Best Holi Outfit Ideas & Dress Code for Ladies for Perfect Holi Look


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What to Wear on Holi

Best Holi Outfit Ideas & Dress Code for Ladies for Perfect Holi Look

Holi is that one festival which forever remains one of the fondest memories of childhood for all of us. Isn't it? The gujiyas and lassi added sweetness to our celebrations whereas our family and friends added life to our colourful Holi party. 

Now as adults, apart from craving sweets, snacks and some playful moments with our loved ones, we also want to do our best to pull off stunning Holi outfits to flaunt our personal fashion game. So if you are looking for some inspiration for Holi festival traditional clothing ideas to create a killer Holi outfit look, then you have arrived just right in time and right in place. Read on to find out some of the best Holi festival traditional clothing & outfit ideas to try this 2024.

Why do We Celebrate Holi & Its Importance

Before moving ahead, let's take a moment to understand briefly why we celebrate Holi in the first place. 

Holi is celebrated for various reasons across India with colours and by exchanging sweets and other munchies between family and friends. Celebrated during the harvesting season, Holi reminds us to bid adieu to the winter and welcome the summer.

Yet another primary reason behind this vibrant festival is to celebrate the divine love between lord Krishna and Radha as well as lord Krishna's victory over Hiranyakashyap to save his beloved devotee Prahlad. The colours used in Holi denote the playful yet warm equation of Krishna and Radha whereas the vivacious victory of Krishna in destructing Hiranyakashyap indicates the wonders of believing and relying on the divine power.

What to Wear on Holi?

It is no wonder that most of us find it hard to pick the perfect outfit for Holi as we have a pool of options available with just a tap on our smartphones. But to make your work easy, here we are with some of the best Holi dress ideas that are going to take all the Holi parties by storm this 2024. 

1. Sarees

Choosing Sarees for the Holi festival has to be one of the underrated Holi outfit choices among women because of the preconceived notion that it wouldn't be comfortable enough to move and play around with colours freely. But we are here to burst that myth because choosing the right saree fabric is sure to elevate your Holi look and offer breathability, comfort and softness against the skin. You can opt for organza, cotton and chiffon saree fabrics to enjoy your celebrations without any hindrances. Sarees have to be one of the best yet criminally underrated choices for Holi dresses for ladies. 

So make sure to stir things up a little and opt for a lovely-looking white saree for this Holi. Shop the best white sarees for Holi 2024 from Tulsi Silks. 

2. Sharara Sets

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It would be a crime to not mention Sharara sets while talking about Holi dress ideas. So let's talk about it! What actually makes Sharara set one of the best and trendy Holi festival traditional clothing pieces? It is a fact that this Holi outfit if chosen in white colour or even off-white colour with golden prints here and there over the whole dress, could take the elegance of the overall Holi look to great levels. Sharara can easily blend the beauty of sticking to traditional fashion while adding a hint of modernity.

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3. Kurti with Palazzo

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You can never go wrong with a pure white kurti with comfortable palazzo pants - the best ethnic wear for Holi, as it offers ease of movement and breathability to roam, run and play around during the festival. Opt for lightweight and soft fabrics to maintain both comfort and fashion and not have to compromise one for the other. Though you can experiment with colours while picking the dupatta, all shades of blue will sit just right with the overall tone of this chick-like Holi dress code. Complete your Holi look with shades and a pointed shoe or heel considering your comfort. 

Looking for the perfect dupatta for your Holi outfit? Check out our curated dupatta collections to suit every taste and demand. 

4. Indo-Western Holi Outfits

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If you are someone with a burning love for merging the vibes of traditionality and modernity or just indecisive about whether to opt for traditional Holi festival clothing or modern outfits, go for a pure white long kurti with faded ripped blue jeans. You can always count on jeans to help you perfect your traditional yet trendy Holi look. Being the best outfit for Holi it is apt for those who want to confidently flaunt themselves in the most comfortable way. You can pick a pair of simple footwear and accessorise this Holi dress further by adding an elegant watch. 

