Women of Essence - 2


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Women of Essence - 2

We present to you the stories of six accomplished women who are achievers in their own right. They are quintessential Indian women with a global outlook and a remarkable ability to shine in whatever they do. The common thread connecting them is their love for handloom sarees.

These dazzling divas graciously agreed to pose in our creations for summer. This is the second part of our Women of Essence series that began last month.

Seeking the power of stories
A corporate lawyer, an avid quizzer and a history buff, Atulaa is constantly seeking things and experiences that tell compelling stories—be it art, music or cultural relics. No wonder she sees ‘stories’ in sarees too! Atulaa says sarees are “human stories in a woven form”. The saree is her go-to choice for power dressing. To her, the saree is a versatile outfit for formal events, dinners, family engagements and even a night out with friends.

Super talented and all-embracing
An HR and sales professional, a fitness enthusiast, a hands-on mother, a fashionista, and a wannabe chef. That’s Latha for you—a multifaceted personality who dreams big and achieves them too! She is a runner, jogger and marathoner, who can sometimes be laid back and lazy. Latha is also a spiritual and religious person. And what do you think is her first choice of attire? No prizes for guessing! Yes, it’s definitely the all-in-one saree, which goes well with her striking persona.

Desi love
Indie is an Ayurveda physician, an entrepreneur, a DIY enthusiast, and a mother of an active toddler. Despite her busy schedule, Indie is always game for draping sarees of all weaves, textures and colours. She believes the saree is one garment that goes beyond age, body types, and skin tones and becomes one with the person draping it. She also feels it is the epitome of sustainable fashion. Her dream is to own at least one saree in every weave from across the country.

Aesthetically inclined
Padma Venka sees God and beauty all around her, in whatever she does—whether she is painting, playing the veena or travelling. Of course, she also sees the beauty in sarees. She connects with them with her body and spirit. Padma attributes her passion for handloom sarees to her mother’s genes, which were passed on to her. “The sari is not just a drape... it’s a matter of dignity, a style statement,” explains Padma, a happy and contented wife, mother and grandmother.

On the go
Revathi is the embodiment of the modern Indian woman: confident, successful, independent, traditional, well-travelled and well-dressed. As the global head of a division at a multinational technology and consulting company, Revathi is always bustling around. Sarees give her the extra edge and stride in her professional life. Revathi’s vote is for traditional handwoven weaves. Her love for handloom sarees goes hand in hand with her love for beaded accessories, which she makes herself. Revathi is also an avid musician and a passionate gardener. Above all, she is extremely positive, a trait that helps her stay on top always, whatever she chooses to do!

Tasting true success
From the pen to the pastry, Sruthi Nakul has tasted success all the way. Sruthi is a professional journalist and a passionate baker, whose love for baking started during her teen years, inspired by Nigella Lawson. It took her to Le Cordon Bleu in London where she learnt the fine art of baking pastries. After working for a few years, Sruthi found her true calling in her own venture—Sweetooth Fairy, which whips up yummy baked goods for children and adults alike, including vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free items. She has also anchored a food and travel TV show called Oorum Unavum. Sruthi’s choices in life are a reminder to everyone to explore their passion and experience it to the fullest. Apart from baking, Sruthi is also passionate about sarees, which give her the opportunity to express her personality and zeal.