lehengas from Old Sarees

Have an old silk saree that you no longer wear? The opportunity calls for transforming it into a traditional pattu pavadai or a lehenga. There are different lehenga skirt styles you can try, either a regular plain lehenga skirt with borders at the bottom or a pleated style that is even more attractive. And for the lehenga tops, there are again different styles to try. Lehengas made from old sarees can be worn for various special occasions.

Tip: Cut enough silk saree for the skirt first, then use the remaining to make the top.

3. Skirts from Old Sarees

If you're looking to make a dress from an old saree you can wear multiple times and yet create a different look every time you wear it, then you should consider making a skirt. Also, this requires minimal effort as you'll be using most of the old saree. You can pair it with different colours of plain t-shirts or silk shirts and some silver jewellery and voila! you are ready to rock the boho-chic look. 


4. Shirts from Old Sarees

You don't have to spend time looking for shirts for the skirt you made from an old saree. Take an old plain satin, silk, cotton, or heavy georgette saree to create stylish and colourful shirts that you can pair with skirts and pants.

5. Jackets from Old Sarees 

This is going to be the coolest idea of all the ones on this list. If you have a heavy zari brocade silk saree that still holds its charm but you're bored of wearing it as a saree, turn it into a stylish jacket that will attract all eyes. For this, you might need some professional help to make it worth the makeover.

6. Salwar Suits from Old Sarees

Reuse your old sarees to create beautiful salwar suits for a traditional yet contemporary look. If you have a 9-yard or a 6-yard old saree, you can make a salwar suit from it. Depending on the length and type of fabric, you can try different salwar styles. For example, you can try a short kurta top with patiala pants or a simple salwar with chudi pants. 

7. Dupattas from Old Sarees

A silk dupatta with extensive zari work will burn a hole in your pocket and why spend so much on a dupatta, when you can create colourful and versatile dupattas from just an old saree that can be paired with different outfits? Find an old saree with intricate work on the pallu, cut it out to your desired length and stitch the ends to create a neat finish. You can also add threaded tassels to complete and elevate the dupatta.

8. Anarkali Dresses from Old Sarees

Anarkali dresses are a great idea for making old saree dresses. Turn your old sarees into elegant Anarkali dresses that are suitable for special occasions. You can even combine two complementary coloured sarees to make an Anarkali dress.

9. Palazzos from Old Sarees

Another easy-to-make dress from old sarees is palazzos. Old silk sarees are an excellent fit to be converted into palazzos. You can even try straight pants with pockets and pair them with a plain solid colour shirt to make a style statement at any event formal or casual.

10. Crop tops from Old Sarees

Our love for crop tops is never-ending because they pretty much go with anything. But you might find yourself having the same or similar kind of crop tops that everyone wears. Stand out by reusing your old saree to make fashionable crop tops that you can wear with skirts, palazzos, straight pants, dhotis and jeans. 

11. Dhoti from Old Sarees

You might already have dhotis in your fashion book or you can try something new that is not your usual style. Yes! Dhotis and silk shirts or short kurtas paired with classic Kohlapuris are just what you need to make a bold fashion statement. 

12. Gowns from Old Sarees

Gowns are already a pretty outfit that women love and gowns made from old sarees make them even more gorgeous that you will want to treasure them forever. Cotton sarees or linen sarees are the fabrics you can start with to make a dress from old sarees and these fabrics are breathable so gowns made from these sarees will be your perfect pretty girl summer dress.

Home Decor and Accessories from Old Sarees

1. Pillow Covers

Make colourful pillow covers by reusing your old sarees and let your home do the talking!

2. Curtains

Reuse the material from your old sarees to create stunning curtains that add a touch of elegance to any room.

3. Table Cover

Ditch the boring table covers and repurpose your old sarees into table covers that add a pop of colour to your dining room.

4. Bed Cover

Create a unique and colourful bed cover by using the material from your old sarees.

5. Tote Bags

Make stylish and eco-friendly tote bags by reusing your old sarees.


With reduce, reuse and recycle as your mantra you can make beautiful dresses and home decor from old sarees while contributing to sustainable fashion and reducing waste. With the ideas listed above, you can easily repurpose your old sarees into something fashionable that you can’t stop raving about. So don't let your old sarees go to waste. Give them a new life and embrace sustainable fashion!

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