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                                              ‘Don’t confuse having a career with having a life’
                                                                                                                              -Hillary Clinton    

This Women’s day, We happened to have a chat with four lively women who are mighty in their respective fields to talk about “Work-Life Balance”. We heard them talk as they told us about how passionate, dynamic and competent they have to be at work and how cheerful, empathetic and assertive at home to keep up with the expectations of the family. These women completely got out of their horizon to experience and learn while they still spread positivity and love.

We are pleased to have featured these four lovely women this women’s day!

Sports psychologist by profession, Keerthana is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, marathoner, cyclist and a passionate writer. The work-life balance came to her well in advance. However, priorities did not change even as she grew. Being a sports enthusiast, Keerthana went up to Loughborough to pursue sports psychology and started “Think.Train.Perform” that touches the lives of many athletes with little mental conditioning and more positive thoughts. She believes in prior time blocking for all her activities throughout the week, be it professional or personal. On a casual day at work, Keerthana sports a crisp cotton saree and says nothing can compete for the elegance and confidence that a saree can give and she absolutely loves wearing them. She measures success on how much effort she puts in and not the output she gets from it. She believes the right proportion of commitment to both personal and professional life is the key to a simpler life.

An entrepreneur, ardent foodie, an enthusiastic home chef and a passionate teacher. ‘Blessed’ as she calls herself, Kamalika, a techie by profession found her interest in food and baking and went ahead to pursue her career by picking a franchise of one of the largest bakery chains in Chennai. As she grew in her business, she spread her wings to add more value to her passion. According to Kamalika “work-life balance” can be achieved if the priorities are set both in your personal and professional life. She keeps it up to only two goals per day, she makes sure she gives her best in both. She goes by the belief that "time is in our sight and we are responsible”. Planning is the key to achieve any goal and she seems to be supreme in it. From cooking to clothing she plans it well in advance to have the week ahead fuss-free. She makes it a point to steal some quick spa sessions and weekend getaways amidst being a mother and an entrepreneur. She pulls off everything with zeal and a radiant smile.

Kaviya is a media professional, after years of work experience now heads her own film production company “Auraa Cinemas”. She is a movie buff, fitness enthusiast, full-time mommy and an avid traveller. What she thinks the best is, being able to manage all this despite her work. For her, dressing up is the stress buster and she is a hoarder of exquisite sarees. She feels saree is a fuss-free attire that she can just wear at any time be it ceremonial or casual. A typical day for Kaviya is juggling between movie discussions, budgeting and shooting spots, her little toddler accompanies her to work and having that own little personal space at work helps her achieve the work-life balance to some extent. She is learning and working towards a promising future both for her and her company.

Wan Shazia, photographer by profession found her love for makeup like every other girl and went to pursue her degree from London College of Make-up. She now does magic with her fingers under her brand “Make-up by Wan Shazia”. According to Wan, To really want to do something, one has to make time for it. Her profession is quite flexible and she can always find time to do what she wants and that pretty much balances her work and personal life. She believes that a woman has to stand strong on her grounds to achieve what she wants. Her life revolves around her work and creating what she loves is the right balance she gives herself.