How To Care For A Silk Saree


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How To Care For A Silk Saree

How To Care For A Silk Saree

Silk sarees are a luxury because hours of labour and creativity go into making one. Every woman will have at least one silk saree of her mother or an important woman in her life or even one that she loves. Buying a silk saree is an investment and it requires quite an effort to retain its grandeur and charm. With proper care, a silk saree can be preserved for years. 

Tips for preserving a silk saree:

How to wash silk sarees at home?

1. Wash them gently in plain cold water

Plain water is the best option for washing silk sarees at home, at least for the first few washes. Soak the silk saree in cold water for at least 15 minutes, don’t use soap or harsh detergents, and use mild detergents that are free from chemicals as silk is a very delicate and sensitive fibre.  

2. Wash them separately

It is always advised to wash silk sarees separately to prevent them from being colour stained. Washing them separately helps maintain the fabric with its original shine. For the first few washes, wash the pallu and border separately. 

3. Do not use the brush

Most people use a brush if the silk saree is stained and end up pulling out the delicate threads. Remove stains immediately by running under cold water and wiping them with a gentle cloth and if you discover it late, try using a mild solution with a pH-neutral formula that does not bleach and fade the shine and colour of the silk saree. 

4. Do not twist or squeeze the saree

Never twist the silk saree as it might leave permanent wrinkles. To remove excess water gently squeeze the silk saree and let the water drip when drying. Don’t keep silk sarees wet for a long time which will reduce the strength of the silk fibres and reduces longevity.

5. Do not dry it under direct sunlight

Always dry silk sarees in a cool and shaded place, never dry them under direct sunlight as they might fade or discolour. Silk sarees dry quickly but before folding them pat dry with a fluffy towel to ensure that there is no moisture retained.

6. Dry clean 

Silk sarees should not be washed often, try not to wash them as much as possible. Dry cleaning is the best way to wash your silk saree but don’t do it often which will reduce the lustre of the silk. Dry cleaning also removes hard stains and doesn’t alter the consistency of the silk threads.

How to store silk sarees?

1. Hang or fold them

Hanging them is the suggested way to store silk sarees but do not use metal hangers as they might react with silk and leave rust stains. If you do not have space to hang them, you can fold them gently and store them separately from other fabrics. 

2. Wrap silk sarees in a muslin cloth 

If you really want your silk sarees to last for a long time, wrap them in muslin cloth or paper to avoid friction, especially if it has embroidery. 

3. Change the folding once in a while

Leaving silk sarees in the same fold will make them wear out along the folds. It is good to keep them out to air dry and change the folds once in a while to maintain the strength of the silk. If your silk saree has embroidery work, make sure that it is folded on the inside to preserve it.

4. Use naphthalene balls

Store them in a dry cupboard and use naphthalene balls to prevent moths and fungus. Do not keep the naphthalene balls in contact with the silk saree because they can discolour the zari. Another alternative naphthalene ball is dry neem leaves because they have natural anti-fungal properties.

How to iron silk sarees?

Ironing a silk saree should be done with caution and is advised to iron them in the right setting for silk at low heat. It is best to iron silk sarees right after you have washed them when it is slightly damp. Turn the silk saree inside out and smooth out the fabric on the ironing board so you do not damage its sheen. Press and hold the iron for a few seconds and lift it up, you can run through the silk but move it in a single direction. Steam ironing is also a good option as there are minimal chances of damaging the fabric.

How to remove stains from a silk saree?

Staining your silk saree is nothing less than a nightmare but how you remove it can make all the difference. Even if you get frustrated with staining your silk saree, handle them gently. Before cleaning it run it under lukewarm water and do a patch test, dab the stained area with a small amount of petrol for a few minutes and wash it off. Use a mild liquid soap solution or baby shampoo if the stain is due to sweat or grease. If it is a food stain use a coat of white toothpaste and wash it off once the paste completely dries. A dilute solution of vinegar and water can work wonders on stains.

Maintaining a silk saree can seem like a lot of work but it is definitely worth it. We hope these tips and hacks helped you. Read our other blogs to know everything about silk sarees. Visit our website which is India’s leading designer saree store and gift yourself elegance and happiness.