5. Tunic with Jean

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Traditional tunic top with wide-legged jeans - Sounds like a perfect outfit for Holi? Well, it is one of the best outfits for Holi and is loved deeply by women for the boldness this outfit offers along with a sprinkle of cuteness and charm. You can beautify this Holi outfit further with Bali earrings or jhumkas and bangles to break the modern vibe with a traditional touch. Elegantly present yourself with this choice at meet-ups as it is the perfect outfit for a Holi party. 

6. Boho Skirt with Crop Top

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Do you fancy skirts and the grace they bring to the entire look? Then a boho skirt with a sleeveless crop top is the best outfit for Holi for you. The boho skirt will add elegance with a bit of drama and the crop top will do its job just right by adding modern flair to your Holi look. A pair of brown or black boots can add even more character and drama to this Holi outfit. You don’t even have to put any effort to elevate the look of this outfit, you can just add a hat and you are good to go! This is one tip for all the lazy girlies out there but if you are someone wanting to accessorise even more, go ahead and play with your skills. 

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Holi Fashion Tips

  • Comfort is Essential:

Comfort is paramount when choosing your Holi festival traditional clothing. Opt for garments that allow ease of movement and don't restrict your mobility. 

  • Choose Easily Washable Fabrics:

Given the nature of Holi celebrations involving colours and water, it's essential to choose Holi outfits made from easily washable fabrics. 

  • Apply Oil:

Before stepping out to play Holi, it's a good idea to apply oil to your skin and hair. The oil acts as a protective barrier, making it easier to wash off the colours later and preventing them from staining your skin. 

  • Cover Your Hair:

Protecting your hair from colours is essential to prevent damage and make cleanup easier afterwards. Tie your hair back into a bun or braid and cover it with a scarf or bandana. 

  • Avoid Makeup:

While makeup can enhance your look on any other occasion, it's best to skip heavy makeup on Holi. The colours used during the festivities can mix with makeup and cause acne or smudging. So instead you can focus on skincare and sun protection alone. 

How to Style Your Holi Outfits?

  • Jewellery: 

When it comes to jewellery for Holi, less is more. Jhumkas, traditional Indian earrings with intricate designs, along with bangles or bracelets depending on the outfit can add a touch of elegance to your Holi look without overpowering it. 

  • Hairstyle: 

Tying your hair up is the best way to avoid hair damage but if you want to style your hair then you can opt for a simple bun or broad as it keeps your hair secure and prevents it from getting tangled while you're playing.

  • Footwear:

Opt for closed-toe shoes or sandals that provide adequate support and protection for your feet. Waterproof shoes or those made from easily washable materials like rubber are ideal as they can withstand exposure to water and colours. Avoid wearing expensive or delicate footwear that you wouldn't want to get stained or damaged during the celebrations. 

How to Care for Your Holi Outfits After Holi?

  • Avoid Rubbing:

When dealing with stains on your Holi outfits, it's crucial to avoid rubbing the fabric vigorously as it can push the colours deeper into the fibres and make the stains more difficult to remove. 

  • Soak

Soak the clothes in detergent-added water and leave it for a few hours before proceeding with the washing process as it makes it easier to remove the stain from fabrics. 

  • Brush Thoroughly:

Use a soft-bristled brush to brush all the stained areas thoroughly without missing any. Avoid using abrasive brushes or scrubbing too vigorously, as this can damage the fabric fibres.

  • Dry:

Once the stains have been treated and the garment has been thoroughly cleaned, it's important to air dry it properly. Hang the garment in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. 


Keep all these tips and tricks in mind while choosing and styling your Holi outfit to create the perfect Holi look that not only makes you feel fashionable but also comfortable. Remember to enjoy each moment to the fullest and immerse yourself in the beauty and vibrancy of the festival filled with colours, laughter and joy. 

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